Palmer McGrew – Chairman

Jack Downing - Secretary

Tony Bauer - Treasurer

Jerry Mitchell – Communications

Andy Andreson – Class Gift

John Herren – Social

Bill Serchak – Initiatives

Alan Salisbury – Historian




DATE                      EVENT                                      LOCATION             TIME    IN-CHARGE

 JUN                        Horse Racing                        MD or VA                        TBA                        G. Lawton                                

11-13  JUL                        Billie Nadal USMA CL 1958                        Fords Colony, VA    TBA            A. Nadal

                                         Memorial Golf Tournament

22 JUN-2 JULY       Danube River Cruise                        Danube to Black Sea                  G. Mitchell

12 AUG                        06 Plebe Hike*                        West Point                        TBA                        E. Weckel

28 AUG                        Turnover First Class Club                        West Point                        1700                        B. Pointer

10-14   SEP                        45TH  REUNION 1958                        WEST POINT, NY                                                                   G. Roosma      

14-21   SEP                        Post Reunion Cruise                        Boston to Canada and Return                        H. Puscheck

17  SEP                        WPSDC Fall Luncheon                        Ft Myer O Club                        1130                        WPSDC

OCT                        Class Luncheon/w wives                        TBD                        1130                        D.Hruby

20 NOV                        Class Luncheon w/USNA ’58*                        ANCC                        1130                        A. Andreson

03 DEC                        WPSDC A/N Football Luncheon                        Bolling AFB  OC                        1130                        WPSDC                                   

06 DEC                        A/N Game and Rally                        Salisbury’s                        1130                        Al & Florence


*Indicates Classmate only event.  All others may include wives, widows, significant others



There is only one reunion or mini reunion scheduled each year.  They are Class-wide events, they are fully supported by the Class and the EXCOM, and they take precedence over all other Class events for the year. Participation in other events such as the Plebe Hike, Ski Trips and Boat trips is encouraged, but they are not reunions and they do not have the same status as a reunion. The 1958 reunion and mini reunion schedule for the next few years is as follows:

2003 our 45th reunion is at West Point 10-14 September. G Roosma is in charge

2004 is in San Antonio, 21-24 October. Jack Bujalski is in charge.

2005 is tentatively in Washington DC with Sibert, Andreson and Salisbury in charge.


The Reunion dates are Wednesday, September 10, 2003 to Sunday, September 14, 2003, followed by a post reunion cruise(details below). Registration forms for the reunion with all details have been mailed to the Class.  Over 283 have already signed up.  Don’t Delay! Registration can be completed by mailing in the form, or online

at The hotel is the Marriott Park Ridge (in northern New Jersey just off the Garden State Parkway).  Reservations at the hotel should be phoned in to 800-882-1038 and state you are with the USMA Class of 1958. The principal activities include registration on Wednesday followed by a cocktail reception that evening. There will be plenty to eat and a cash bar. Thursday’s activities include late registration, optional tours and golf at the West Point Golf Course.  Thursday evening is a good time for Company dinners or other small group dinners and events, and Company CCQs are organizing those events.  Friday, September 12 will be a day spent as a class starting with the class breakfast and meeting then a bus trip to West Point for our Memorial Service at Trophy Point followed by lunch at the West Point Club followed by the Supe’s talk at Thayer Hall.  Friday night activities will include an Oktoberfest with a buffet with German Food, a show, followed by dancing to a DJ or band.  Saturday, September 13 will start with a continental breakfast then a bus ride to the Academy for the Alumni Parade.  We will wear blue blazers, gray trousers and white hat. Lunch will be in the Cadet Mess in Washington Hall followed by the Army vs. Rutgers football game.

