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CLASS OF ’58 NEWSLETTER - January 2003

Palmer Mcgrew – Chairman
Jack Downing - Secretary
John Nun - Treasurer
Jerry Mitchell – Communications
Andy Andreson – Class Gift
John Herren – Social
Bill Serchak – Initiatives
Alan Salisbury – Historian


SOCIAL EVENTS FOR 2003 (click here)


There is only one reunion or mini reunion scheduled each year.  They are Class-wide events, they are fully supported by the Class and the EXCOM, and they take precedence over all other Class events for the year. Participation in other events such as the Plebe Hike, Ski Trips and Boat trips is encouraged, but they are not reunions and they do not have the same status as a reunion. The 1958 reunion and mini reunion schedule for the next few years is as follows:

2003 our 45th reunion is at West Point 10-14 September. G Roosma is in charge

2004 is in San Antonio, 21-24 October. Jack Bujalski is in charge.

2005 is tentatively in Washington DC with Sibert, Andreson and Salisbury in charge.


The Reunion dates are Wednesday, September 10, 2003 to Sunday, September 14, 2003. The hotel is the Marriott Park Ridge (in northern New Jersey just off the Garden State Parkway). The principal activities include registration on Wednesday followed by a cocktail buffet that evening. Thursday’s activities include late registration, optional tours and golf at the West Point Golf Course, and a reception Thursday evening with light hors d’oeurvres.  Thursday evening is a good time for Company dinners or other small group dinners and events. On Friday there will be a memorial service at Trophy Point followed by lunch at Eisenhower Hall. After lunch, the Supe will address the Class.  Friday night activities will include an Oktoberfest with a buffet with German Food, a show, followed by dancing to a DJ or band.  Saturday, September 13 activities include the Alumni Review and Army vs. Rutgers football. Thursday evening activities include a cocktail buffet and a DJ for dancing. As usual, Garry Roosma is the organizer and Guru.  The Benny Havens Room will be open during all slack times.  Additional details regarding bus transportation, hotel reservations, and other details will follow in a separate mailing from the reunion committee. Following the reunion, from 14-21 September, an optional cruise from Boston to Canada and return, is being organized by the Puschecks. Details are below.


The USMA 1958 Post 45th Reunion Cruise 2003 will be from 14-21 September 2003 aboard the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line's 'Grandeur of the Seas.'  The cruise from Boston to New England and Canada will include stops at Bar Harbor, Maine; Halifax and Sydney, Nova Scotia; St John's, New Brunswick, and Portland, Maine before returning to Boston.

Ninety-eight reservations have been made for classmates, wives, family and friends. Others who are interested can reserve a space but at a slightly higher price. (If cancellations occur we can fill the vacancies at the old rate)

 Transportation between West Point and Boston pre and post reunion will be arranged as needed. The price will depend on the number using this transportation.

 A $250 per person deposit will hold a reservation with the balance due by June 1, 2003.

 Contact Betty Puscheck at 703-768-2380 or for additional info, reservation forms or if you have questions.


The Class Ski Group has a ski week scheduled at Copper Mountain Colorado 2/23-3/1/03. This is a Sunday-Sat period, so no weekend skiing. We have gotten attractive rates thanks to Mike Dugan, and there are still slots available should you want to join us. YOU DON'T HAVE TO SKI, but it is going to be great, and the snow is soft, sometimes. There are other activities, dog sled rides, shopping, ice skating, shopping, tubing, shopping, socializing and more shopping.

 Forty eight Classmates, Family and friends are signed up for the ski trip, and the more the merrier.  If you want to attend and you haven’t signed up, contact Ken Herberger. HERBERGER Ken 21857 L1 


On Sunday 18 May at 1030 at the Viet Nam Memorial in Washington DC, the class will conduct our annual memorial service honoring our 13 classmates who were killed in Viet Nam.  Each year we pick one of our classmates to be the lead honoree and this year it is Robert E. Olson, D-2.  His widow, Mary Kay, plans to attend the service, and we expect a good turnout from D-2 and our Washington based classmates. We encourage all of our classmates to attend.  If you have a reason to be in Washington in May, come to the Memorial Service, it is uplifting and a good thing to do.  After the service we all go to the Army Navy Country Club for the Sunday Brunch, and this is a good time to socialize with friends.


