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West Point Class of 1958
Executive Committee

Subject: Minutes of meeting of the Executive Council 6/6/02

The meeting was called to order at 2010 by the chairman Palmer McGrew

 E.C. members present:

Bill Serchak, Alan Salisbury, Palmer McGrew, John Herren,  Jack Downing, Jerry Mitchell

 E.C. members absent:

Andy Andreson, John Nun

Other classmates present:

George Sibert. George Lawton

 Widows present:

Audry Webb

 1. Minutes

The draft minutes of the E.C. meeting for 10/15/02 were approved as written.

 2. New member

Bill Serchak was welcomed as a new member of the E.C.

Bill will take on the “initiatives” job that Pete Brintnall had.  Pete will keep the health initiatives project.

Action: Action:  B. Serchak and A. Webb prepare a document explaining how to apply for increased Social Security benefits based on special credits for Service Academy attendance. This document will be mailed to all classmates or their widows who are not currently on the  e-mail roster. Address labels for mailing the document will be provided by J. Nunn; postage and envelope costs will be reimbursed by the E.C. 

 3. Class property

Bill Serchak will assume duties the class property officer.  His responsibility is to establish and maintain an inventory of all class property.

Action: B. Serchak inventory class property.

 4. Walker Award

Tom Carpenter is moving out of the West Point area and needs to find a classmate, preferably a debater, who will represent the class at future annual presentations of the Walker Award

Action: P. McGrew to work with T. Carpenter to find a classmate to represent the class at West Point for the presentations of the Walker Award.

 5. Reunions

Future reunions include the following: 






10-14 Sept

West Point

Garry Roosma

Full reunion

Firm - Followed by Nova Scotia cruise


San Antonio

Bob Hayden


strong possibility


Washington, DC

George Sibert


not firm


Savannah, GA

Roger Waddell


not firm


Huntsville, AL

Ray Coffee


not firm

             J. Herren raised the advisability of including less expensive alternative hotels in the mini offer to classmates.

 J. Downing raised the advisability of having a CCQ caucus at the reunions to discuss the issues of importance to the group.


J. Herren to review guidelines for mini-reunions

G. Mitchell to call meeting of the CCQs at the next reunion at West Point

 6. March-back

E.C. encourages maximum attendance at the “Mother of all March-backs” to take place at West Point in 2004. 

Ed Weckel is POC. This is a “special event”, not a mini reunion.

 At the march back in 2004, there is an opportunity to meet the new class of 2008 (58 + 50).  Possibly make a presentation memento from the class of ‘58 to the class of ‘08.  This would be the first of a number of contacts between that class and ours, culminating with our presenting them with second lieutenant bars at their graduation. 

 7. Mini POC

A mini POC will be appointed a member of the social committee. He will assist the  chairman by gathering information, providing contacts and sources for mini-support which could be used by future mini-organizers. (He will have copies of the after-action reports.)

Action: J. Herren to find a volunteer to be the mini POC.

 8.  Distinguished Graduate Award

E.C. enthusiastically backs the nomination of LTG (ret) Hal Moore ‘45 for the Distinguished Graduate Award.

Action: J. Herren to monitor the nomination process and advise the EC of steps to be taken to add the backing of the EC to the nomination of LTG (ret) Hal Moore when appropriate.

 9. Memorial articles

J. Downing proposed that the EC take as a class objective, the completion of all outstanding memorial articles by 2007 so as to be up-to-date for the 50th reunion.

Action: J. Downing to take the initiative to have all memorial articles prepared by 2007.

 10.  Constitution and By-laws

G. Lawton suggested that widows be given the full class rights of their deceased husbands in class activities including the right to be members of the E.C.  The action was tabled until the next meeting at which time a draft of the specific changes to the Constitution and/or By-laws is to be submitted for discussion.

Action: G. Lawton and A. Salisbury draft changes to the class constitution and by-laws to give widows the class rights of their deceased husbands and present these to the EC at the next meeting.

 11. First Class Club   

A series of calls and/or messages to LTC Endres in the past six months requesting specific information to allow the EC to formulate future plans for possible improvements to the First Class Club has produced little or no results. G. Lawton suggested that we write a formal letter to USMA Attn: CAO to ask for and document the specific information we desire to obtain. There was some speculation expressed that LTC Endres may no longer be the CAO.

Action: A. Andreson to send a letter to the CAO requesting the current status of the upgrades to the First Class Club.

                                     Jack Downing


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