Remember that tickets for the game have to be ordered separately-look at your registration forms.  After the game we will return to the hotel for a post game cocktail reception with lots to eat and a cash bar and of course the Benny Havens room which will be open during all slack times.  Questions regarding registration should be addressed to Will Collett who is in charge of registration at email or phone (215) 345-4243



The USMA 1958 Post 45th Reunion Cruise 2003 will be from 14-21 September 2003 aboard the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line's 'Grandeur of the Seas.'  The cruise from Boston to New England and Canada will include stops at Bar Harbor, Maine; Halifax and Sydney, Nova Scotia; St John's, New Brunswick, and Portland, Maine before returning to Boston.

Ninety-eight reservations have been made for classmates, wives, family and friends. Others who are interested can reserve a space but at a slightly higher price. (If cancellations occur we can fill the vacancies at the old rate)  Additional details on the trip have been mailed to those attending.  Final payment is due 14 June. Questions should be addressed to Betty Puscheck at 703-768-2380 or



Jerry Mitchell in conjunction with the McCabe Bremer Travel Agency has organized a cruise for classmates on the Danube River from 6/22/2003 to 7/2/2003. The cruise is planned on the 5 star Deilmann Cruise Line Ship “Mozart” on the Danube from Munich/Passau to Constanta, Romania on the Black Sea, with stops in Vienna, Budapest, and other points of interest along the route.  The cruise includes a return flight from Constanta, Romania, to Frankfurt, Germany.  There are Pre and Post Cruise Options offered to Munich and the Bavarian Country Side, and Baden Baden, The Black Forest, Heidelberg and other points of interest.


Fifty-nine years ago, the Allies stormed ashore on the peaceful beaches of Normandy to liberate Europe from the Nazis. It was arguably the largest and greatest invasion in history. We will not see one like it again. The Allies entered by sea and air with 9 divisions (176,000 troops and 20,000 vehicles). At the end of the day, after suffering heavy casualties at OMAHA Beach, 156,200 men had landed. Eisenhower's Crusade in Europe had begun - the Allies had landed!


Come back with your classmates to visit the famous D-DAY Landing Beaches and much more in 2004. You will experience the echoes of history's "longest day" during the 60th anniversary year of this great event. The Class of 1958 Trip in April 2004 is designed for about 35 people. Reserve your seat now with a minimal $200 per person deposit. Deadline for deposits is November 2003 with the final payment due by February 2004. For the detailed itinerary that also includes an optional ARDENNES (Battle of the Bulge) extension and other details visit the Alpventures Website: Alpventures is accepting reservations now. The trip is being organized by Tom Morgan and Dick Schonberger. For those not online, please contact Tom Morgan 253-983-8903 for trip details.



50th Anniversary Gift: The Class Executive Committee established the goal to increase the value of the Endowment to $580,000 by the 50th anniversary of our graduation.   A suggested donation was not set; however,
if every living Classmate were to contribute an additional $900 to the fund over the next six years, the Class goal would be attained. At our 50th, the Supe will be presented with a very large (in physical size - - 1.5 feet by 4 feet) check, dated 4 June 2058, (note date carefully) in the amount of 25 percent of the Endowment's "2058" estimated value - - calculated at an annual growth rate of 8 percent. If we succeed in this campaign, our $580,000 will grow to $27.2 million in 2058. Therefore, our check to the Supe would be in the amount of $6.8 million! And the best part is, our Class will continue to "give" every ten years, most likely at increasing contribution levels. As of 4 June 2003, the 45th anniversary of our graduation, our Perpetual Endowment was worth: $271,061.26.
The amount we invested was: $265,042.96.The number of participants was 389.  Recently there has been discussion in the Class regarding how we can increase the impact of the Perpetual Endowment, and how we can improve participation in the project and make it more meaningful.  The Endowment Board and the Excom are working on ways to do that. We encourage you to be a "supporter", for we believe you will truly feel a great sense of pride as the Supe receives our unique gift. Donations may be sent to Ed Weckel at 120 Regent Drive, Bel Air, MD, 21014. Make your check payable to "Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund". And remember, your donation is tax deductible.


