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Hop Committee
USMA 1958 Hop Committee
Seated: Myers, SL; McLean, WT; Wildey, JR; Puff, RW; O'Quinn, GD; Lancaster, G; Regut, RE
Standing: Johnson, HR; Claffey, TH; Hunt, LH; Roosma, GG; Doucette, AS; Williams, DR; Cook, JB; Brintnall, C; Wade, J; Dodd, ES

From: Tom Smith
To: USMA 58 I-2 Classmates
Subject: Hop Committee
Date: Wed, 31 Oct 2007

Joe Schwar started this all with a Lacrosse Team, so not to be outdone, I have to ask you to look at the attached picture of the Hop Committee and tell me what error you find.  It occurs on page 199 of the 1958 Howitzer.  I am sending this to an old list which may not be accurate or complete.  I will repeat the question on the official I-2 list, but on that official list I will not be able to include the scanned picture.



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