 This action is in support of the Class Action Suit petitioning the Supreme Court to rule on the claim that the Defense Department has reneged on its promise for free lifetime medical care for military retirees. We have decided to cancel our normal class luncheon for February and to participate in this action on a volunteer basis.  Box lunches will be served.  This will be a huge operation with participants arriving from all over the USA. Additional detail regarding the plans for the rally and the background of the Class Action Suit initiated by Col Day can be found at this web site  Those of you on the class email net have seen discussion on this action.  We expect and encourage class of 1958 participation.


Jerry Mitchell in conjunction with the McCabe Bremer Travel Agency has organized a cruise on the Danube River from 6/22/2003 to 7/2/2003. The cruise is planned on the 5 star Deilmann Cruise Line Ship “Mozart” on the Danube from Munich/Passau to Constanta, Romania on the Black Sea, with stops in Vienna, Budapest, and other points of interest along the route.  The cruise includes a return flight from Constanta, Romania, to Frankfurt, Germany.  There are Pre and Post Cruise Options offered to Munich and the Bavarian Country Side, and Baden Baden, The Black Forest,  Heidelberg and other points of interest.  About 30 classmates wives and friends are expected to participate in the cruise.

If you would like to participate, call Jerry at 703 866 0145 or email<> or contact Deanna Osborne of McCabe Bremer Travel directly at (800) 747-8401 ext. 5045


 Tom Morgan and Dick Schonberger are planning a Class Trip to Normandy, and the Loire Valley in April 2004 . Tom Morgan has made several trips to Normandy individually (the 40th and 50th Anniversaries) and has led groups there. Dick Schonberger led a large group of World War II 101st Airborne Veterans to Normandy for the 50th Anniversary Commemorations in 1994. 2004 is the 60th Anniversary year of D-Day and we would avoid the large crowds and suffocating French security restrictions by visiting there before D-Day from 13-22 April 2004. The Landing Beaches and other places familiar to audiences of such films as The Longest Day, Saving Private Ryan, and Band of Brothers will be visited. Part of the trip would include a visit to Mont St. Michel in Brittany, and a return to Paris via Angers/Saumur, the Loire Valley famous for its chateaux, and Fontainebleau. This trip should cost about $3K per person for 9 days and will offer the chance for an optional Ardennes Tour Extension of 5 days. The Ardennes are famous for "The Battle of the Bulge" and this extension will include Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Rhine River. Travel arrangements are being made by Alpenventures, a very reliable and respected travel agency. This exclusive trip is designed for about 30 Classmates and friends. The detailed itinerary will be out soon by email and other means.


50th Anniversary Gift: The Class Executive Committee recently established the goal to increase the value of the Endowment to $580,000 by the 50th anniversary of our graduation.   A suggested donation was not set; however,
if every living Classmate were to contribute an additional $900 to the fund over the next six years, the Class goal would be attained. At our 50th, the Supe will be presented with a very large (in physical size - - 1.5 feet by 4 feet) check, dated 4 June 2058, (note date carefully) in the amount of 25 percent of the Endowment's "2058" estimated value - - calculated at an annual growth rate of 8 percent. If we succeed in this campaign, our $580,000 will grow to $27.2 million in 2058. Therefore, our check to the Supe would be in the amount of $6.8 million! And the best part is, our Class will continue to "give" every ten years, most likely at increasing contribution levels. On 7 January the value of our endowment was worth $247,054.

We encourage you to be a "supporter", for we believe you will truly feel a great sense of pride as the Supe receives our unique gift. Donations may be sent to Ed Weckel at 120 Regent Drive, Bel Air, MD, 21014. Make your check payable to "Fidelity Investments Charitable Gift Fund". And remember, your donation is tax deductible. Those of you that have email may have noticed that on the bottom of each of our email messages sent through the system has the instructions of how to contribute to the Perpetual Endowment fund as described above.  Do it!


