A primary task of your Company CQ is to ensure that a Memorial Article is written and published in TAPS for each deceased company mate. Each CQ deals with this requirement in his own way. One constant in the process is that the Lead Author of your Memorial Article will need accurate and complete information about you in order to write an article that properly honors your life.


     In reviewing the websites sponsored by the AOG, it is clear that there are two types that relate to Memorial Articles:


1) Those sites that contain basic information for Lead Authors about the content and structure of Memorial Articles (self-written or about a classmate).   


     These sites provide guidelines for collecting, writing & submitting information and do not require a User ID or Password to view. 


     For example


     The West Point AOG website contains several pages of useful information for preparing and submitting Memorial Articles for publication in TAPS: 

(Memorial Article Guidelines)  (Sample Memorial Article)  (Memorial Article Inventory Sheet)


COMMENT: The MA Inventory Sheet accompanies the draft MA sent to AOG for publication in TAPS. It ensures that the article meets the criteria for published MAs and that the next-of-kin has authorized and signed off on it. 




2) Those sites that provide each of us places to record detailed information about our lives (our military and civilian careers, our families, and our accomplishments) for use by the Lead Author composing a Memorial Article:

      In this category are the Personal Profile pages; your personal web page in the 50th Reunion Data Base (These two sites each require a different User ID and a Password to access); and the Cullum File Vital Statistics sheet--no password required.



***To update your Personal Profile:


Go To:  (AOG Main Page)


COMMENT: Requires Log-in for Access to Your Personal Data...To log-in you use your Cullum Number and a Password. To get a password, on the AOG Main Page: 

"Click on Forgotten Password link (upper left corner of page) and enter your User ID (your Cullum number), it will be sent to the email address for you that we have in our system. All are welcome to Join!"




***To update your personal web page


(Add new material to the 50th Reunion Data Base)


Go To:


Here are the instructions to access/update your entry: 

"First, the data is password-protected so you'll need a login if you don't already have one. All that is needed is a West-Point.ORG userid and password. Note that this is different than your AOG userid and password. Many graduates already have a West-Point.ORG userid, but if you do not, you may request one by either of two methods:

  • First, try out the WP-ORG automatic account activation tool to immediately activate your account. If we can match your e-mail address to one that we already have on one of our e-mail lists, then this is the fastest method.
  • Second, send an e-mail directly to Dian Welle at with your name, graduation year, and Cullum number (if known). She will set up your account and send the information back to you as soon as possible.

Your Log-in ID is always wpXXXXX where XXXXX is your Cullum Number. When you have this information, Click on the LOG IN button to the upper left of this screen, and then enter your Log-in ID and Password. Log in by clicking the "Log In" button in the top of the left-hand column. Once you log in, you'll see menu items for adding, editing, and deleting your entry."  



***To update your Cullum File Sheet:

The West Point Association of Graduates maintains a folder (“Cullum File”) on every individual who ever attended USMA. This file becomes more important for historical research every year.  No one has access to your Cullum File without your or the Association Secretary’s prior approval. 

This document captures more detailed information than your standard profile data. 

There several ways to submit your Vital Statistic Sheet.

Open the Adobe PDF link and fill in the text fields on the document, make sure the "highlight fields" button is selected. You can find it in the upper right hand corner or the Acrobat Reader page. After you are finished filling out all the fields click on the "submit by email" button found on the bottom and top of the form.

 Click here for Vital Statistic Sheet - PDF

 Click here to download Adobe Acrobat Software

We have also provided a word document.

 Click here for Vital Statistic Sheet - Word Document

Snail Mail -
  You can fill in the text fields and print the document and mail it back.
  You can print the document out and fill it out with a pen and mail it back.

  West Point Association of Graduates
  ATTN: Marilee Meyer
  698 Mills Road
  West Point, NY 10996





An alternate source of information on Memorial Articles and Burials at West Point is the GRADUATE GUIDE published by the Director of Class Support, Office of Alumni Support, West Point Association of Graduates. This is a very useful reference for all members of the Long Gray Line. Copies were distributed at several of our past reunions at West Point.


If you want a paper copy:


Call WPAOG Alumni Support/Publications/Finance (845) 446-1695 or (better) go to the online version which is updated regularly and can be found at

(Graduate Guide)


Here are a few pages from the Graduate Guide useful to writers of Memorial Articles: 

(Graduate Guide--Memorials & Burials) 

(Class Rep Info Sheet) 

(Self-Written Memorial Article)






COMMENT: A draft of this Special Initiative was sent to the AOG. Marilee Meyer, Archivist/Cullum Files & Kara Lesinski, Assistant Memorial Articles Editor seconded the information and added comments/corrections to the draft...any corrections have been incorporated...If you wish further information on any of the above, contact either Ms Meyer or Ms Lesinski directly. Their e-addresses and phone numbers appear below...


Ms Meyer added:  

“Please feel free to add to your file or other grads at anytime.  Your Cullum file plays a large role in your military history.  Think of your Cullum File as a time capsule on yourself.  The more you have in it the better your history will be remembered.  You may add photos, self written obituary, self written bio, military records, newspaper clipping etc. If I can be of further assistance just drop me an email or give me a call.  Thank you and have a wonderful day.”

Marilee Meyer

Archivist/Cullum Files  West Point Association of Graduates

698 Mills Rd, West Point, NY  10996

Phone 845-446-1545   Fax 845-446-1695 

Serving West Point and the Long Gray Line


Ms Lesinski added:

“All the pages you cited on the West Point AOG website are what we are currently using, but will be updated soon—so it is always a good idea to print the latest version from this site:

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.”



Kara Lesinski

Assistant Memorial Articles Editor  West Point Association of Graduates

698 Mills Road    |  West Point, NY 10996

Phone: (845) 446-1577 |  Fax: (845) 446-1695