EXCOM Teleconference - 12 MAY 2015

(Approved - 12 JUN 2015)

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The USMA Class of 1955 EXCOM met via teleconference on 12 May 2015. Participating members were Charlie Johnson (President), Ed Anderson (Vice President), Jim Bergen (Treasurer)(joined the conference shortly after "call to order"), Don Andrews (Secretary), Dan Ludwig (Historian), Jack Campbell (ISO), and Jim Ryan (Scribe). In addition, Bob Strati and Tom Horst participated as invitees/advisors. Charlie Johnson convened the meeting at 1500 EDT and declared that a quorum was present.

In Jim Bergen's absence, Jim Ryan moved and Jack Campbell seconded that the Treasurer's report given at the 20 November 2014 meeting be accepted as the status of current funds. The motion was unanimously approved. At this time, Jim Bergen (Treasurer) joined the conference and said the motion just passed was accurate. Jim said he had been working with Norm Blahuta (his most likely successor pending elections at the upcoming reunion's class business meeting). In addition, Jim will present a breakout of the class funds at that meeting.

Jim Ryan said class notes are up to date. After the reunion, he plans to take another look at the spread sheet he has done on the status of memorial articles.

Dan Ludwig reported he will not do a reunion book for the 60th but he will pass out several items he has prepared . He has a small "pamphlet" and 100 copies of a CD with some good stories. All reunion attendees will receive one of each. Charlie asked what expenses had been incurred in doing these items; indicating the class should reimburse Dan.

Jack Campbell said he, Jim Bergen and Danny Dienst had purchased white ball caps for distribution to the EXCOM. Regarding class nets; he has been trying some new ideas to encourage more classmates to use them. Lastly, he gave a status report regarding Oscar Raynal. Forty-one persons, including one widow, donated funds to support bringing Oscar to the reunion; something Oscar had requested. This effort was not done as a class project. The amount raised exceeded funds needed. The surplus will be given to Oscar. Dick Baker has kept funds raised in a bank account originally established to support the Austin mini reunion. Dick Lilly has also been involved in this current effort. Oscar plans to bring several guests.

Charlie gave the status of voting for the new EXCOM. Classmates could mail their ballot, email it or vote at the reunion. He and Jack Campbell have received the ballots and tabulated the votes executed by either of the first two methods. All told, 102 ballots were received with all voting in favor of all candidates recommended by the Nominating Committee and approved unanimously by the EXCOM. Thirty-one persons expected to attend the reunion had not voted. Several suggestions were made regarding times and ways to approach these 31 and encourage them to vote. Blank ballots will be available. In response to a question, it was clarified that the class Constitution states those running for election need only receive a majority of votes actually cast. Ed Anderson and Don Andrews will count ballots cast at the reunion.

Charlie spoke about the "position paper" many in the class had seen or heard of. Vern Pace will make a presentation on the subject to interested classmates following adjournment of the class business meeting at the reunion.

Charlie has sent a letter to the Supe asking that 50 niches/spaces in the specific sections of new cemetery columbaria shown as having been donated by our class be reserved for the inurnment of ashes related to our class. Otherwise, ashes of classmates or their loved ones will be inurned in any of the new columbaria sections. He has not received a response. The class will be recognized at the reunion week alumni luncheon as having donated $260,000 toward columbaria construction. Charlie will represent the class at the presentation.

Recently, during a visit by Dan Ludwig to the Class Memorial Terrace, the tennis coach hinted that a donation for trophy cases to house the many trophies won by both the men's and women's tennis teams would be very much appreciated because he has no funds for this purpose. Suitable cases are definitely needed to remove the unsightly clutter that exists due to trophies stacked on tables in the tennis center entrance area. Dan earlier informed the EXCOM of the request. The EXCOM agreed to the estimated expenditure of about $9,000 for this purpose but recognized final action required approval by the Supe . Charlie has sent a letter to AOG for its review of our request. AOG will then forward it to the Supe.

Inasmuch as efforts have failed to gain Tommy Bell's selection for Army's Hall of Fame, Charlie has prepared a very nice album for presentation to Tommy which contains articles relating to his great play as well as copies of correspondence showing class support for the recognition he deserves. The album can be seen at the reunion. It will then be given to his son Bob Bell. Jack Campbell motioned that the EXCOM approve a resolution prepared by Charlie lauding Tommy's accomplishments on the football field at West Point. Jim Ryan seconded and the EXCOM unanimously approved.

Jim Ryan asked if EXCOM approval was needed for D-1's purchase, on behalf of the class, of a class flag to be hung with those of other classes in the Alumni Center. He presumes the flag is now there and asked Charlie to mention it at the reunion. Jim had to have the class crest digitized and said it could not be brought to the reunion. He suggested we buy another one for future class use. He will follow up but, the EXCOM felt the decision on the potential purchase should be left to the new EXCOM.

All business having been completed, motion was made and seconded to adjourn. Agreement was unanimous and, the meeting was adjourned at 1548 EDT.

Respectfully Submitted,

Don Andrews

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