EXCOM Teleconference - 22 JUL 2015

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Minutes of the Class of 1955 EXCOM teleconference meeting on 22 JUL 2015.

PARTICIPATING: Tom Horst, President; Jim Bergen, VP; Norm Blahuta, Treasurer; Jack Campbell, Information Officer; Dan Ludwig, Historian; Jim Ryan, Scribe.

ORDER of BUSINESS: Tom Horst stated that a quorum was established, and called the meeting to order at 2:05PM EST.

The treasurer's report was approved with all funds accounted for with the AOG. Status of funds as of June 30, 2015 is:

AOG Memory Pages (Escrowed AOG)         $27,400
Memorial Fund         $57,471
Class of 55 Memorial Terrace Endowment (Escrowed AOG)         $73,331
Class of 55 Gift Fund (Escrowed AOG)         $99,076
Admin Fund (Working Capital)         $62,738

Working capital will be reduced in the next report due to a $27K payment in July for a reunion expense.

Norm Blahuta reported that the two trophy cases for the tennis center had not been ordered, and he would check on the status at AOG next week. Cost is about $6,000.

Tom Horst reported that he planned to make an informal arrangement with the class of 2005 to have one or two volunteers monitor the condition of the Memorial Terrace and report maintenance defects to the AOG. All were in agreement. Tom Horst will coordinate with representatives of the class of 2005 to finalize the arrangement.

The EXCOM voted to place ten small brass plaques on the houses in the coach housing area at an approximate cost of $6000. Each plaque would have one name from the following list: Pete Fikaris, Charlie Johnson and Dave Wheeler (Added by Lou Gross); Tommy Bell, Dave Burroughs, Tom McCarthy, Donne Olvey, Bob Strati and Fred Woerner (Named by Committe; and Carl Goldstein Friend of West Point Class of 1955. Classmates will have West Point Class of 1955 with their names. Tom Horst will check to see if plaques are authorized for the houses and other details.

All agreed that Tom Horst would appeal the Superintendent's decision to disapprove the Class of 1955's previous request to reserve spaces in the Columbarium. Survey indicated that at least 30 classmates expressed a desire to use a space reserved for the class.

Committees confirmed by all are as follows:

Jim Bergen - VP
Mini Reunion Cruise Committee - Chairman: Matt Schepps
Social and Travel Committee - Chairman: Rod Vitty
DC Area Club - Chairman: Matt Schepps
LCA Coordination Committee - Chairman: Jim Bergen

Tom Phillips - Secretary

Jim Ryan - Scribe
Assembly Articles Preparation Committee - Chairman: Jim Ryan (At the request of Jim Ryan, Tom Horst will check on a replacement)

Dan Ludwig - Historian
Class Widows Support Committee - Chairman: Dick Wargowsky/Marcia Cathey
Memorial Articles Committee - Chairman: Roy Thorsen (if ok with Roy)

Jack Campbell - Information Systems Officer
Web Page Committee - Chairman: Tom Sims (Webmaster)

All agreed to hire the AOG for the 65th reunion, and make arrangements to stay at the Hotel Thayer. Tom Horst will make contact with the appropriate representative in the AOG to make the initial arrangements..

Plans for the 2018 mini-reunion will be made after more information is obtained from the
mini reunion cruise (Matt Schepps) scheduled for 2016.

Tom Horst stated that he would attend the 2015 West Point Leaders Conference, sponsored by the class of 1967. It will be held at West Point during the period August 12-15, 2015, and Tom encouraged others in the class to attend. Fees and expenses would be the responsibility of those not designated as a class 1955 representative. Additional information may be obtained on the AOG web site.

All agreed to adjourn at 4PM EST.

Norman Blahuta
Acting Secretary

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