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'58 '58 '58 '58 B-1:  T. Leo ex-'58,W. Nichol '57 J. Lewis B-1:  W.Nichol '57, J. Lewis, B. Hull '56 Ward, Sedgwick, Kubiak, Weckel


Collet, 2nd Cl Cadet J. Hunt, Buchly Buchly, Kubiak, Collet, Bauer Collett and Buchly Crossing Highway Collett and Buchly Descending Ski Slope Fore! Break Time


  Rest Stop at Round Pond   Descendng Ski Slope   Lewis and Plebe Marcher w/50# packs
Cadets Starting from Round Pond "Eyes Right" (to alumni) at North Gate Lewis w/50# pack 15 days later on Kings Conyon "cake  walk"
Passing West Point Ski Lift Reception at Supe's Garden following march Lewis at Trails End/Start - near Oak Grove


Fellow Classmates and Friends

We are proud to announce that your 12 Classmates (Bauer, Buchly, Collett, Kubiak, Lewis J., Mignano, Pensiero, Roosma G., Salisbury, Sedgwick, Ward and Weckel)  successfully completed the 15 mile Alumni - Plebe Marchback. All of us thank you for the great support you gave us via pledges and for your many kind words. We might have a few bruises, aches and pains, but our heads are high and believe we represented our great class with distinction.

By my count, there were 126 marchers - - all but 18 opted for the full 15 miles. The 18 joined us after 13 miles at the base of the ski slope and marched the final two miles with us to the Supe's quarters. The oldest graduate participating in the march was Colonel Williams, Class of 1945. (No, this ain't a typo) He opted for and marched the full 15 miles!!!!!! I had the privilege of meeting him after the march, doffed my hat and shook his hand.
For me, this was the highlight of the march. To the best of my knowledge, all plebes and grads completed the march.

This year, the weather was perfect. Eleven of the 12 marchers from 58 were assigned to the same company; Garry marched with his daughter Meg in a different unit. Allow me to give you my impressions, but please remember each of us spoke with different cadets, and have other experiences which I hope they will share with you.

Once again, I had the privilege of walking with our oldest classmate, Wally. This former Brigade Boxing Champion still looks as though he could go 10 rounds with ease, and I for one would not want to enter the ring with him.
He's in great shape, never was short of breath, nor lost a bead of sweat. As last year, we both were "supervised" by the same cadet - - a female mother hen (Cadet Browning, dad is Class of 62) who told us when to drink and helped us out along the way. She recently completed Air Assault School, where the drop out rate was greater than 50 percent, and proudly wore her new wings. She has over 100 sport parachute jumps, teaches snow boarding on the ski slopes to the kids who live at WP, took Arabic as a language and set a fine example for the marching plebes. As I wrote last year - - even this male chauvinist p - - no longer complains about women at West Point.

Another second class cadet asked Wally and myself two interesting questions. The first concerned the honor system - - he wanted to know what we and our class thought of the honor system while we were cadets. I believe we gave him an answer 99 percent of you would agree with. He (a member of the honor committee) THANKED the grads for our efforts to keep the honor system strong and viable. His second question was - - "what was your most significant or memorable experience at West Point." You might want to ponder this last question for a few moments and contemplate how you would have answered it.

The day after the march, we were allowed to participate in the morning session of the AOG Leadership Conference. Most of the 58 Class Society Leaders were there. I am going to let our Class Leaders  address the events
which transpired at the conference, as they are far more qualified to do so than I. All 58ers who marched were glad of their decision to participate in this year's event. Many plan to return next year. Join us! Twelve was great, but let's try to beat that number next year. And remember the rumors of a "flanker" vs. "runt" challenge.

Those of you who made pledges to the Endowment are asked to make your check out to "Fidelity Investments CGF", and mail them to me at 120 Regent Drive, Bel Air, MD, 21014. I would greatly appreciate your check by 30 August, so that we can close the books for another year.

We ain't over the hill yet!!!

Thanx for your great support.

Ed Weckel for Bauer, Buchly, Collett, Kubiak, Lewis J., Mignano, Pensiero,
Roosma G., Salisbury, Sedgwick and Ward