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Duties of the Class Officers


SECTION 1.  President.  The President will coordinate the affairs of the Class and will preside over the Class Committee and at Class functions and meetings.  The President will assume leadership for the business aspects of the Class to include reunion planning, replacing Class Officers, setting up special or ad hoc committees, and attending the annual Class Leaders Conference hosted by the Association of Graduates.


SECTION 2.  Vice President.  The Vice President will assist the President and will preside in his absence.  He will also serve as Vice President of the Class Committee.


SECTION 3.  Secretary.  The Secretary will maintain records of the affairs and business of the Class and will assist the President in any administration pertinent to the Class.  He will ensure minutes are kept of Class meetings. The Secretary will coordinate the dissemination of pertinent information to the Class on an on-going basis. The Secretary will coordinate all Class mailings not specifically associated with reunion activities.


SECTION 4.  Treasurer.  The Treasurer will attend to the finances of the Class and will maintain records of all transactions.  The Treasurer will make such disposition from the Class funds as authorized in Article III of these Restated Bylaws.  The Treasurer will ensure that the most recent balance of the Class funds and a record of transactions are reported to the Class Committee at least annually.  The Treasurer will report all account balances to the Class at each reunion business meeting.


SECTION 5.  Historian.  The Historian will maintain the Class archives and all permanent records of significance to the Class and will forward all copies of such to the Association of Graduates  Class archives.  He will record and report Class activities through the Class column in ASSEMBLY Magazine and will encourage the publication of Class obituaries.


SECTION 6.  Information Systems Officer.  The Information Systems Officer will be responsible for establishing and maintaining the Class home page on the World Wide Web, with or linked to the Association of Graduates website; for posting information pertinent to the Class on the home page; and for maintaining and moderating the Class List Server for the exchange of electronic mail.  He will also coordinate with the Association of Graduates in preparing and maintaining the Class Locator. In all these and other related activities, the Information Systems Officer will be responsible for maintaining a robust technology platform well suited to support the free flow of information and communication throughout the Class.




Meetings and Elections


SECTION 1.  A Class Meeting will be held at each quinquennial reunion.  At each quinquennial reunion, elections for Class Officers will be held, the President will report on the status of Class affairs, the Treasurer will report on Class finances, and such other business may be conducted as determined by the Class Committee or a majority of Members in attendance.


SECTION 2.  The Class Committee may call for a Special Class Meeting at any other time it deems appropriate.  Notices of Special Meetings will be provided by mail, e-mail or facsimile not less than forty-five (45) days prior to the meeting.


SECTION 3.  Only Members may vote on Class matters.  Any Member may vote on behalf of another Member pursuant to a written proxy, an executed copy of which must be filed with the Secretary at least five (5) days prior to the meeting.


SECTION 4.  For elections and other Class matters at a Class Meeting, a quorum will consist of the Members in attendance in person and by proxy.  For elections, the nominee receiving the most votes will be elected.  For all other matters, a majority of a quorum will be required for action.




Class Gift and Administrative Funds


SECTION 1.  The Class may maintain a Class Gift Fund with the Association of Graduates which will be administered by the Treasurer in conjunction with the Association of Graduates.  The purpose of the Class Gift Fund is to provide such gifts as the Class may determine to the United States Military Academy and the Association of Graduates.  The USMA Superintendent and the Class must agree on the use of these funds.


SECTION 2.  Upon approval of the Class Committee, the Treasurer may establish one or more administrative Funds with the Association of Graduates or elsewhere for the administrative affairs of the Class.  From time to time, the Class Committee will establish limits on the Treasurer’s authority to withdraw funds from such accounts for any expense or series of related expenses without the additional signature of another officer.  The Administrative Funds may be used for Class administrative purposes, to include: scholarships, gifts to sons and daughters who graduate from a service academy, contributions or flowers upon the death of a member, and other purposes as approved by the Class Committee.






The Class Committee may create such positions or committees as it deems necessary and appropriate.  Each  Committee Chairman will become an ad hoc member of the Class Committee will report to the Class Committee, except in the case of committees formed for the purposes of removal proceedings.




Adoption and Amendment of Restated Bylaws


The Restated Bylaws will be effective upon approval by a simple majority of the living Class Members contactable through the Association of Graduate’s records.  The Restated Bylaws may be amended upon approval by a simple majority of the living Class Members contactable through the Association of Graduate’s records.