Minutes of EXCOM Meeting

Wynfrey Hotel, Birmingham, AL

26 APR 2013

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President Charlie Johnson called the meeting to order at 0730. Present were the President, Ed Anderson (Vice President), Jim Bergen (Treasurer), Jack Campbell (ISO), Jim Ryan (Scribe), Don Andrews (Secretary). Committee/invited persons present were Phil Enslow (Major Awards), Dick Wargowsky (Widow Support), Lee McKinney (Memorial Articles) and Bob Strati (General Advisor). Charlie declared a quorum present. Motion was made and seconded to approve minutes of the previous meeting (Austin, TX). Approval was unanimous.

Jim Bergen provided a summary of balances in various 1955 Class Funds as of 3 April 2013:

$29,400.00   AOG Memory Pages (Escrowed with AOG)
$61,871.50   Memory Fund
$ 5,292.81    Caring Fund
$18,885.22* Administrative Fund (working capital)

* includes cash advance of $2,000 to the 60th Reunion Committee and paid to the Park Ridge, NJ Marriott

Charlie announced AOG's progress on its plan to expand the cemetery is very slow. The present version places the columbaria (a portion of which will be funded by our Class) in a circle.

AOG holds the Class endowment fund for maintenance of its (the Class's) Memorial Garden at the tennis center. Plaques for classmates remembered there are in need of repair. AOG will have the repairs made.

Some time ago, Jack Campbell, in his capacity as ISO, requested classmates provide some information that will be helpful when they join the Long Gray Line. The information sought included the name of a classmate to serve as LCA to the family, whether they preferred the Class present a wreath at their funeral or make a donation to a charity of their choice, and the name of the charity classmates could make a memorial gift to if they so desired. Response has been fair with just under 75 percent participation. The results are shown on the PWP (Personal Web Pages) unless the individual has asked to keep the information private. In that case, the results are to be filed only with the EXCOM and the Taps Committee.

Jack outlined the results of the unofficial survey of 55ers that was conducted by Tom Sims. Following discussion by EXCOM members, it was agreed that since the survey was not an official Class project, a link to the results should not be posted on the Class Home Page.

Scribe Jim Ryan made the following report. Class notes for 16 December 2012 and 2 April 2013 have been published. He offered thanks to Tom Sims and Jack Campbell for assistance they have provided. He has written the Taps article on Bob Newton with input from Bob's wife and daughter. The article is to be published in the summer.

Fred Pirkey has assumed responsibility for the 60th Reunion. Its location was discussed. Charlie emphasized we are committed to a West Point location. Fred states about 100 classmates and 100 guests are expected. AOG will provide most of the organizational preparation, excluding the design of evening events.

Fred hopes to keep personal costs to $650. A memorial event will be included; most likely in the Old Cadet Chapel. Ed Anderson and Phil Enslow are among those on Fred's committee.

Lee McKinney provided an update on memorial articles. NOTE: figures he provided have changed slightly since the meeting. These were: 179 deceased, 291 living, 89 articles published with 90 to be done. Lee explained that we need to try a different approach to the articles considering our ages. He plans to prepare a list of deceased classmates by Company and attempt to get a POC/Coordinator from each Company. He'll work with each and provide appropriate information to assist the article's author. He maintains a data bank, including published obituaries, on each person's passing.

Jack Campbell provided the following information about Class nets. Usage has gone slightly up since last report. Most of Business net postings should be and are being posted by the ISO. When 55ers post improperly, they are advised of their error and, if they continue to post improperly, they are then removed from the list of approved posters. In another matter, Jack urged all officers, except the President and Vice President to train a back-up to perform their Class duties.

Phil Enslow reported our candidate for Distinguished Graduate, Rod Vitty, was not selected this year. Rod has one more year in which he will be considered. Phil's Committee will send a letter expressing our continued strong support. Our nomination has a great number of endorsing letters. It may be we are just getting a little too old for persons on the selection committee to remember us. He's still looking for something new to add to the recommendation. Jack Campbell suggested a letter from the Secretary of the Army would be helpful.

Dick Wargowsky outlined the widow support regions and regional coordinators who are working with him. Region locations and coordinators will be posted on the Class Home Page.

Charlie reported that efforts are still underway to have Tommy Bell selected for the Sports Hall of Fame. He also identified members of a nominating committee appointed to develop a slate of officers to serve for five years beginning at the 60th Reunion, if elected. Those classmates are: Pete Fikaris (Chair), Bob Camp, Tom West, Quent Bates (Note: sadly now deceased), Dave Wheeler and Joe Franklin.

There being no further business, motion was made by Jack Campbell to adjourn, seconded by Jim Bergen and unanimously approved. Adjournment was at 0830.

Respectfully Submitted,

Don Andrews

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