EXCOM Teleconference - 28 OCT 2015

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Tom Horst - President
Jim Bergen - Vice President
Tom Phillips - Secretary
Norm Blahuta - Treasurer
Dan Ludwig - Historian
Jack Campbell - ISO

Tom Horst stated that a quorum was present, and called the meeting to order at 3:00 PM EST.

MINUTES:The reading of the minutes of the teleconference of 22 July 2015 was waived, and the draft minutes were approved as submitted.

CLASS FUNDS: Norm Blahuta reported that all class funds were in good shape, and that he was working with the AOG to create an agreement whereby families of deceased classmates could still choose the class wreath or a donation to charity or West Point. Currently, instructions must be given to the AOG in this regard, but this may not be possible when the class is few in numbers. He will report later on his progress. The Treasurer's Report as submitted on 15 October 2015 was approved.

TROPHY CASES: Norm Blahuta reported that the trophy cases for the tennis center are due to arrive at West Point today, and that the supplier has agreed to absorb any delivery charge.

TENNIS CENTER TERRACE: Tom Horst reported that he has reached an agreement with the president of the Class of 2005 to have a member of that class, who was a member of the women's tennis team while she was a cadet, and who has now been assigned to USMA, monitor the condition of the tennis center terrace, and to get AOG to repair any conditions needing repair and to bill our class endowment for that repair. Tom also agreed to finalize this agreement in writing, so that there is a record of the agreement, and to obtain the name of the 2005 graduate who will be monitoring the terrace.

COACHES' HOUSING PLAQUES: Tom Horst reported that it is the desire of USMA to have the plaques mounted on granite bases, rather than on the houses, for purposes of consistency. The estimated bill for all ten (10) houses is approximately $19,000 from AOG, but that Lou Gross believes that he can have them done for less money. Jim Bergen stated for the record that the AOG supplier, Honor Craft, was proposing to charge $1530/ plaque, with shipping another $100, plus installation, and that he believed that the price was excessive. It was decided to not make this decision until we hear from Lou Gross with a price, and then put the decision to the EXCOM for a decision by Email. Experience has shown that other ODIA houses, once transferred to USMA, have thereafter been maintained by USMA.

COACH HOUSING MAINTENANCE: Jim Bergen has researched the maintenance of existing buildings at West Point that have been donated by others, with the objective of determining whether or not the class needs to establish an endowment fund to maintain the houses. He has discovered that USMA historically has paid for the maintenance of other houses and buildings out of USMA funds, even though the other houses and buildings may have been initially paid for by others. It was decided to do no further investigation, and to follow the historical pattern.

MEMORIAL ARTICLES: Tom Horst and Jim Bergen reported that Danny and Lo Dienst have indicated a willingness to accept the responsibility of chairing the Memorial Articles Committee. Jim Ryan is to brief them on this task next week. Jim Bergen to ask the Dienst's to confirm this willingness. Dan Ludwig and Jim Ryan will develop guidelines for the task to furnish to Danny and Lo.

COLUMBARIUM PROPOSAL: Tom Horst reported that he gave the Class's written request to the Superintendent via his Chief of Staff, Col Wayne Green, on 13 August 2015, to reconsider his earlier decision. Although Tom has been following up weekly, he has not yet received a reply. It was the consensus to continue following up, but not too hard, and be prepared to accept the reply when it is received.

NEW BUSINESS: Jack Campbell reported that there are 36 classmates who are not on any of the class nets, and there is no way to know of their health and well being. He proposed that a system be developed whereby a classmate from each company be designated to monitor the status of those classmates not now on any net. It was agreed that this was a good idea, and Jack would implement and identify those monitors.

There was discussion on what to do with the remaining class funds of about $100,000, with the idea being to make those decisions ourselves, rather than allowing the funds to disappear into the AOG funds in later years. The Superintendent's Strategic Priorities were discussed, but, as not everybody had them, Jim Bergen agreed to send them to all EXCOM members. No decisions were made, but all were tasked to think about the issue.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:52PM EST.

Respectfully submitted,

Tom Phillips

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