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40th Reunion
USMA58 I-2
USMA 1958 Company I-2
May 26, 1998

Date: Sun, 04 Nov 2007 19:33:38 -0600
To: usma1958-i2@west-point.org
From: Stan Bacon 
Subject: Re: usma1958-i2: A 40th Reunion Pic


1st row, L to R: McGrew, Gibbs, Manges, Dugan, Huskinson, Glover.
2nd row, L to R: Groh, Bacon, Smith.
3rd row, L to R: Morgan, Webb , Schwar.

This was the assembly area in front of the Cadet Library for marching to Thayer monument, then in front of the Supe's house.  Later after the parade, Phil Gibbs took the I-2ers to Washington monument where some I-2 Firsties were waiting along with their pregnant Tac for an I-2 picture taking formation with us in front of the 43rd/44th divisions where I-2 no longer lived.  Phil was busy organizing an I-2 association of all classes at the time.  Whatever happened to that?  Did it die when I-2 was structured out of the corps? 


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