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5 April 1999 - Executive Committee Meeting

The Executive Committee met at Palmer McGrew's home on 5 April 1999.

Members present:         Members absent:             Others in Attendance:
Brintnall                             Lawton                                 Sibert (ex-oficio - scribe)                    
Jack Downing

1) Consideration of Nominations Committee for filling Hansult's position: The nominations committee comprised of Cooper, Densford and Penzer recommended Alan Salisbury. He will be presented at the 23 April business luncheon.

2) Funding future memorials to deceased classmates: Jack Downing made a presentation on the sponsorship and funding for future memorials. He asked that the class be very positive in encouraging classmates to honor other classmates with memorials. We have only 20 or so more years to leave our mark. Downing suggested that the EC monitor all such
proposals, both as a means of assisting the preparation and to ensure that the name of the class is protected. Following, there was considerable discussion on whether to alter the previous position, viz., that we retain those awards previously established for Walker, Capelle and Malone, but not undertake any additional class-sponsored memorials. The EC reconsidered that
policy and decided that it should encourage memorials at West Point to any classmate, but should not undertake to create them on behalf of the class.  There was a discussion of the initiative begun by Downing and the current Permanent Professor of Chemistry to endow an award in the name of Jim Ramsden. Money for the endowment is being collected privately. The EC expressed its gratitude to the classmates and other friends of Jim Ramsden who are making this memorial possible. Finally, approval was given to fund the 1999 cost of the Capelle award. The Walker and Malone awards are fully endowed.

3) Status of Obit Project:
Downing reported that '58 is at 68 percent for obits published. We are doing better than most classes but still have 23 outstanding, four of which are nearing completion. All of us need to keep working on the obits. We have to face the fact that we're not getting any younger.

4) Discussion of draft Perpetual Fund By-Laws:
The drafting committee, the EC and Joe Luman have reviewed the draft Perpetual Fund By-Laws. There is now agreement on the final wording, and it is planned that the by-laws will be distributed in the June newsletter for approval by the class. It was pointed out that should the class deem it advisable or necessary to change the by-laws further at some future date, we may do so.

5) Consideration of Health Care Proposal.
Brintnall prepared a paper for consideration by the EC on the need to take action to make known to the senior military leadership that the broken promise of health care for retirees has comprised the credibility of the Armed Forces leadership and has become a readiness issue impacting on accessions and retention. Also, that more has to be done to reinforce the
efforts of the Military Coalition in its efforts to secure health care for retirees. It was agreed that a proposal to this effect be sent to the class. Nun will draft a resolution to accompany the proposal.

6) Financial Report and Investments:
Chase reported on the status of the Class Operating Fund and Class Gift Fund. The former is approximately $48 thousand and the latter $86 thousand. He will continue to watch the market and keep the funds invested to ensure a reasonable return. To this end, we decided to take about $20,000 of the Class Operating Fund out of the Rushmore Fund for Government Investors and
reinvest it in the T Rowe Price Equity Index Fund which mirrors the S&P 500.

7) Topics Approved for Discussion at the July Leaders Conference:
McGrew presented the list of topics for approval to be discussed by he and Lawton at the July Leaders Conference. These are:
Ability of AOG/WP to support future reunions, especially lodging
AOG vs., what will be done to stop this competition?
Class archives maintained by AOG: what, how can AOG assist classes by obtaining and maintaining records?
Communications (responsive) between AOG and membership
AOG governing document
What class support issues have been discussed at recent BOT meetings?
What the AOG leadership and staff can do to improve their image with members
Status of our "ring" project
Health care initiative

8) Discipline of the Class Email Net:
There was a brief discussion of what, if anything, should be done regarding discipline of the class email net. There was agreement that it should be left up to the Class List Moderator. The EC expressed its deep appreciation to Dick Buckalew and his efforts to keep the net up and running.

Pete Brintnall


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