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                                West Point Class of 1958

                                        Executive Committee





Subject: Minutes of meeting of the Executive Council 7/30/01


The meeting was called to order at 1930 by the chairman Palmer McGrew


E.C. members present:

Pete Brintnall              Alan Salisbury             Andy Andreson          Palmer McGrew

John Herren

Jack Downing             Jerry Mitchell


E.C. members absent

John Nun


Other classmates present:

George Sibert             George Lawton


Widows present:

Audry Webb


1.  Class newsletter

J. Mitchell circulated hard copies of the newsletter.  This is sent to classmates who do not have e-mail.  The printing was done professionally and looked great.


2. D.C. Reunion

Terry Connell is the advocate for a mini reunion in D.C.

Finding a sponsor will be difficult.

The general consensus was negative.

    Action: Wait to see what happens at the Sante Fe mini.


3.  J. Herren circulated material on Pensacola.


4.   Class Leaders Conference

E.C. Chairman P. McGrew will represent the class at the Class Leader’s Conference at West Point next month.  (Jack Bradshaw is not able to attend.)  Classmates representing W.P. societies include Corky Henninger, Linc Jones, Jerry Lewis, Alex Pensiero, Garry Roosma, Roger Waddell, and Wally Ward.


5. 50th Reunion history project

A. Salisbury reported on the history project:

The first task is data collection by survey.  This will be done by the end of Sept.

One objective is to collect data on sons, daughters, grandchildren who went to W.P.

A web site will be set up to receive input. 

The data will be used as input for the 50th anniversary reunionbook.

It is possible to have a loose leaf notebook rather than a a bound copy.

An alternative is to have a pocket in the back of a bound book for last minute additions.

The yearbook could be distributed either at the reunion or after, to include the reunion.

G. Sibert said that distribution was a big logistics problem with the 30th reunionbook.  This could be avoided if this reunionbook were to be completed after the reunion and the  printer tasked to send it out.

P. Brintnall  added that the data will include all current descendants of the class.  These are intended to assist in locating descendants for far future (e.g. 100th) anniversary celebrations.  (correction after minutes were published:  P, Brintnall said that information will be used to keep track of descendants to sreve as trustees of the Class Endowment.)


6.   Gift to graduates

G. lawton suggested that the class present a memento to each child or grandchild who graduates from a service academy.

In the past Jack Bradshaw sent a letter to those who graduated from W.P.

Later, after this meeting, Tony Smith agreed to lead this project.

Action: Tony Smith to implement a new policy of  giving a memento to class children and grandchildren who graduate from any of the national service academies.


7.   Help for widows and classmates

G. Lawton suggested that there is a need for a policy to cover cases where classmates or widows need financial or other help.  A fund would be useful. 


     Keep action ad hoc, case-by-case. At reunion, make general statement of offer to help in any way we are able.  Repeat statement in            newsletter.

Needs must be made known to a member of the EC.

Action: By the next newsletter in the Dec/Jan time frame, J. Mitchell to draft a statement offering help to those who need it. 

8.   Ring project

P. McGrew talked about Ron Turner’s ring project.  Good project but should encourage donation of rings of deceased graduates rather than those still living.  Publicize project at mini reunion.

Action: P. McGrew to publicize ring project at mini reunion.


9. Class finances

A. Andreson distributed the financial statement of the Class of 1958 AOG Gift Fund.  Current balance is $93,238.07. (Financial report is attached to the original copy of these minutes.)


10.  Discussion of First Class Club (FCC)

There is a contract  to double the capacity of beer distribution.

Work to be complete by the end of Reorganization Week (18 Aug.) at an

estimated cost of $3-4,000. (e-mail from LTC Tom Endres, Cadet Activity Officer, is attached to the original copy of these minutes.)

Next needs for the First Class Club are an extended bar and to add air


On 8/1/01, an update from LTC Endres stated the following:

     - Nothing has yet been paid to the contractor for the beer tap


       - Payment of ~$4,000to the contractor will not be made until work is


     - The FCC nets ~$50,000 annually which are used for maintenance and

small upgrades.

     - Larger projects must come from gift funds.

     - He will pay for a detailed scope if '58 is interested in funding a

larger project.

Action: A. Andreson to continue discussing possible future improvements to the FCC with Enders, and to formulate a recommendation to the committee for approval.

P. McGrew to contact representative of the class of 1994 at the Leaders Conference about assuming responsibility of the First Class Club in the future.


11.  Future class giving

A. Salisbury asked if class is done giving to W.P.

P. McGrew said ‘58 has given the First Class Club and will stand by it.

A. Salisbury mentioned that renovations to the library might be a future project.    

A. Salisbury reminded EC that we will notify WP of endowment fund at 50th reunion.


12.  Discussion of sponsor perquisites for mini reunions.

As a general rule, sponsors of class functions should not accept perquisites.  Any offers by contractors should be used for the advantage of all participating classmates if possible.

J. Mitchell added that the rule must be flexible.

     Action: P. McGrew and J. Herren to work on a general statement of policy for class activities.


13.  Widows

A. Webb stated that the class widows’ e-mail net is up and running with Mary Kay Olson as moderator. 

Audrey has received correspondence from many widows expressing the desire to remain associated with the class. 

J. Downing suggested that letters of condolence should also be sent to classmates who lose their wives.

Action: J. Downing will  notify J. Bradshaw of classmate deaths and classmates who lose their wives.  J. Bradshaw will be asked to send letters expressing condolences of class.


14.  Presentation of 2d Lt. bars

The class will present “gold” bars to the W.P. class of 2008.

After the meeting a message was received from Bob Lenz, AOG as follows:


“The bars are made by STA-BRITE (same as ordinary 2LT bars, except they have

the class years embossed on the back: 51-01).  They cost a little over $4 a

set.  They come in the standard plastic box that STA-BRITE uses for all

their brass & insignia.  The color card from the senior class that goes

inside on the back of the box is another $600-$700 to print.  Total cost to

the senior class - less than $5000.”


15.  Social

The “TBD” class event for September is canceled.


16. Memorial articles

The current Memorial Article status report is attached to the original copy of these minutes.


                                    Jack Downing