EXCOM Teleconference - 10 SEP 2014

(Approved - 12 MAY 2015)

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Charlie asked all persons signing in on the teleconference to identify themselves. Reporting present were Charlie, Ed Anderson (Vice President), Jim Bergen (Treasurer), Jack Campbell (ISO), Dan Ludwig (Historian), Jim Ryan (Scribe) and Don Andrews (Secretary). A quorum was declared and, Charlie called the meeting to order at 1600 EST, 10 September 2014 and said there is only one item on the agenda.

He provided the following information. In mid-August, Lou Gross contacted him and declared Kelly's desire that all 17 houses in the USMA Coaches' Housing Project be named. Kelly had named seven, Linda Newton one and Lou Gross three, leaving six (including one originally to be named after our class). Charlie decided to establish an Ad Hoc Committee chaired by Carl McNair to undertake this task. He provided no guidance to Carl. Upon receipt of the committee report that was completed within a short period, Charlie asserted the depth of thought undertaken to reach the final selection must have been very challenging. Topics utilized to narrow the long list down to the names of six classmates included: academics, service to West Point and the Class, athletics and military service. Charlie further stated Carl did a great job in organizing and leading this effort. The Ad Hoc Committee's recommendation contained the following names: Tommy Bell, Dave Burroughs, Tom McCarthy, Donne Olvey, Bob Strati and Fred Woerner. Jack Campbell motioned to accept the Ad Hoc Committee's report. Jim Ryan seconded.

Discussion followed and was quite vigorous but brief. At its end, Jim Ryan called for the question and the EXCOM voted unanimously to approve all names contained in the Ad Hoc Committee's report.

Before closing, Charlie stated that Dan Ludwig had recently visited the Class Memorial Terrace at West Point to ascertain the condition of the plaza and the memorial plaques in anticipation of our 60th reunion. Dan was accompanied by Colonel Nick Mauldin, Deputy ODIA, who is responsible to the AOG for maintaining this property. Nick provided assurance that items needing improvement will be corrected to excellent standards.

All business having been completed, the EXCOM unanimously voted to adjourn at 1615 EST.

Respectfully Submitted,

Don Andrews

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