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From: PALMERMCG@aol.com
Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2007 18:43:45 EDT
Subject: triathlon
To: Dale Cockle, George Sibert

Our son Greg has been doing the Dewey Beach Triathlon (sprint) for years and I had no interest in joining him in such self-inflicted torture.  This summer our neice Sally decided she would do it with him.  She came down to Uncle Palmer for training and I found her ill-prepared, or so it seemed.  I decided that if she was willing to try it, I could waltz through it.  I checked to be sure no one else was registered in the 70 - 74 year age group, and since no one was, I could win it by living through the ordeal.  So I signed up, proving that one does not get smarter with age.

The swim was in the Atlantic Ocean and it was rough, really rough.  Some participants never made it to the starting buoy as they couldn't get through the waves.  I was ready to quit and hadn't reached the buoy myself, but hung in there until I turned north and then it got easier.

Long story short, I survived, and hence am displaying a gold medal for last living 71 year old or something.  Son Greg, who does really well in these things, is on my left with his cousin Sally, who outdid us all if you eliminate her changing time from wet suit to running gear.  Nudity was banned, which made her change difficult.  It also proved another handicap, as, had she pealed publicly, hundreds of guys wouldn't have been able to mount their bikes for awhile.  She is a looker. 

Disregard the stud to my right.  He is an optometrist friend of Greg's and he bulks up to over 200 lb the last days before the race which puts him into the "Senior Clydesdale" category, in which he places second.  By then he has gone back close to his normal weight and should be in a category he can't place so high in.

And today I swam in the Northern VA Senior Olympics, still tired from the tri which damn near killed me.  But, as usual, the competition wasn't Stan Bacon quality and even Chuck Toftoy didn't come  this year, allowing me to win the 50 free, and get seconds and a third.  I suggest that if you are thinking of getting in shape, this is an excellent incentive and even if you don't win medals, you'll live longer, so give it a try.  I think they are held in all states. 


McGrew Triathlon
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