EXCOM Teleconference - 13 JUL 2016

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Tom Horst President
Jim Bergen Vice President
Tom Phillips Secretary
Norm Blahuta Treasurer
Jim Ryan Scribe
Jack Campbell ISO


The 13 July 2016 teleconference of the USMA Class of 1955 Executive Committee (EXCOM) was called to order by President Tom Horst at 1:00PM EST. All members of the EXCOM were in attendance, so a quorum was obtained.

MINUTES: It was moved and seconded to waive the reading of the minutes of the 1 April 2016 teleconference, and to approve them as previously posted on the Class website.

CLASS FUNDS: The Treasurer's Report as distributed by Blahuta on Saturday, 9 July 2016 was approved as submitted. All Class funds are in good shape.

AOG GOVERNANCE: There were no nominees or volunteers to represent the Class on the Association of Graduates (AOG) Advisory Council. It was confirmed that Norm Blahuta will represent the Class at the 2016 Leaders' Conference to be held 10-13 August 2016. Dan Ludwig volunteered to represent the Class at the 2017 Leaders' Conference.

WELL DONE: It was noted that Bob Camp has spent considerable time over the last six years providing a write-up for each recently deceased classmate to be posted on their personal web pages. It was decided to send Camp a letter from the Class President commending him for his efforts, and to post an "Atta Boy" on the Class website.

MEMORIAL ARTICLES: The EXCOM notes that the Memorial Articles Committee is already doing a fine job of attempting to catch up on articles for deceased classmates and to encourage each living classmate to draft his own article and send it to the Committee. Therefore, no formal guidance will be provided by the EXCOM. The Class President will discuss several further ideas with Rich Cardillo, the Chair of the Committee. It was also noted that family approval is required for Memorial Articles. If no such family approval can be obtained, all efforts on that article will be stopped.

2018 MINI REUNION: The results of the survey to determine the desires of the Class relative to a potential 2018 Mini Reunion were reviewed. Those results are as follows:

Total responses 60

Yes for a mini 41
No for a mini 13
No opinion 6

If yes, cruise or land

Cruise 25
Land 15
Anything 1

The decision was to pursue an AOG cruise on the Silver Seas Line. Their schedule is due out in January 2017. The class will select one of those AOG Silver Seas cruises, and propose that to the Class. The AOG and Silver Seas will bear the brunt of the planning, but Jim Bergen volunteered to handle the administrative duties.

LOCAL CLASSMATE ASSISTANT (LCA) PROGRAM: Discussion ensued relative to the difficulty in getting a classmate to volunteer as an LCA, and, because of this delay, the problems of delivering a timely wreath for the funeral, if that is desired over the donation. The decisions were as follows:

1. The LCA program will be continued as currently prescribed

2. The Class Treasurer will continue to contact the next of kin of each deceased classmate as soon as possible to determine their wishes re a wreath for his funeral or a donation to a charity.

Respectfully submitted,

Tom Phillips

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