EXCOM Teleconference - 28 JUN 2017

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Tom Horst, President
Jim Bergen, Vice-President
Jack Campbell, ISO
Dan Ludwig, Historian
Rich Cardillo, Chair Memorial Articles Committee


Tom Phillips, Secretary
Norm Blahuta, Treasurer
Jim Ryan, Scribe

The 28 June 2017 teleconference of the USMA Class of 1955 Executive Committee was called to order at 1:10PM EDT.

A quorum of four members was present.

MINUTES: It was moved, seconded and approved to waive the reading of the EXCOM minutes, dated 14 November 2016.

CLASS FUNDS: The Treasurer's Report had been submitted previously to the EXCOM members by e-mail. In summary:

AOG Memory Pages $24,300
Memorial Fund 51,671
Memorial Terrace Fund 95,271
Gift Fund 122,474
Administrative Fund 88,759
- Working Capital (37,048)

2018 MINI-REUNION: Bergen discussed further details of the reunion cruise which he and Rod Vitty (Class '55 Travel Club) have developed. SeaBorne Cruise have suggested two options of possible interest to our group.

#1 Montreal to Boston, October 1-11, 2018
#2 Boston to Montreal, October 11-22, 2018

After some discussion of the pros and cons of the two options, the EXCOM agreed on Option #1. The cost per person will be $6,299 + $390 in taxes and fees, with a $500 credit in the ship's store and a discount of one fare ($6,299) for each 10 people who commit to the cruise. Bergen also shared other details which he will put in a message to the 61 people who have expressed an interest in the mini-reunion. A message to the entire class will be sent out at the end of the year soliciting additional interested cruisers.

MEMORIAL ARTICLES: Cardillo reported that 23 articles will appear in the 2017 edition of TAPS. Inventory sheets (family approval) are needed for 7 additional articles for these to be included in the 2018 edition. Several suggestions toward increasing the number of articles to be written by classmates themselves were offered and discussed. Each of us should write our own article, accompany it by an inventory sheet, and forward copies to Rich and the AOG as well as to the classmate's next of kin. Hopefully, periodic reminders will increase the number of classmates taking this option.

HONOR TAG: A proposal from Danielle Troyan was presented. Insufficient information was available to vote on it. Horst will follow up.

There being no further business, the teleconference was adjourned at 1:40PM EDT.

Respectfully submitted,

Tom Horst

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