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 Even Wayne's old WWII Dispatch bike ('47 Ariel) 
            from his Air Force enlisted days in England 
                         could provide a faster get away...
                                                    - if he still had it. 
Post Graduation P-rade:  Jack is still posing for someone...
behind his left shoulder, Ted is already headed for other places!  

As an E-2 stationed at Bentwaters AFB.,
 this WWII British Dispatch bike [pre-yellow paint job] was the only wheels in the budget.
Glee Club at Nike Co.

The Vantures enjoyed a concert by the 2015 West Point Glee Club presented at Nike Co. Hqs;
 PD admits their outstanding performance brought tears when they sang "The Corps"
Shown here: Graduates and PD (
just in front of the director) join in singing the "Alma Mater".

All smiles at the concert
 Virginia Vanture, Cadet Eliza Brownfield '18, & Paul Vanture  
  Fun at Snowmass Mtn, Colorado - 2014.
                Karl, with his chip-off-the-ol'-block younger son, Scott Oelke.                 



                                        Maybe it's the fresh air? 
              Those Oelke smiles, 2014:  Sue  and Karl

28 March 2015 -  Ruth Ann and Wayne Wyatt
At their youngest Son's (Todd & Michelle Wyatt) 25th Wedding Aniversary:
(They requested Ruth Ann wear the same dress she wore 25 years ago)
lJack's Marlin

The skipper is helping retrieve Jack May's pacific ocean beauty off Puerto de San Jose.
Superlative cigars and beer followed this adventure.
Now, thats one's own reward!