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USMA '58 Savannah Reunion
May 14-17, 2006

Savannah-Georgia's First City

Message from General William T. Sherman to President Lincoln-
Savannah, Ga. Dec. 22, 1864
To His Excellency, President Lincoln,
Dear Sir,
I beg to present to you as a Christmas Gift, the City of Savannah with 150 heavy guns and plenty of ammunition; and also about 25,000 bales of cotton.
W. T. Sherman
Maj. Genl.

When word of the capture of Savannah and Sherman's Christmas gift to the U.S. president reached West Point, the occasion was celebrated by the firing of a 36-gun salute to the Union victory.

Now, Jae Stanton and I, along with our OAOs, wish to present to the Great Class of '58 the beautiful city of Savannah as a Mothers' Day gift, May 14-17, 2006.
    Things to Do

Georgia's first city is a very special place.  Experienced travelers are drawn to Savannah because of its natural beauty, rich history, and good old-fashioned Southern Hospitality.  From River Street to intriguing historic districts to splendid marshlands to the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean, Savannah offers something for everyone.  Lovers of history and architecture can stroll through squares and neighborhoods in our Landmark Historic District and then explore the city's five other historic districts.
Here are a few of the many published Savannah Accolades
"Top Ten Most Beautiful Places in America"
The Squares of Savannah, USA Weekend Magazine, May 2003
"Top 10 Cities to Visit"
Conde Naste Traveler
"Top 10 Walking Cities"
Walking Magazine
"The Most Beautiful City in North America"
LeMonde Newspaper, Paris
"Robb Reports, One of America's Best Places to Live for Architecture"
Robb Report, July 2003

Roger Waddell, A-1