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Subject: Minutes of the meeting of the Executive Committee 10/20/03

Palmer McGrew, Chairman, called the meeting to order at 7:30 PM at his

E.C. members present:
Bill Serchak            Alan Salisbury
John Herren             Palmer Mcgrew
Jack Downing            Jerry Mitchell
Andy Andreson

E.C. members absent:
Tony Bauer

Other classmates and widows present:
George Sibert           George Lawton            Audrey Webb

1. Minutes
The EC approved the minutes of the meeting of 10/16/02 and 12/9/02 as
Future minutes will be tentatively approved as agreement is reach and
formally approved at the following meeting.

       J. Herren reported on the following possible min-reunions:

Jack Bujalski and Bob Hayden will sponsor a mini-reunion at San Antonio, TX
on 21-24 Oct., 2004

Tom Sands has expressed interest in sponsoring a mini at New Orleans but
may have to use a convention specialist to do the work.
The following classmates have expressed interest in sponsoring
Paul Ruud at San Francisco. CA (2006?) - (WEST) shoot for 2005
after San Antonio

Art Meyers at Tucson, AZ. - (WEST) maybe 2009 (or 2005 if San
Francisco falls out)

Roger Waddell at Savannah, GA- (SOUTHEAST) maybe
2006 and/or New Orleans in 2006

John Nun at Maine (Portland?)  (NORTHEAST) MAYBE 2007

Jody Le Towt at Carmel, CA - (WEST) maybe 2011 unless some other western
site comes up

Ray Coffee at Huntsville, AL - (SOUTHEAST) a possibility that
could fill in for 2006 if neither Sands nor Waddell works out or happen
later after doing both New Orleans and Savannah

Dick Groves/ Larry Hunt at San Diego, CA -- (WEST) maybe 2010
after Tuscon, then back to southeast for either Waddell or Sands whichever
one we did not do in 2006 for 2011

Action:  J. Herren to contact the above classmates, as needed, to affirm or
correct the above tentative mini-reunions.

3. Capelle Award
G. Lawton questioned whether there was possibly two payments for the last
Capelle Award-one by T. Bauer and one by the AOG.  Later it was learned
that Hugh Trumbull had paid and was reimbursed by John Nun from the class
fund.  A. Andreson later reported that he had contacted Bob Lenz of the AOG
who recommended that T. Bauer establish e-mail or telephonic contact with
him and he would endeavor to reimburse the cost from the class gift fund.
Later, A. Andreson learned from Bob Lenz that the reate of interest of
award funds deposited with the AOG is currently only 1.7% which would
require  a deposit of approximately 13,000.  It was decided to continue to
fund the award from operating funds and wait until the rate of interest

Action:     Continue to fund the award from operating funds until interest
rates improve.

4. Widows
A. Webb. Reported that for the 45th reunion, she sent letters to 80 widows
and then sent follow-on letters to those who showed interest.  She reported
that one way to assist widows in attending reunions is for classmates to
offer transportation. 

Action:  CCQs to encourage widows in their companies to attend the
reunions,  to help organize transportation for them, and to be responsive
to their individual needs.

5. 50th Reunion
The 50th reunion at West Point in 2008 could be held in either May or
September.  Because the class would receive higher priority in May and to
facilitate our interaction with our 50-year class '08, the EC voted to hold
the reunion in May.

6. 45th Reunion
Some classmates had to cancel their reservations to the reunion at the last
minute.  Because there was a fund surplus from the reunion, the E.C. voted
to return the deposit to those classmates.

Action: T. Bauer to return deposits to classmates who paid but were not
able to attend the 45th reunion.

7. '58 - '08 events
The following events, with included activities and dates, are proposed:

'04 Plebe march back; mid-Aug; (1) class contingent at acceptance P-rade;
(2) Award '58-08 shoulder patch

'05  Yearling Run-back; Mid-Aug; (1) Class contingent runs; (2) Present
class flag.

'06 Reaffirmation Ceremony; Late-Aug (Reorg) Possible '58-'08 coins

'07 First Class Club turnover; Late-Aug; Special Ceremony

'08 Graduation; Late-May;  Present engraved gold Lieutenant bars

Rough Estimate of costs:

Shoulder patches  $2,000
Class Flag  $3,000
Two-sided coin  $2,000
Gold Lieutenant bars  $5,000

There was a discussion about donations for the '08 ring meltdown.G. Sibert
offered two ideas: (1) suggest to '58 potential donors that they wait for
the class of '08 meltdown and  (2) suggest to next-of-kin that they
consider making a donation for the '08 meltdown.

Graduation '08:  Presentation of engraved gold lieutenant bars.  Estimated
cost about $5,000

Action: A. Salisbury to proceed with the above activities.

8. History project
Salisbury requested approval for reimbursement of a mailing to send history
packets to classmates, widows, and possibly children of classmates who did
not attend the 45th reunion.  Cost is estimated at about $300.

Action:  E.C. approved cost of mailing to classmates.

9. Nomination for Thayer Award
A. Salisbury requested that the E.C. nominate Brig. Gen. Paul Tibbets to
receive the West Point Thayer Award.  The E.C. voted to do so.  However, we
missed the 6 November cutoff for the nominations so it will be submitted
next year.

Action:  A. Salisbury to prepare a nomination package for Brig.  Gen Paul
Tibbets for the Thayer Award.

10. Donation to
The E.C. voted to donate $1,000 to in recognition of the
work it did to create the '58 history project web-based data collection

Action:  T. Bauer send a $1,000 donation to

11. Offer to support '58
Fred Easley contacted P. McGrew regarding a conversation he had with Kelly
Lichtenberg '55.  .Kelly  has offered to subsidize a substantial activity
that supports '58.  One E.C. suggestion was to subsidize the printing of
the 50th anniversary reunion book. This was later rejected by Kelly
Lichtenberg who said that he was only interested in "brick and mortar"
projects.  One such project might be an improvement to the First Class Club

Action:  A. Andreson to contact Kelly Lichtenberg and discuss a FCC

12. AOG Board of Trustees
A. Salisbury reported that Jim Castle has been re-nominated for a
three-year term beginning 1 January 2005 and that he, himself, was just
re-elected and is on the board until 31 December 2006.

13. Nominations for Distinguished Graduate
The E.C. would like to re-nominate Pete Kullavanijaya for designation as
Distinguished Graduate.  However, we missed the 6 November cut off for the
nominations so it will be submitted next year.

Action: J. Downing .to prepare and submit to the AOG the nomination package
for Pete Kullavanijaya.

14. DC Social Schedule
J. Herren passed out a draft social schedule for 2004 for comments and

Action.  J. Herren to coordinate and finalize schedule.