Our Class has already funded the First Class Club, and this has been a very successful, high profile, gift by our class to the Academy.  The First Class Club is probably more appreciated by the cadets than any other class gift to the Academy, and we are rightly proud of that gift. In addition to that, we are trying to make the Perpetual Endowment have more impact on the occasion of our 50th reunion and beyond.



The current committee assignments are:

Chairman: Palmer McGrew (703) 323-9671 <>

Secretary and Class Records and Policy: Jack Downing (703) 569-2887.


Treasurer: Tony Bauer (703) 960-3780 <>

Class Gift: Andy Andreson(703) 385-2502.<

Communications: Jerry Mitchell (703) 866-0145 <

Social Activities: John Herren (301) 229-7713 <

Class Initiatives: Bill Serchak (301) 948-7780 <>

Class History: Alan Salisbury (703) 242-8648 <>

The EXCOM meets periodically during the year at the call of the chairman Palmer McGrew.  The minutes of these meetings are sent out by e-mail, and they can also be viewed on the Class Homepage.  Information on the Homepage is included under “Communications” below.



Leo F. Sheehan was memorialized in the March/April 2003 “Assembly”, and there were none in the May/June 2003 Issue.

Many of the memorial articles yet to be written are languishing.  We need to get memorial articles up-to-date.  As time passes, it becomes more difficult to gather information and build enthusiasm to finish the job.  Authors and company CCQs should give these their attention.  If there are doubts as to who these are, please contact Jack Downing at e-mail <> or tel. (703) 569-2887.

The status of individual obits can be checked at URL <>

Eulogies can be posted and/or read for deceased classmates at,1123,usma1958,00.html

Consider writing your own memorial article, or at least putting away some information that would help the person who will write it.  If you have ever had a biographical sketch written, this will do, and include a photograph that you would like to have used.  These will be filed by the AOG until needed.  Contacts are:

Jack Downing                Association of Graduates

7909 Jansen Ct.            Attn: Cheryl West

Springfield, VA 22152   698 Mills Road, West Point, NY 10996-1611

We would like to urge each of you to visit the TAPS site at:,1123,usma1958,00.html to add a eulogy to the site of any classmate you knew.  The eulogies are helpful to Obit authors, and they provide comfort to the deceased's family and friends.







Since the last newsletter, the following class deaths have occurred:

LTC Stanley Edward Dus B-2   USA (Retired)
Cullum-Class: 21991-1958
Constituent Category: Graduate
DOD: 10/6/2002
Place: Eden, NY
Burial: Cremated
Cause: Cancer

Eulogy Page:

Mr. Ronald Thomas Coleman E-2
Cullum-Class: 22098-1958
Constituent Category: Graduate
DOD: 5/17/2003
Place: Greenville, SC
Burial: West Point, NY

Cause: Liver failure
Eulogy Page:

Billie Nadal, Wife of Ramon Anthony (Tony) Nadal F-1

DOD 5/21/2003

Place: Williamsburg, VA

Burial: Arlington National Cemetery (25 June 2003).

Cause: Cancer


The class History Project has completed the planning phase and the leadership team for the project is now in place:

Chair: Alan & Florence Salisbury

Publisher: Doug Sedgwick

Administrator: Glenn Brown

Art Dir/Designer/Multi-Media: Frank Waskowicz

Lead Editor/Historian/Editor, "War Stories": Don Martin

Editor, "Pass-in-Review": Doug Sedgwick

Editor/Statistician: George Sibert

Oral History: Fred Goodenough

Web Master: Pete Trainor

According to Glen Brown, who will be assembling a database of our descendants for the history project, the proposed database includes classmate's children and the colleges they attended. Our thought here is we can offer genealogical researchers a lead to alumni associations that have the ability to keep up with their graduates, which will contribute to the history of the Class of 1958. To contribute to the history project, send in your war stories and other recollections of interest to the class to at any time.


