Listserv Information

The objective of this list is simple: To promote cohesiveness through communication.

The following information is to give you an overall picture of the usma1956 listserver.
There are two main groups on our listserver: The Regular and the Digest. At this writing, the regular group numbers 180+ while the digest group is about 15. The basic difference is the Regulars get all the news all the time, while the Digest gets one post daily containing all the msgs but with most of the non-text matter filtered out. To post msgs simply address them:
To: or To: for the Regular & Digest groups, resp, and we'll all get a copy.
We ask that you try to configure your Email 'client' (or software) to produce Plain Text (or ASCII Text) and NOT multipart MIME or HTML msgs, and also NO Attachments. For an excellent explanation of these matters, and recommended setup details for most Email clients, click on NoHTML.
Back on our HomePage, if you click on "Members Archives" you will also be able to browse thru all of the msgs posted on our servers in the past year/3-years.

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