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West Point Class of 1958
Executive Committee


Subject:  Minutes of the meeting of the Executive Committee 6/05/05


E.C. Members present:

      Bill Serchak          Palmer McGrew          Bob Tredway

      John Herren          Tony Bauer

      Jack Downing      Andy Andreson


E.C. members absent:  Dale Hruby


Other classmate present:  Jack Bradshaw, Class President


Widow representative present:  Audrey Webb


1. Minutes

     The minutes of the meeting of 11/03/04 were approved as written.


2. Help Our Heroes discussion

            B. Tredway:

·        Currently the program is only in the DC area

·        To a call for out-of-town participants, there was a response from 6 classmates and 6 Naval Academy graduates

·        The volume of needy disabled soldiers is low so the program may not extend out-of-DC


J. Herren:

·        Volunteers need to go to the “Birthday Party” also known as the “Congressional Party” to meet disabled soldiers

·        The disabled soldiers like to go to lunch

·        Lee Miller has been very successful in helping disabled soldiers get tested for college

·        Out-of-DC classmates should be encouraged to contact VA or military hospitals in their area to find disabled soldiers that need help

B. Tredway

·        DC classmates in the program might contact Walter Reed Army Hospital program chiefs to identify disabled soldiers who need mentoring

J. Herren

·        A USMA picnic with the disabled soldiers might be a good way to entertain them. John suggested that the picnic be at Walter Reed to entertain them and to get to know some of the disabled soldiers who might need mentors.



·        B. Tredway to contact G. Lawton about his brother John contacting Jim Nicholson (VA Head) about helping to identify soldiers out-of-DC.


·        Bob Tredway to attend young grads happy hour to enlist young grad support for HOHF.



3. First Class Club (FCC)

A. Andreson:

·        LTC Endres has done a great job but he will soon retire.

·        There was a good write-up about the FCC in Time magazine

·        Recommend:

o       Expansion of bar

o       Convert back-room to a TV room

o       Cost will be about $27K

P. McGrew:

·        Original designers said that a bar extension would ruin the appearance

·        Get Dale’s OK for expansion.


A. Andreson

·        Also need to improve the rest rooms

·        They were paid for by the post

·        The post will replace the bar stools, and patio furniture with quality items

ACTION:  With approval of Dale Hruby for the bar extension, $27K is approved from the 1958 AOG Gift Fund for the expansion of the FCC bar and conversion of the back room to a TV room.


4. Perpetual Endowment Fund  (PEF)



·        The role of the Executive Committee in the management of the PEF is only advisory.

·        Classmates who want to donate to improving the FCC should donate to the AOG Class Gift Fund.


ACTION:  Andy Andreson was asked to convey to the PEF at their next meeting that the Class Executive Committee wishes that they always bear in mind that our Class Gift, the First Class Club, should be given first priority for expenditures, should those be appropriate at the time of a disbursement.





5. Widows

·        Discussion:  It is up to the reunion committee to decide whether or not to provide a supplement to widows for hotel rooms.

·        It is the responsibility of the CCQs to make the ExCom aware of any needs their widows may have.


ACTION:  D. Hruby & A. Webb:  Put widows’ information in each newsletter.


6. Class house exchange


·        The idea of a clearinghouse for exchanges within the class was deemed worthy of investigation. 


Action: J. Downing to send an e-mail to the class to gauge interest and see if a classmate volunteers to run the program.


7. Flowers

·        Allowed cost of flowers for funerals or charity of deceased classmates, wives, or widows is raised from $60 to $75. 


8. Reunions:


ACTION: John Herren to approach Bob Tallgren about Orlando mini.