Communications with its members and constituents are important to the Class of 1958, the Academy, the AOG, and your Excom.  The means at our disposal are, e-mail, the Company CCQ system using phone calls, periodic newsletters, and the “Assembly".  By far the fastest, best, most efficient and cheapest is e-mail.  If you are not on email, this is a plea for you to join your connected classmates, and get on email.  By not being on line you are missing moving reports about our graduates in harms way, timely notices of the deaths and serious illnesses of classmates, and many interesting discussions on everything from terrorism, to the death penalty, to the war in Iraq, to ongoing discussions of activities at West Point. 





We have started a widow's communication net over which they can discuss matters of interest to them.  To become a member of this net contact the moderator, Mary Kay Olson, at <>. We have also set up a Prostate Cancer Support Group. To become a member of this net, contact the Moderator, Stan Bacon at <>. Please see the information on the Prostate Cancer Support Group below in the Additional Information section.

 “Assembly” your magazine for and about West Point and West Pointers is an important means of communication.  We currently have 353 subscribers, which is somewhat better than the classes on either side of us, but this is not good enough.  The class column, ably written by George Sibert, alone is worth the price of a subscription, and there are many other items of interest in “Assembly”, and you should subscribe if you haven’t already.  To subscribe, call 800 232-7821, ext. 1625.

The Class Home Page on the internet at < > is a great place to get the latest information on class rosters, addresses, phone numbers, EXCOM meeting minutes, and other information regarding the class. For access to the class roster the password is<58isgreat> and the user ID is<usma58>. Pete Trainor is the web master for the home page.  He can be reached at Telephone (757) 345-3564 or e-mail<>

We need to improve our communications through the Company CCQS.  CCQs have the responsibility to get the word out quickly, particularly to their Company members not on e-mail.  CCQs are responsible for encouraging their Company mates to attend reunions, to participate in class projects, to inform of deaths of Company mates and communications with its member’s family members and to take care of flowers and other requirements for the Company.  If you are a CCQ and don't want to be, let us know.  If you think your CCQ is not doing the job and you would like to help, let us know.  We can assign a new CCQ or add an assistant CCQ if that is appropriate. We have recently changed a few CCQs and the current list is below:


A1  Lee Miller                            A2  Charles Densford

B1  Dick Price                           B2  Karl Oelke

Cl  Jerry Mitchell             C2  Pete Penczer

D1 John Schaefer                       D2  Paul Ruud

E1  Larry Bullis                          E2  Chuck Toftoy

F1  Bob Rhodes             F2  Glenn Brown

GI  Andy Andreson                      G2  George Lawton

H1  John Devens              H2  Joe Luman

I1 Tony Bauer                            I2   Stan Bacon

K1 Ron Turner                           K2  Art Meyer

L1 Dick Reidy                            L2  Robert Higgins

M1 Otto Thamasett                     M2  Ash Haynes



             PLEBE MARCHBACK PLANS.  Registration for this year's marchback (12 Aug) has closed. We of 58 have nine participants this year - - seven of whom are repeaters. The Class of 57 is celebrating its 50th Anniversary marchback with nearly 40 marchers, a great turnout! Lets beat them next year

 Ed Weckel has provided several alerts about plans for our 50th Anniversary Marchback in 2004. Our goal is to have at least one marcher from each cadet company; however, we are shooting for 58 marchers total. At the 13 mile point, George Sibert will lead us in a memorial service to honor our deceased classmates and our deceased spouses. Thus far 37classmates have indicated a desire to participate in the 2004 marchback. Lets make it 58 for the great Class of 1958.




CLASS RINGS.  By now most of us are well of the Class Ring Memorial project that our own Ron Turner suggested to West Point and the AOG, which is now up and running, and part of West Point’s important customs and traditions.  Our class is one of largest providers of class rings, which are then melted down and mixed with gold for new rings for future classes.

