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Class of 58 Perpetual Endowment Fund Company Intramural Competition

Remember the Banker's Trophy for the Corps wide intramural competition?  The Class of 58 Endowment Fund is initiating an "intramurder" competition to determine the company with the highest number contributors to our Fund by our 50th Reunion in May 2008. Contributors include classmates, non-graduating classmates and widows, relatives and friends.

As you know, the Class of 58 has a reputation as a leader in helping West Point and the Corps. We launched high impact initiatives such as the Profitable First Class Club, the Corps-wide Ring Project, had a major role in pushing through the TRICARE for Life for all military retirees and, recently initiated a program to mentor wounded from Iraq and Afghanistan at Walter Reed and across the nation. Our Perpetual Endowment Fund is another leading visionary initiative. It will make huge contributions to the Academy starting at the 100th anniversary of our graduation, enabling us to live on in spirit long after we join the Long Grey Line. The Fund recently reached $400,000 and the Class EXCOM established a goal of raising it to $580,000 by our 50th Reunion with three-and-a butt years still to go.

This competition is to help meet the goal earlier than later. The Banker's Trophy will be reincarnated and given to the winning Company at our 50th, with the first, second and third-place company in each Regiment and the winning Regiment also recognized.

     As of:  22 December  2005
Co Baseline No Contributing % Contributing
B2 25 25 100.00%
D1 23 23 100.00%
I2 27 27 100.00%
M2 24 24 100.00%
A1 24 24 100.00%
H1 22 21 95.45%
B1 27 25 92.59%
L2 30 27 90.00%
G1 26 21 80.77%
C1 28 22 78.57%
K1 23 18 78.26%
G2 25 19 76.00%
H2 28 21 75.00%
D2 24 18 75.00%
I1 27 20 74.07%
A2 27 20 74.07%
F1 28 20 71.43%
C2 24 17 70.83%
M1 24 17 70.83%
E2 30 20 66.67%
L1 29 17 58.62%
K2 34 19 55.88%
F2 25 12 48.00%
E1 28 13 46.43%
TOTAL 632 490 77.53%


We know many of you have already given generously. The aims of this competition are thus to achieve 100% participation and reunite us as Company-mates, as well as help us reach the $580k. If you consider yourself a member of the "Great Class of 58" you are eligible to contribute and are encouraged to join the Class in achieving our goal. Members of the winning Regiment will be authorized to tell those of the non-winning one to bang their necks in and brace for 10 seconds. Are you prepared to brace again in your early 70's? And for that other Regiment?
Time to get on board!

The numerator in the company percentage will be the number of classmates - plus non-graduate classmates, widows, and any deceased members who have contributed or will contribute to the Fund during the competition. This includes any deceased members in these categories who have contributed and contributors who have given in honor of a deceased classmate.

Ed Weckel of the Endowment board will be the honest broker for taking contributions and keeping contest stats. You can increase the percent contributing to your company and the chance of your company winning by sending a tax deductible contribution payable to "The Fidelity Investment Charitable Gift Fund" to Ed at 120 Regent Drive, Bel Aire,
MD, 21014-5931.