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West Point Class of 1958

Executive Committee


Subject:  Minutes of the meeting of the Executive Committee 12/13/05


E.C. Members present:

      Bill Serchak          Palmer McGrew          Bob Tredway

      John Herren          Tony Bauer                    Dale Hruby

      Jack Downing      Andy Andreson


 Other classmate present:  George Lawton


Widow Representative present:  Audrey Webb


Because of the follow-on to the discussions of the meeting, these minutes cover a period of several days during which some of the items discussed were more fully developed.


1. Minutes

     The minutes of the meeting of 6/05/05 were approved as written.


2. Widows’ subsidy at Savannah

To encourage attendance at minis, the class will subsididize widows for one night’s hotel room at Savannah.  To the extent possible, this will be made up from “comp” rooms given by the hotel.


POC: John Herren


 3. Widows nice-to-have

In response to inquiries by the E.C. Audrey Webb presented a list of widow’s suggestions on ways to encourage more widows to attend reunions.

a. Help with transportation and luggage to-and-from the airport and the hotel

b. Arrange seating with their companies at class dinners.

c. Placing widows at main hotel to avoid their having to return to a different hotel late at night.


POC: George Lawton/ Audrey Webb/  John Herren


4. Widow vote

Audrey Webb reported that it was the feeling of the widows that their representative to the EC should not have a vote at this time.



 5. Minis


J. Herren reported that a preliminary estimate of profit from the San Francisco mini may be about $4,000


It is the consensus of the E.C that registration fees for minis should be kept as low as possible. 


Discussion on minis after the 50th centered on having a mini toward the center of the country. Palmer reaffirmed with Tom Sands that New Orleans will be the site of the 2007 mini.


POC: John Herren


6. Class Flag to funerals


P. McGrew is leading this initiative.

Discussion centered on the possibility of sending the class flag to funerals rather than flowers. This would only be possible if a classmate were at the funeral to receive, set-up, and return the flag.  If the standard (pole) is required, it could be sent in a PVC tube.


Another possibility is to present a miniature class flag to the NOK at the funeral.  A. Salisbury knows of a company that would make them for about $10 each for orders of 50 or greater.  However, the flag should include the class crest.


POC: Palmer McGrew


 7.  Class Fund Raising in Support of West Point


The Class EC applauds the success of the PEF and the initiative of the Endowment Fund Board.  The existence of this Fund will be revealed to Academy authorities on an appropriate occasion, at our 50th Reunion at the latest.  In the meantime the EC does not support any further effort to urge Classmates to give to the PEF, while taking no action to discourage those who wish to do so.


The EC anticipates that contributions to the Class Gift Fund, used to support the FCC, will increase to their former level.  Should some need arise that requires more funds, the EC will consider whether to announce that need as a convenience to those who would like to give more.  


POC: Palmer McGrew/ Andy Andreson



8. Class Newsletter


Content of the class newsletter was discussed.  The newsletter should focus on class business other than that contained in the Assembly article although some overlap is acceptable.


POC: Dale Hruby


Jack Downing