 Over the years stolen, and lost West Point Class Rings have appeared on “ebay” and other places for sale, and Bill O’Neil and other members of the Class of 1992 instituted a program to recover these rings and return them to their owners, their heirs, and the West Point Community.       The program has been running for four years and has recovered more than 30 rings to date. This group is doing a positively fabulous job and has recovered rings dating from the late 1800s to the present day. To learn more about the program, and to participate go to the web site at 

or email to to learn more about the program


PROSTATE CANCER SUPPORT GROUP. Bob Tierney and Stan Bacon, with a lot of help from John Brinson, started up the Class Prostate Cancer Support List.  The intent has been to develop an active group to provide information and support to those of us in the class who become afflicted with PC and to those wanting to learn more about how to prevent it in the first place.  Naturally, non-cancerous prostate issues such as BPH or enlarged prostates are fair game as well.  And with a flexible charter, we are free to go in whatever directions we feel a need for.


The true success of the group is highly dependent upon our ability to communicate freely and openly with each other. But the issues we deal with are often very personal and highly sensitive in nature.  They include, but are by no means limited to external assaults upon our masculinity, even our mortality.  Therefore, confidentiality and sensitivity are the very cornerstones of our program.  Personal issues stay within the group and we are very mindful and respectful of each other’s feelings and needs.


We have today a dedicated group of 111 classmates including 28 (PC) Badgers committed to serving each other, our class and other classes as well, in providing greater awareness of the importance of the threat, its prevention and mutual support in treating PC  and dealing with its consequences .


If you would like to learn more about prevention or if you have become afflicted with PC and would like to receive support, please review our “PC Support Group Guidelines” at, our web page.  Also feel free to call Stan Bacon (512) 345-5964) or John Brinson (610) 285-0066) for more information.  As indicated in the “Guidelines” we offer different levels and types of assistance depending upon the particular level of confidentiality desired.


            SPECIAL INITIATIVES. Bill Serchak is the Special initiatives Guru for the Excom and the Class. Special Initiatives is a new subject area linked to the Class of 1958 Home Page. The first two special initiatives are briefly described below. As additional subjects are added to the Special Initiatives list, the page on the Class Web site will be modified and updated to accommodate them.

"Social Security Benefits-Receiving Credit for your Service Academy Years" is the first special initiative.  It is a detailed message in two parts that describes how special military service credits are granted. People who served in the military before 1957 did not pay into Social Security directly, but when they apply for Social Security benefits,
their records are credited with special earnings for Social Security purposes that count toward any benefits that might be payable.  In particular for USMA cadets, if you were in the military during the period 1940 to 1957, including attendance at a service academy, you did not pay Social Security taxes. However, under certain circumstances, your Social Security record may be credited with $160 per month in earnings for military service from September 16, 1940 through December 31, 1956.

"Essential Elements of Information (EEI) for Military Veterans and Next-of-Kin" is the second special initiative.  It is a two-part document containing basic information for surviving spouses and/or next of kin. It is designed to assist the surviving spouse and family members and guide them through the first few difficult days following the death
of the other spouse. It is recommended that the document may be printed out, filled out, discussed with your family, and kept in a safe location with your other important papers.

Since the last newsletter, in addition to posting the two Special Initiatives on the Class Web site, Bill Serchak completed mailing out 171 copies of the first two "Special Initiatives" to our classmates, widows, and family members who are NOT on the <> e-mail roster.  

If you are new to the Internet, to see both initiatives in their entirety, go to:

 http://www.west These first two initiatives will remain posted on the Class of 1958 Home Page. Further, in addition to this permanent location on our class page, and the snail mailing of the information to the remainder of the class, all other classes at USMA have been given the address of our web page through the AOG in order that they may access the two initiatives. Finally, the USNA Class of 1958 was contacted recently and both items were passed along to them. Eventually, the information contained in these initiatives will be shared with all Service Academy graduates including the USAFA, Coast Guard, and the Merchant Marine.  If you have questions, contact Bill Serchak at or telephone 301 948 7780.



