EXCOM Teleconference - 14 NOV 2016

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Tom Horst, President
Jim Bergen, Vice President
Tom Phillips, Secretary
Norm Blahuta, Treasurer
Jack Campbell, ISO
Rich Cardillo, Chair Memorial Articles Comm


Jim Ryan, Scribe
Dan Ludwig, Historian

The 14 November 2016 teleconference of the USMA Class of 1955 Executive Committee was called to order by President Tom Horst at 1:02 PM EST. There being four members present at the beginning, with a fifth joining later, a quorum was obtained.

MINUTES: Blahuta moved that the reading of the minutes of the last Executive Committee (EXCOM), dated 13 July 2016, be withheld, and that the minutes earlier submitted be approved. After a second, the motion carried.

CLASS FUNDS: Phillips moved that the formal Treasurer's Report be withheld, and that the report as earlier submitted by Treasurer Blahuta be approved. After a second, the motion carried. All Class funds are in good shape, with plenty of working capital available.

LOCAL CLASSMATE ASSISTANT (LCA): Bergen reported that, due to our age, health, and a number of other issues, it is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain volunteers to act as LCA's when one of our classmates passes away. After a lengthy discussion, the following was decided:
1. Continue the LCA program, but recognize that an LCA may not be available for all deaths.
2. Modify the current Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for review and approval by the EXCOM. ACTION: Bergen and Blahuta

MEMORIAL ARTICLES: Cardillo reported that, during the current calendar year, six (6) Memorial Articles have been approved, and eight (8) more are in progress, which is a notable improvement from prior years. However, during the same time frame, more than fourteen (14) additional classmates have passed. It is imperative that each surviving classmate draft his own article during his lifetime, which will get us in front of this curve. Obtaining next of kin approval is key to the entire process. Cardillo also stressed that the article should be a "Celebration of Life," and not a standard obituary.

Discussion ensued relative to publicly recognizing classmates who have produced multiple articles. Concern was expressed that doing so ran the risk of missing some worthy classmates. Horst asked Cardillo to recommend those he deemed worthy, together with the reasons therefor, and Horst would send thank you letters to those recommended.

CLASS MOTTO: It was decided that, since our class has had no class motto for all these years, none is necessary now.

2018 MINI REUNION: No change from the last minutes. The 2018 cruise schedule will be published in January 2017, and we will make the decisions at that time.

VIETNAM WAR REGISTRATION: Discussion was held on registering the Class on the Vietnam War website. ACTION TO INVESTIGATE: Horst.

There being no further business, the telecon was adjourned at 1:55 PM EST.

Respectfully submitted,

Tom Phillips

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