The current committee assignments are:

Chairman: Palmer McGrew (703) 323-9671 <>

Secretary and Class Records and Policy: Jack Downing (703) 569-2887.<

Treasurer: John Nun (703) 317-9347 <>

Class Gift: Andy Andreson(703) 385-2502.<>

Communications: Jerry Mitchell (703) 866-0145 <

Social Activities: John Herren (301) 229-7713 <>

Class Initiatives: Bill Serchak (301) 948-7780 <>

Class History: Alan Salisbury (703) 242-8648 <>

Liaison to Widows: Audrey Webb (Ex Officio Member)

The EXCOM meets periodically during the year at the call of the chairman Palmer McGrew.  The minutes of these meetings are sent out by e-mail, and they can also be viewed on the Class Homepage.  Information on the Homepage is included under “Communications” below.



We had two classmates memorialized (Stan Slater and Bill Denson) in the November- December and January - February 2003 issues of “Assembly”

We have 30 memorial articles in various stages of completion.  CCQs and authors are only part of those needed to complete these obits.  The rest of the team is all of us who knew these classmates.  I believe that we each have an obligation to contribute to the preservation of their memories.  The easiest way that I know of to do this is to write a eulogy on the site of a classmate you knew.  This was Dan Johnson's quest.  He urged us to do this and even brought his computer to the Pensacola mini to encourage us to write eulogies on-the-spot.  Do it now -- go to this address and put down your memories.  The authors will use these to write the memorial articles.,1123,usma1958,00.html

Jade Newman, AOG memorial article editor has a new address -- You can contact her directly or  contact Jack Downing at

Also, contribute to Cullum files by sending anything on yourself or your classmates to Marilee Meyer at  These files are held confidential until after a person's death at which time it is open to
authors of memorial articles.. 


Since the last newsletter, the following class deaths have occurred:

Robert Prater, D-1 (Ex ’58), 21 March 2001*.

Thomas Francis Cartwright, L-1, 6 July 2002.

Earnest S. Collins, C-2 (Ex ’58), 6 July 2002.

John Nourse Meloy,. ’59 L-2 (Ex ‘58), 11 August 2002.

Ronald Claude Olson, D-2, 27 September 2002.

Claude (Pat) Belmont Donovan, G-2, 4 October 2002.

Charles W. Glover, I-2, 12 October 2002.

Richard (Red) E. Warner, I-2, 7 November 2002.

Willie Jon Marshall, H-1, 5 December 2002.

* Robert Prater’s family was recently located and we then learned of his death in 2001.



The class History Project has completed the planning phase and the leadership team for the project is now in place:

Chair: Alan & Florence Salisbury

Publisher: Doug Sedgwick

Administrator: Glenn Brown

Art Dir/Designer/Multi-Media: Frank Waskowicz

Lead Editor/Historian/Editor, "War Stories": Don Martin

Editor, "Pass-in-Review": Doug Sedgwick

Editor/Statistician: George Sibert

Oral History: Fred Goodenough

Web Master: Pete Trainor

The class history project is delaying the planned solicitation of inputs for the 50 year book while we build a data base to collect all of the information, and while we develop a web-based system to allow classmates to  enter their data on line.  We expect to have these two capabilities completed and tested by early Spring.  The result will be  greater convenience and more efficiency in collecting the information for the book. In the meantime, war stories and other recollections of interest can be sent to at any time.


Communications with its members and constituents are important to the Class of 1958, the Academy, the AOG, and your Excom. The means at our disposal are email, the Company CCQ system telephone calls, periodic newsletters, and “Assembly".  By far the fastest, best, most efficient and cheapest is email.  If you are not on email, this is a plea for you to join your connected classmates, and get on email.  To get on email contadt Dick Buckalew at email Buckalew@West-Point.Org .  Try it, and you will love it.

