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Death Notification Procedures



 Jack Downing is the person designated to notify the class about the death of a classmate. These instructions are for substitutes in his absence.


I will give you advanced warning of my absence, where I am going, a phone number, and the time I will be away


George Lawton is the first backup and Denny Sharon, the second.


 I will then, on the unrestricted class net, notify the class of my absence and the name of my backup and his email address.


I will ask Dick Buckalew ( to shift access to the restricted class list ( to my backup. This is used by us only to notify the class of the death of a classmate. All other information for class-wide distribution should go out on the unrestricted class net given above. That is why the first notification, over the restricted list should be as complete as reasonably possible but still be timely. If the first informer calls on the telephone, I ask that he send me an email with the information. I often use that email as my class notification so as not to screw it up. Remember, after the first, all subsequent notifications go out on the unrestricted class net, not the restricted net. There is really only a small difference but Dick guards it closely.


If possible, give the company CCQ a “heads-up” before using the class notification.


Call Audrey Webb, tel. H-703-425-0392, C-703-216-6920.  At the right time, she will call the widow and send a sympathy card from the class. Anne Martin will get the information from the class notification email.


Notify the AOG ( *see below* and Taps List (


For the class flag, notify Palmer McGrew ( or his backup Otto Thamasett (


As soon as you know whether the NOK would like flowers or a donation to a charity, ($100), notify Pete Kusek  (


Pass to the class the time and place of the memorial service and interment.


Ask the CCQ to get the names of classmates attending services and which one could receive and display the class flag. Pass to Palmer.


Let the CCQ work with the NOK for details above--and below.


Items Marilee Meyer would like in order to send out an AOG Death Notification:

•      Full name (not nick-name)

•      Cullum number (I include this in my first e-mail to her)

•      Date of Death

•      Cause of death

•      Place of death

•      interment information (or as much as possible)

•      Next of kin and relationship

•      NOK phone number and email