FOURTEENTH ANNUAL VIETNAM MEMORIAL SERVICEOn 18 May, the Sunday before Memorial Day as always, we held our annual memorial service for classmates who were killed in Viet Nam.  Of the 18 surviving members of Cadet Company D, Second Regiment, nine were there to honor their fallen classmate and companymate, Bob Olson.  The Ruuds came from California, the Millers from Colorado, the Welchs from New Hampshire, Mary Kay Olson, daughters Kris, Kathleen & Margie and granddaughter Kayte from Minnesota. The

D-2 families were joined in the service by another 30 or so classmates and wives.  The comments below were written by Palmer McGrew, regarding the ceremony at the Wall, and they have appeared in an email to the class but are reproduced in part below for those that have not seen it before.

I thought to myself that probably no other academic institution in this country has similar experiences.  If there are any others I have never heard of them.  Why West Pointers have such close bonds isn't entirely clear, nor is it universally true in all West Point classes.  The bonds seem to be particularly strong in our class. 

The 50s classes were called "the silent generation." "Our" only war was Viet Nam, from which we returned to find the nation in turmoil, not sure that we should be fighting and seeing us as symbols of that war. Psychologists could, and may have, written learned books describing why this generation, especially those of us who had military careers, are socially disfunctional.  Yet, what I saw again today was anything but.


One of the comments frequently made to members of the Class by outsiders is that they don't understand our willingness to spend the time and money to go to annual reunions (or memorial services.)  These people tell us that they never attend reunions for their classes and hardly know any of their classmates anymore. They are amazed by our class spirit, which remains some 45 years after graduation. 

We explain that we were forged by a crucible of fire and we understand and value those who went through it with us.  Then, after graduation, we served together in the Army crossing paths many times over the years.  But that doesn't apply to the Air Force officers who seldom saw each other and virtually never saw the Army guys, and yet they remain active with the class anyway.
We honor the memory of fellow graduates out of sincere appreciation for what they have done with their lives and gratitude on behalf of our country.  Maybe that is the explanation.  Maybe we understand what it means to have gone to West Point and served our country with honor.   Maybe we enjoy the company of those who have done so. 
I believe this is so. 


SKI TRIP COPPER MOUNTAIN. The ski group had a great time at Copper Mountain from 2/23-3/1/03. Attendees numbered 48 classmates, family and friends. The ski trip was organized by Ken Herberger.  The next annual class ski outing will be held in Park City UT, home of Champaign powder from Sunday Feb 29 to Friday, March 5 2004. Bob Moore, AKA Munge, is the CINC Ski for 2004.

MALONE AWARD. Bob Treadway made the Malone award this year to Anthony F. Heisler at the Georgetown University ROTC Military Ball held at Spates Hall at Ft. Meyer on 25 April. Cadet Heisler will graduate in December and enter active duty as an Armor officer.  Georgetown University ROTC is made up from students from Georgetown and other area Universities.  Bob stated the event was a most pleasant experience.   More than one person told Bob that of the 20 awards given each year, the Malone Award had the most symbolism for the cadets.  The Cadets seemed interested in hearing tales of Larry and his sense of values.


Bob Treadway’s keynote talk was about 16 minutes. He gave them a bit on the Army's different challenges for each of the Gulf wars, Chief of Staff of the Army, GEN Shinseki's vision for the Army of 2030, and some persona thoughts on leadership qualities.  Bob was surprised and pleased at the number of female cadets.  Total ROTC strength at DC universities is 95 and increasing. 


GERALD C. CAPELLE MEMORIAL TROPHY The 32nd Award of the Captain Gerald C. Capelle Memorial Trophy took place at the USMA Prep School Graduation Review and Awards Ceremony at Fort Monmouth, NJ on Thursday, May 23, 2003. The trophy, sponsored by the West Point Class of 1958, is awarded for excellence in intramural competition.  The Capelle Memorial Trophy honors Captain Gerald C. Capelle who was killed in action in Vietnam on April 1, 1965. 

