USMA 1956 Class Gift

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Above is an artist representation of the exterior of the Class of 1956 Walkway. This sketch initially served as the outline of The Class of 1956 Walkway, which soon became an enclosed, aerial walkway between the upgraded Michie Stadium and Holleder Center. The Kimsey Athletic Center included reconstruction of the south end of Michie Stadium and the athletic facilities within. In September 2003 construction began on the Southwest corner of Michie Stadium, which included the Sky Box area and offices. This was named Randall Hall in recognition of the primary donor, our classmate, Bob Randall. And thus, it evolved that the Class of 1956 Walkway would link the Holleder Center to Randall Hall, and all three became known as the '56 Corner of West Point. Construction progress on this part of our Gift is shown in the photos marked Randall Hall and Class of 1956 Walkway.

       Randall Hall and Class of 1956 Walkway

Official "Ribbon Cutting" to open the Walkway: (L-R: Ward LeHardy, Mike Conrad, Don Ackerman, Kevin Anderson, LTG Lennox, Norm Schwarzkopf, Marcia Randall, Al Hoffman, and Sam Kem).

The completed Class of 1956 Walkway, our 50th Anniversary gift to West Point. The "Class of 1956 Walkway" is a 95 ft. long elevated, enclosed corridor, 18 ft. wide and ten ft. high, with a solid wall on the northwest side, and windows on the southeast side. The concept for the Walkway included naming it: "Class of 1956 Walkway" and having our Class Crest displayed on the outside center of the Walkway. Inside, on the northwest wall is a display of "events" and "major players" that had an impact on history during the "Cold War" time frame (1946-1991). The southeast wall features the "values" of Duty, Honor and Country, resulting in "Leaders of Character". Each of these four "values" include supportive historical quotations.

This Walkway recognizes those who waged and won the Cold War, with special honor to those who fell. In the center section of the southeast wall, members of our Class who died in Vietnam are memorialized. The Walkway is an inspiring place to stroll through or for an extended visit, since it records a slice of history in which West Pointers' played a major role. Large versions of our Class Crest, mounted in glass, are at the Holleder Center entrance to the Walkway.

The design firm Staples - Charles, Ltd. of Alexandria, VA worked with the Class of 1956 from the concept to the dedication of the Walkway. They developed the details of the Interior of the Walkway, guided by our Class Design Team and Gift Committee.

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