 We have started a widow's communication net over which they can discuss matters of interest to them.  To become a member of this net contact the moderator, Mary Kay Olson, at <>. We have also set up a Prostate Cancer Support Group. To become a member of this net, contact the Moderator, Stan Bacon at <>. Please see the information on the Prostate Cancer Support Group below in the Additional Information section.

 “Assembly” your magazine for and about West Point and West Pointers is an important means of communication.  We currently have 341 subscribers, which is somewhat better than the classes on either side of us, but this is not good enough.  The class column, ably written by George Sibert, alone is worth the price of a subscription, and there are many other items of interest in “Assembly”, and you should subscribe if you haven’t already.  To subscribe, call 800 232-7821, ext. 1625.

The Class Home Page on the internet at < > is a great place to get the latest information on class rosters, addresses, phone numbers, EXCOM meeting minutes, and other information regarding the class. For access to the class roster the password is<58isgreat> and the user ID is<usma58>. Pete Trainor is the web master for the home page.  He can be reached at Telephone 703 931 6191 or email

We need to improve our communications through the Company CCQS.  CCQs have the responsibility to get the word out quickly, particularly to their Company members not on e-mail.  CCQs are responsible for encouraging their Company mates to attend reunions, to participate in class projects, to inform of deaths of Company mates and communications with its member’s family members and to take care of flowers and other requirements for the Company.  If you are a CCQ and don't want to be, let us know.  If you think your CCQ is not doing the job and you would like to help, let us know.  We can assign a new CCQ or add an assistant CCQ if that is appropriate. 


            CLASS RINGS.  By now most of us are well of the Class Ring Memorialization project that our own Ron Turner suggested to West Point and the AOG, which is now up and running, and part of West Point’s customs and traditions.  Our class is one of largest providers of class rings, which are then melted down and mixed with gold for new rings for future classes.

 Over the years stolen, and lost West Point Class Rings have appeared on “ebay” and other places for sale, and Bill O’Neil and other members of the Class of 1992 instituted a program to recover these rings and return them to their owners, their heirs, and the West Point Community.       The program has been running for four years and has recovered 30 rings to date. To learn more about the program, and to participate go to the web site at  or email to to learn more about the program

 PROSTATE CANCER SUPPORT GROUP. The Class has had a total of 33 known cases of prostate cancer and three deaths amongst them.  At our current rate, by the time we reach average age 70 in 2005 we can expect another 15 cases, bringing the total to 48.  Should you become one of those, you are reminded that the Class has a PC support group of well over 100 members, 28 of whom have been fighting PC.  Members understand the importance of providing support to each other coupled with sensitivity and confidentiality.  For details go to the PC Support Group web site at or contact Stan Bacon(512 345 5964) or

John Brinson(610 285 0066).

 But you need not become a statistic.  PC is preventable by following a healthy life style and consuming the right foods and supplements.  The group emphasizes prevention.  Additional copies of the “PC Prevention Guide” are available through Stan or John.


WESTPOINT BICENTENNIAL ACTIVITIES IN FRANCE.  In July, Dale and Dodie Hruby, Butch and Nancy Ordway, John and Marti Sewall, and Tony Smith and Bonnie Lourie spent two weeks following the 180 or so USMA cadets who were invited to France to help celebrate the Bicentennials of the French military academy (Saint-Cyr) and the  Legion of Honor (which was awarded to USMA after WWII).  Our four classmates were part of a group of ten who went on an exchange trip with the French military academies in 1957 while the rest of us were on the First-class trip.

From all accounts, it was a spectacular trip.  They were in the grandstand to watch the USMA Bicentennial Company lead the Bastille Day parade as the first unit down the Champs-Elysees, a very high honor.  Even more impressive was the USMA cadets participation in the Graduation festivities, called Le Triomphe, at Saint-Cyr, which started at 2030 hours with sky-divers in full dress uniform (one carrying the US flag to great applause) and concluded about 0030 with a magnificent fireworks display coordinated with a couple of thousand voices belting out the Marseillaise.  In between they had re-enactments in costume of the original 19th-century Triomphe, horses, sound and light, ministers trooping the line, choral renditions of original songs written by each class, lots of passing in review, and you name it, in all of which the USMA cadets were fully integrated.

