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West Point Class of 1958
Executive Committee


Subject: Minutes of meeting of the Executive Committee Nov 3, 2004

Palmer McGrew, Chairman, called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM at his home
E.C. Members present:
Bill Serchak                  Alan Salisbury              Dale Hruby
John Herren                  Palmer McGrew           Andy Andreson
Jack Downing               Tony Bauer
Other classmates present:
Lee Miller         Church Hutton
1. Minutes
The EC approved the minutes of the meeting of 10/20/03 as changed.
2. Class History Project- A. Salisbury
Class participation under 10%
Need a volunteer to replace Doug Sedgwick to edit "Pass in Review"
Advertising possible-decision later
Need a different password to get into history project site on West Point-Org.  This makes entry difficult.  Glenn Brown will address this.
Website input preferred but written is welcome.  Pictures must be sent by mail.
Video/audio input will end up at the Army Military History Institute at Carlisle,   PA. as will a complete class history.
The EC approved spending up to $700 for materials, envelopes and printing of project information.
3. Injured Soldier Support Project- Bill Serchak           
The EC is considering supporting with class volunteers, two newly formed organizations that support severely injured soldiers-the "Disabled Soldier Support System" a DoD program,
and the "Help Our Heroes Foundation"
a private organization founded by Ms. Karen Theobald to support the effort of the DS3 project.
B. Serchak explained the mentoring program of the HOHF.
P. McGrew suggested that the EC can call for classmates around the country to volunteer as mentors to disabled soldiers that settle in areas close to them.
A. Salisbury suggested that the class could manage the volunteer segment of the HOHF project.  This might involve more than just the class of 1958.  We should approach other organizations that might be interested in encouraging volunteers, such as the West Point Societies, AOG, etc.
ACTION:  P. McGrew to set-up a meeting with the EC and Karen Theobald.
4. Perpetual Fund:
Lee Miller and Church Hutton briefed the EC on the status and plans for the Perpetual Fund.  (Fact sheet attached)
$210,000 is still needed to reach the goal of $580,000 by 2008.
The 190 classmates who have not contributed will each receive a letter encouraging him to contribute.
There will be a company contest to achieve 100% participation. (current status by company is attached)
P. McGrew cautioned that the project should not apply heavy pressure to classmates to donate.
C. Hutton described Legacy Giving and distributed a fact sheet (attached) and asked for comments.
A. Salisbury commented that the legacy giving effort would compete with the similar AOG program and would also compete with the effort to raise $580,000 by 2008.
J. Herren suggested that the legacy giving project be postponed until after the 50th reunion. 
A. Salisbury urged that both efforts be combined in a single, coordinated solicitation. 
D. Hruby suggested that the legacy giving form be put on the perpetual giving web site.
The EC supported the idea of putting the legacy giving form on the web site but postponing its promotion until after the 50th reunion.
L. Miller will coordinate the solicitation of funds from classmates with P. McGrew.

5.   P. McGrew asked that discussion on future mini-reunions be postponed to the next EC meeting.
6.  T. Bauer reported that finances were as follows:
Checking                     937.59
Rushmore               22,030.55
T. Rowe Price        17,689.99
7. First Class Club (FCC)
A. Andreson reported that the FCC enjoys very active participation at West Point and is making a significant profit for the Academy.  These funds will support the operations and maintenance upkeep.  At present, we have approximately $50,000 in our AOG account which will be used to support additional capital improvements in the future. .
8.  Constitution
J. Downing was tasked to initiate a correction to the Class Constitution to separate the position of Secretary/Treasurer into two functions as they now exist.  However, a reading of the latest version of the by-laws found that this change had been made.
9.  The meeting adjourned at 9:20 PM
Jack Downing