Due to the heavy downpour all week, the ceremony was moved into the Soldiers Theater on post. It went well although the Cadet Candidates were disappointed in not being able to have their graduation parade
outdoors.  Bravo Company, under the leadership of their Tactical Officer, Captain Joel Smith, took the Intramural Championship again this year again. Bill Serchak presented the Capelle Trophy on stage to the current company commander, Brendan S. McNichol. Afterwards, Bill & his wife, Edna Mae, ate lunch with the McNichol family in the dining hall and met a number of the cadet candidates. Brendan's father is a SFC assigned to Ft Monmouth so the McNichols were able to see their son throughout the year.

The winning company also enjoyed the 'Pizza Party' provided by our class and, in appreciation, gave Bill a 'Thank You' card signed by a number of the Bravo Company Cadet Candidates. The last social event for the Cadet Candidates, their graduation ball, took place that evening. The candidates will take leave before they report to West Point in about a month. This year's USMAPS group has outstanding credentials according to the XO and
1st Sgt. Of the original 218 candidates that reported in last fall, 183 are going to West Point. Their academic records and physical fitness are tops. They should acquit themselves well over the next four years as
USMAPS has done their job well." 


GEORGE WALKER AWARD. On 29 May Peter Penzer represented the class for the annual George Walker Award, which is now well established as an important part of the annual Social Science Department Award Ceremony. This year's winners were Cadet Derek Reeves who is going Artillery and will head for Ft. Bragg after Officers’ Basic, etc., and Cadet Dongjin Phil Suh is going Signal Corps and will be assigned to Fifth Corps, probably in Mannheim, Germany, after his training period

The Debate Team trains in the George Walker Room two hours a day instead of intramurals. George’s picture is on the wall. It was clear to everyone that our class had furnished the room for them. They certainly appreciate it. Robert Whitfield, ‘48, one of the other presenters and Pete spent a while talking to the debaters. They were certainly interested in our personal experiences, Pete’s acquaintance with George and what the Debate Council and Forum were like then.

The Awards Ceremony was held at Thayer Hall. Academic awards, course by course came first. The available electives are truly amazing. This ceremony supplemented the Corps wide ceremony at the parade on Friday which we would have recognized. Our award, an extracurricular activity award, came at the end.

The cadets are quite impressive. They exude energy, and they converse intelligently and with social poise that comes only with developed maturity.

The best news is that the Walker Room is being well maintained, is frequently used by the Debate Team, and George Walker is known and respected by these fine young people. The first thing they see as they enter the Walker Room is that splendid portrait of George smiling down on the proceedings.


            BG JAMES H. RAMSDEN AWARD IN CHEMISTRY.   The first presentation of the BG James H. Ramsden Award in Chemistry took place on Thursday, 29 May in the conference room of the Department of Chemistry and Life Sciences, in Bartlett Hall.   Attending were Col Dave Allbee, Head of the Chemistry Dept. and his wife Sue; Rae Ramsden, Jim's wife; Jimmy Ramsden, son; Sarah Ramsden, Jimmy's daughter; Kim, Jim and Rae’s  daughter, Palmer and Ceda McGrew; Pete Hidalgo, Andy Andreson, Jack and Margie Downing.  Jack Downing gave reminiscences of Jim and introduced Rae who presented the award to Cadet John Fitzgerald, class of 2003.  Also attending were about 200 cadets and guests.  The award is a walnut plaque with a picture of Jim surrounded
by the West Point crest, the Chemical Corps crest, and the Regimental Crest of the Chemical Corps and 48 name plates.




D-2:  In connection with the Viet Nam Memorial Service for Bob Olson, Company D-2 had the equivalent of a Micro reunion in Washington DC the week-end of 17-18 May.  Details of the Memorial Service are above.


