JULY 2003

Howard Stiles reports a glorious week at Park City, UT, from 22 to 28 February for the third mini for the Elite 1959 Ski Team.  The previous were at Breckenridge and Snow Mass/Aspen.  This year the challenges were Park City, Deer Valley, and the Canyons; and the challenged included Howard & Eileen Stiles; Steve and Christa Klein; John & Elaine Guthrie; Al & Gigi Goodpasture; Gary & Nadine Beech; Paul Sper; John & Karla Moellering; John McNerney; Tom & Karen Seybold (who brought along three sons, wives, and a grandson); Frank Campbell with Valentina Coulter and her son, Robert; Guy & Donna Heath; Bill & Bobbie Fitzgerald; Ben Carr; Tim Matthes; Bob & Karen Croteau; Lee Bell and sister Flo; Rush Yelverton; and Byron Marsh.  Howard points out that eight were from G-1. 

 The 1959 Elite Ski Team.

There have been enthusiastic e-mails about the ski minis, and this latest drew the most of all.  There will be a slide show put together by Steve Klein on the class web site, and it may be already there. The Elite Team is made up of advanced skiers, basic beginners, non-skiers, cross-country skiers, and a few shoppers.  They had a week of wonderful camaraderie full of good conversation, excellent food, super skiing, and, according to Howard, an occasional adult beverage.  More of us should try it, he says.  They are always looking for someone to have the ice ready for happy hour when they come off the mountain.  

Heaths and Fitzgeralds on the slopes.

Bill & Carol Luther visited Joe & Jane Shea on Anna Maria Island, FL, in January, and they were joined by Bill & Doreen Wheeler, who are permanent residents on the island.  Bill Luther says the island is beautiful and that classmates there appear to be in great shape.  That’s how they look in the accompanying photo as well.  Clay Abrams visited the Luthers in Opelika, AL, last fall.  They saw the Auburn – Georgia football game and took a trip to Calloway Gardens, about 40 miles away.  

Jane & Joe Shea, Carol & Bill Luther, Doreen & Bill Wheeler.  

And Bill Luther also writes of the WP Society of Atlanta’s Founder’s Day Dinner on 8 March, at which Ed Burba was awarded the society’s Distinguished Graduate Award. The tangible evidence of the award is a large piece of granite mounted on a wood base and suitably inscribed.  They have been made for this affair for years by our Don Reinhard.  Besides the Luthers, the Burbas, and Don & Mary Helen Reinhard, classmates attending were Douglas & Betsy Campbell, Mike & Elizabeth Gabel, John & Jane Joh, John & Bonnie Morrison, and Norm & Elva Rosner.  

Trish & Ed Burba.  

Another highlight of the Atlanta festivities occurred when classmates assembled for the class picture.  Ed Burba called Bill Luther out of the group and presented him with a letter signed by Ed and Pete Dawkins thanking Bill for his many services to our class.  They also presented him with a framed Civil War print by G. Harvey, entitled “Hope of the Confederacy.”  Trish Burba wrote that it was a total surprise to Bill, and that he was so touched by the picture and the recognition of his classmates that it “brought a tear to all our eyes.”  The brass plate on the matte of the print gives the name of the print and the inscription: “To Bill Luther, Thanks, USMA’59.”

Bill Pollock writes and sends a photograph of the class contingent at the 16 March Founder’s Day Dinner of the WP Society of the Pikes Peak Region held in Colorado Springs. They were impressed by the address by BG Kaufman, the current Dean, who spoke of the outstanding academic achievements attained by today’s Corps.  

Founder’s Day in Colorado Springs: Bill & Ann Pollock, Sherry & Vic Fernandez, Marion & Jim Taylor.  

            Tom & Marty Roberts hosted a Mardi Gras party in lieu of a tornado in La Plata, MD, this year.  It was, however, postponed twice because of snow, so the group begs an indulgence for having it after Lent started.  As the photo shows, the attendees included Art Bair, Bill Fitzgerald, and Jack O’Brien.  And the good times obviously rolled.  

Jack O’Brien, Art Bair, Tom Roberts, Bill Fitzgerald.  

            Charlie & Mary Jo Tennant are in Westlake Village, CA, a base of operations from which Charlie is president of the WP Society of Los Angeles and an officiator at high school football, basketball, and softball events. He saw 20 classmates at the Hawaii mini last October, and, for some reason, notes that he is getting old. 

            The Supe has announced the formation of an advisory panel to conduct an analysis of “the factors affecting the competitive success of the Army’s football program.”  Many of us are happy to hear this, and we are greatly encouraged to learn the Fred Franks and Pete Dawkins will be members of a senior review committee who will look over the recommendations of the advisory panel.

            Bill & Ann Turpin are still pillars of Centerville, MD, where Ann sings in the community chorale, and sings, conducts, and plays the organ for the church choir.  And Bill supports her.  On the side, he maintains the buildings, grounds, and graveyard there at their 18th century family farm, and is busy restoring the Federal style home.  He enjoys reading European, Greek, and Roman history; and he tries to maintain his reading and speaking proficiency in French, German, and Spanish.  He and Ann enjoy travel, having done a river cruise last July from Moscow to St. Petersburg; and having booked a similar trip at this writing from Cologne to Basel along the Moselle and Rhein Rivers.  They love visiting their two daughters and their families (with four grandsons!) in Maine; and Bill has embarked upon programs to teach the grandchildren about conservation and husbandry in sailing, woodworking, and tree and animal identification.  Go, Bill!


Guthrie, Goodpasture, Beech, Matthes, McNerney, Klein, Sper, Moellering, Stiles, and Carr in the ski lodge.

         Tex & Caroline Turner are in the Williamsburg gaggle, and Tex says he serves as Caroline’s yard man and pool boy.  He paints and repairs the house as needed, and has been appointed neighborhood watch coordinator, probably because there is no threat, he says.  He enjoys going to West Point to holler at cadets and to Ft. Benning to holler at Rangers. He saw Tim Plummer and Mike Fletcher at the Navy game last year, but his hollerin’ didn’t help.  His good work is promoting WP to promising high school students in and around Williamsburg.  Hooah!

            As this goes to press in late April, we are anticipating the annual wall ceremony, this year honoring Clay Fannin, who was KIA in Vietnam on 10 January 1963.  As you know, our habit is to honor our KIA heros on the 40th anniversary of their sacrifice.  The ceremony is to be followed by a class meeting and luncheon at the Army Navy Club in Washington.