 Thanks in part to Tony 's contacts developed through his role as the AOG person responsible for French participation in West Point's Bicentennial, our gang of four was able to enjoy a number of other "by invitation only" activities, such as a day at the Ecole Polytechnique as guests of the commanding general.  The trip culminated in several very interesting days in Normandy, organized by the French side of the Alexandria-Caen Sister City organization, where the group was hosted by French families and guided around the battlefields (where Dodie's and Butch's fathers fought) by a Frenchman who had been there on June 6, 1944.

             WILLIAMSBURG OPEN AKA TONY NADAL EXTRAVAGANZA. The third annual Class of '58 Williamsburg Golf Open, aka the Tony Nadal Extravaganza, took place on August 9-10.  By all accounts, it was the best ever (and the first two were outstanding), probably because Billie played a major role in organizing and hosting the event. Twenty-two classmates, plus assorted wives, fiancees, and significant others, participated in various aspects of the affair, some to play golf, some to play at golf, some to pretend to play golf, and some (wisely) just to eat, drink, and make merry with their classmates. 

After a warm-up round on Friday, the really serious competition took place on Saturday. Everyone played to their handicap, and some played like they were handicapped.  Among the awardees of the abundant prizes given out after the tournament (mostly extra small Raytheon shirts -- thank goodness Andy Andreson has finally retired), some of the most significant were Pat and Anne Kirk winning just about all there was to win for real golf and Alex Johnston edging out Tony Smith for the Outstanding Effort award.  Phil Pryor didn't win any prizes this year, but Tony let him bring ice for the party. 

The Friday and Saturday play, however, was just a preliminary for the most highly anticipated event each year -- the "try to hit the longest drive after you've had copious quantities of Tony's booze" contest, which takes place as night falls on the hole immediately behind Tony's hot tub.  According to judges Dale Hruby and Tom Carpenter, themselves masters of probity and sobriety, who said they were somewhere out there on the fairway in front of us, this year's winners were John Schaefer and Sally Herren.  Nobody knows for sure, because Dale and Tom confiscated the golf balls.

After Jae Stanton led us all in his highly personalized version of the "Rocket" cheer, we ended up Saturday evening gathered around Joe Luman at the keyboard on Tony and Billie's piano, last tuned, we think, during World War II, trying to wake up the neighborhood with the favorite songs of our lost youth -- I thought we did an especially robust rendition of "Sons of Slum and Gravy". 

In summary, everyone had a great time.  Classmates came from far and wide (this year, the Kirks all the way from WI, the Stantons from SC).  We are grateful to Tony for organizing the event and putting up with us and to Billie for putting up with him.  The consensus is that we want back next year and every year, so, Tony and Billie, don't even think about getting out of it.

PLEBE MARCHBACK 2002 . The Class was represented by seven marchers (LeTowt, H Morgan and Sibert (First Time Marchers) and Bauer, Collett, Ward and Weckel  (Repeat Marchers). For Hugh Morgan, this was his first plebe hike - - ever.  If interested in the details, you'll have to contact Hugh directly. For details on the 2003 March Back contact Ed Weckel or wait for the emails and other information that will be forthcoming.

This was the 50th Anniversary of ‘56's plebe hike. They had 18 marchers present! At the 13 mile point (Base of ski slope) the grads leave the cadet companies and march in a grad mass formation. The Class of 56 preceded us, carrying a banner indicating their Class. The Class of ‘68 had 12 marchers, as did the Class of ‘71. We no longer hold the record for the most marchers, but we will hopefully reclaim it in 04, the 50th anniversary of our Plebe Hike.

Ed Weckel has provided several alerts about plans for the 50th Anniversary Marchback in 2004. Our goal is to have at least one marcher from each cadet company. Many events and ceremonies are being planned for 2004. Thus far 20 classmates have indicated a desire to participate in the 2004 Marchback. In the meantime, don’t forget the 2003 Marchback.

