Below you will find a rather detailed list of duties required of our CCQs,  You have seen them before, but periodically I plan to send them out as a reminder.  We depend on each and every one of you to help keep the class together.
CCQs should be participants.  To the extent they can, they should attend class events, and they should encourage their Company mates to do the same. 
Keep in touch with your Company.  Pass on information on your people to George Sibert for the Class Column and to me for the twice yearly Newsletter. Get your people together for periodic Company events or Micro Reunions.
Keep the EXCOM and Jack Downing, CINC Obit current on deaths of Classmates and Wives.
Remember you are the glue that holds the class together.
Be the principle point of contact with your company mates.  Be active in support of class activities, reunions, and projects, and be active in getting your company mates to participate.  Try and get your company-mates to join the class e-mail list so communications are easier.

  Keep in contact with company mates and their widows and forward any changes in addresses, phone numbers, etc. to George Lawton and John Nun for updating the class master data base and roster.The current roster with addresses and phone numbers can be found on the class web page at, <>, which includes the latest addresses and other data we have on each member of the class, including the names of classmates who did not graduate with us who we are still trying to locate. You may also want to try and check the data on company mates from whom you have not heard from in some time.  The task of maintaining periodic contact is key to the success of everything else. Some very successful CCQs collect information from letters, phone calls, etc. from company mates/widows and then they periodically share this information with the rest of the company via a message to those that are on e-mail; or by letter to those who are not.
  Provide information of interest to the class scribe for inclusion in the class notes in the Assembly magazine.

  Designate a company mate who lives in the Washington, DC area to be the company representative, if you do not live in the DC area, or, if you do,and chose not to be the "DC rep" yourself. In general, this person will be responsible for telephoning and reminding company mates in the DC area of luncheons or other class events in the DC area that may be of interest. If your circumstances change and you do not believe you can continue to do the job the way you know it needs to be done, let us know. If you no longer wish to be a CCQ, it would be helpful to us if you would recruit your replacement as you know better than we do who in your  Company would be interested and capable of doing the job.

  Notify Jack Downing, CINC Obits, or alternatively, a member of the Executive Committee of the death of a member of the company, or of his wife or widow. In addition, notify all remaining members of the company of the death and funeral arrangements by the most expeditious means (e-mail or phone call). In turn, if we learn of a death first, we will notify you. We will notify the AOG in accordance with the death SOP which you will find below.

  Obtain a volunteer to prepare in a timely manner a memorial article suitable for publishing in Assembly magazine on each deceased classmate by a person(s) who knew him best.

Again, thanks for all your help. You are the glue that holds the class together.