K-1:  Tom and Barbara Sands hosted a Micro Reunion for 13 of 21 living Company Mates and wives in the French Quarter of New Orleans 20-23 May.  After getting together at our "Orderly Room" on Thursday afternoon, well
stocked by Tom, we all went to the Sands' home where Barbara had prepared a great Cajun dinner for

On Friday AM five of us played "not so good" golf on a great course.  Several took a Cajun cooking course.  Most explored the French Quarter.  That evening we enjoyed a great dinner at “The House of Blues”.

On Saturday most went to the D-Day Museum.  It was very interesting and educational.  That afternoon was
spent exploring, eating oysters, and relaxing/visiting with others.  We had another great dinner that evening at the
”Feelings Café”.

Assembly was held on Sunday morning followed by an extensive Brunch at the “Court of Two Sisters” before





                                                        Class Funds USMA 1958

Annual Report Calendar Year 2002

As of 31 December 2002






Revenues                2002                2001                     

  Interest, Dividends, Capital Gains                                          $485.86                                                                    $1,058.30            

  Art Fund 75.00          1,512.00

  Functions              195.00                0.00

  Breckenridge Ski Mini     0.00                2.20

  Donations (Classmate Assistance)           3,800.00                0.00

Total Revenues          $4,555.86                                  $2,572.50                     



  2002 Mini-reunion Expense 540.00                  0.00                     

  Memorials              654.91              179.11                     

  Printing, postage, supplies 339.45             741.67

  Special Initiatives mailing  156.49                  0.00                     

  Art Fund              121.08           1,264.06                     

  Gerry Capelle Award    210.60              200.00                     

  Malone Endowment              115.85             103.69

  Class Meetings/Functions           0.00              50.67
  Advertising (AOG)     200.00                0.00
  Classmate Assistance                                                   4,000.00                                     0.00                        

  Miscellaneous                20.00                0.00

Total Expenditures                                                   $6,358.38                          $4,039.20


Unrealized Capital Gain/(Loss)

T.Rowe Price Equity 500 Index Fund                              ($4,099.67)                        ($2,622.87)       


Operating Fund Balance Sheet



Checking Account                                                                       $979.04                                                                    $1,261.22

2002 Mini-Reuni                                                                                0.00                                                                               2000.00

Rushmore Funds Savings Account          27,834.06          27,549.12                     

T.Rowe Price Equity 500 Index Fund          13,674.65        17,579.60

Total Assets        $42,487.75                              $48,389.94


LIABILITIES                  0.00                0.00


NET WORTH                                                        $42,487.75                                           $48,389.94











                                                         CLASS OF 1958 GIFT FUND


(Managed by AOG)



Revenues                                                      2002                                                    2001

Contributions                                                   $3,182.00                                             $2,801.00

Dividends/Interest/CapGain(Loss)                  (15,057.77)                                            (6,799.25)

Total Revenues                                               ($11,875.77)                                           ($3,998.25)


  Grants (1st Class Club)                                      $50,275.00                                0.00

  AOG Taxes                                                             5,653.11                                               0.00

Total Expenditures                                              $55,928.11                                              $287.00


Net Revenues                                       ($67,803.88)                                     ($4,285.25)

Net Worth                                                   $ 24,946.14                                       $92,750.02


                                         CLASS OF 1958 PERPETUAL ENDOWMENT FUND

(Managed by Class Endowment Board)



                                                                                2002                                      2001

  Beginning Year Value                                       $138,351.06                         $134,905.82

  Contributions                                                      135,007.78                              18,592.92

  Expenditures                                                                  0.00                                       0.00

  Capital Gain/(Loss)    (35,321.19)                              (15,147.68)

  Ending Year Value                                              238,038.19                            138,351.06                





Gerald C. Mitchell

Chairman Communications Committee