ANTIETAM BATTLEFIELD TOUROn August 7, 2002, eighteen classmates, spouses and friends visited this site of the bloodiest single day in American military history.  Jack Downing gave an informative, fascinating presentation on the battle, helping put it in perspective.  After Jack's presentation the group viewed a 30 minute film, toured the battlefield following the three phases of the battle and concluded with lunch at the well known Bavarian Inn in Shepardstown. Herb Puscheck arranged the affair.

            FIRST CLASS TURNOVER. This year ten of our Classmates, three wives and one daughter, participated in the turnover on 22 August of the First Class Club to the Class of '03. Bob Pointer was coordinator of the event as always

The group met at the Thayer about 1700 with LTC Tom Endres, the Director of Cadet Activities, and the Brigade Activities Officer. The Club looks great.

At 1830 the Brigade Activities Officer, took the group to Washington Hall for dinner with the Cadets.  There was time to spare before the formation, so the group went to the Brigade Staff rooms and talked with the escorts.  There was much discussion about the then and now of cadet rooms. 

Our delegation watched dinner formation from the front steps of Washington Hall, and was then escorted by a Cadet to the Poop Deck and given a rounding cheer by the cadets, and then went to dinner with the cadets.

After the meal the group proceeded to the First Class Club.  After the traditional ceremony where a member of the class of ’02 provided ’03 their crest to hang on the wall, Bob Pointer introduced our classmates and Andy Andreson who gave a brief and very interesting talk to the cadets about the history of the club and some words about the great class of ’58.  The Excom recently voted to install central air conditioning at the First Class Club.  When this was announced, the Cadets cheered wildly.  As an aside, work installing the central air conditioning was delayed because when preparing for installation it was discovered the roof was about to cave in.  West Point recently repaired the roof (their cost/not ours) and installation of air conditioning is going forward.

This event raises our spirits every year. If you can, please join us in future years.  And of course you will have a chance to spend time in your club during the 45th next year. We will see you there.

 COMPANY MICRO-REUNIONS.   There were a number of Micro-Reunions held since the last Newsletter.  If your Company is not active in getting together for reunions and other events, talk to your CCQ or get active yourself and organize one.  Some of the best Micro-Reunions are those that are hardly organized at all.  Just have fun together.

 C-1 had a Micro-Reunion 22-25 October at South Padre Island, TX, the site of the 1991 Class Mini-Reunion.  Part of the fun was watching the antics of Hurricane Kennah, which caused all golf activities to be cancelled, but which didn’t hamper drinking, eating great seafood, shopping and marathon sessions of story telling and socializing. This was C-1s 5th Micro-Reunion, and plans are underway for an all classes C-1 Micro-Reunion at South Padre Island during October-November 2003.

 M-2 had a Macro-Reunion (We know the proper word is Micro-Reunion, but after all, they are tall/big) in Durango, CO.  This was their first Macro-Reunion, and they did it well.  They had 25 attendees.  Activities included a ride on the Durango-Silverton Railroad, and the usual drinking, eating, socializing, sightseeing and shopping.

D-1 had its first Micro-Reunion in September in the Durango CO area. The Micro-Reunion was organized by Ben Franklin assisted by Curt Stender and by D-1 CCQ, John Schaefer.  They also rode the Durango-Silverton narrow gage railroad.

B-2 had its first Micro Reunion in Lynchburg VA. The event was planned by Don Johnson.  Along with the usual drinking, eating, socializing and shopping, B-2 had a dinner Saturday evening to which they invited Chaplain and Mrs. George Bean.

I-1 had its second Micro-Reunion in Las Vegas NV.

Details on these and other events along with pictures are in the Nov-Dec, Jan-Feb and Mar-Apr “Assembly” Class Column.  If your event was not covered here or in “Assembly” bring it to the attention of your CCQ or Jerry Mitchell or George Sibert.  Subscribe to  “Assembly”.


Gerald C. Mitchell

Chairman, Communications Committee


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