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West Point Class of 1958
Executive Committee


Subject: Meeting of the Ex Com at 1:30 PM on 30 November 2006 at the Army-Navy Country Club, Arlington VA.


E.C. Members Present:

Palmer McGrew- Chairman

Tony Bauer- Treasurer

Bill Serchak- Class Initiatives

Bob Tredway-Severely Wounded Soldiers Project

Tony Smith- Class Gifts

Dale Hruby- Communications

Jack Downing- Secretary

Andy Andreson- Social Activities


E.C. Members Absent: none


Other classmates present:

Tom Carpenter

Alan Salisbury

Butch Ordway

John Herren

Brad Johnson


  1. Special project

a. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the video portion of the history project and to advance funds for its development.


b. Bob Tredway moved that a sum of $10,000 be authorized for this purpose.


c.The motion was seconded by several EC members.


d.The motion was unanimously approved by the EC.


2.      Tony Smith reported on the work on the First Class Club

    1. The West Point Department of Public Works is very cooperative and willing to direct funds to repairing the FCC but the department does not yet know what funding it will receive.
    2. The AOG has contractors looking at the FCC for the upgrades the class desires.
    3. Tony reported that Jack Bradshaw’s fund-raising is going very slow.  Only about $45k has been raised toward the goal of $200k.