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From: Joe Schwar
Date: Wed, 19 Sep 2007 17:40:50 EDT
Subject: Pics for the I2 webpage
To: Dale Cockle
CC: Stan Bacon

Dale - just a few more to add to the rogues gallery. These were taken this August when Palmer and Ceda came to our place for the weekend. Just before his soiree at the beach which we weren't able to make as we were on a river cruise in Europe. We had Daley over and a couple other classmates-- Bill and Carol Kelley and Alex and Charlene Johnston.
In # 0977 the characters are , from left to right--McGrew's (Palmer partially hidden), Me, Johnstons, Kathy, Carol Kelley, Bill Kelley, Craig Kelley (Bill's son) and JM Daley.
In #0981 the characters should be obvious except Bill Kelley.
Great job on the web page. Joe

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