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Minutes of EXCOM Teleconference

26 SEP 2012

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The Executive Committee, USMA Class of 1955, met by teleconference September 26, 2012. The meeting convened at 1500 EST with the following members present; President (Charlie Johnson), Scribe (Jim Ryan), ISO (Jack Campbell), Historian (Dan Ludwig) and Secretary (Don Andrews). Additional invited persons were also present; Phil Enslow, Ted Gay and Lee McKinney. It was established that a quorum existed and, the President called the meeting to order

Minutes of the last meeting were unanimously approved.

Treasurer Jim Bergen's absence had been anticipated. He had provided his report (fund data effective September 14, 2012 to Charlie who summarized it as follows:

AOG Memory Pages (Endowment to AOG)                           $29,900.00
Memorial Fund (in escrow)                                                       62,871.50
Caring Fund                                                                               5,292.81
Admin Fund (Working Capital)*                                             16,822.00

* includes $2,000 advance to 60th Reunion Committee

Charlie remarked that he will ensure the plaques on the tennis center's Class Memorial Patio will be upgraded for the 60th Reunion. Jack moved the report be approved and Jim seconded. The report was unanimously approved.

Scribe Jim Ryan indicated he had had some problems with some of the new AOG staff that he needed to clear up.

ISO Jack Campbell said the internet Home Page receives about 90 visits a day. About 90% of classmates are on either the Business Net or the Quiet Net. The Business Net receives about 1 hits each day and the Quiet Net receives about one hit every 8 days. The Forum receives about 7 1/2hits a day. 117 widows are on the class roster of which about 58% are on the Quiet and Business Nets. Charlie applauded Jack's work, and Jack recognized Tom Sims for his outstanding efforts. Jack wants to ask Tom if he would like to be included in future meetings.

Because Dick Wargowsky was unable to participate in the conference call, he requested Dan Ludwig to provide an update on the Widow Support Committee status. Dan stated that the Widow support program recently began its sixth year since its organization in 2007. Dick and Marcia Cathey serve as co-chairs of the Committee and also chair the Middle Atlantic Region. Only recently has the need for replacing committee members been required. Bud DeMaris has replaced Bob Hinrichs in the West Region. Dick is seeking replacements for Ed Zaborowski and Maggie Miller in the Northeast Region. Dick Baker in the Central Region has undertaken the task of managing the Widows Support Roster and rosters of the five regions. In response to a recent recommendation from Dave Wheeler in the Southeast Region, the Widow Support SOP has been revised in a simple format that reflects how the Committee has been operating. Essentially, the Committee is very effective in accomplishing its mission of maintaining contact with the 117 Class widows on its roster.

Lee McKinney gave a detailed report on the status of memorial articles. There are 92 unwritten articles among the 174 deceased classmates. Dan Dugan has agreed to work on 1st Regiment articles replacing Don Andrews. Lee suggested we make an effort to have classmates complete the form AOG makes available and to write one's own article. Charlie asked Lee to mail him the AOG form.

Carl McNair has suggested to Ted that we set up a conference call with himself, Phil Enslow, Joe Franklin, Charlie Johnson and Ted Gay to make suggestions on how Rod's application could be made stronger. Copies of the nominating letter and the list of endorsers have been sent to Carl and Joe to complete everyone's knowledge of what has already been sent in. Ted will coordinate a time for the conference call to take place and notify Charlie so he can make the arrangements. The submission deadline is November 5, 2012.

Charlie concluded the meeting with several updates.

- plans for addition of several cemetery columbaria have been changed. He expressed disappointment with AOG's progress.

- Tommy Bell has not been selected for the West Point football Hall of Fame. Joe Franklin has helped Charlie pursue this issue. Charlie is considering asking Carl McNair to write a letter of support.

- the Birmingham, AL Mini Reunion planning is well in hand thanks to Bill Haas. Ben Roberts was able to arrange for an article in an Alabama newspaper.

- several individuals and classes have purchased the Hotel Thayer. It is their objective to have rooms named after noted graduates. Classes, including ours, and various individuals are being approached for donations/sponsorship.

- Jim Ryan will write a strong letter of appreciation to Carl Goldstein designating him as a "Friend of the Cl ass" for presentation to him at the Army-Air Force game. Carl did not meet the requirements of the Constitution to become an Honorary Class Member.

- next meeting will take place on Friday morning (suggested by Bill Haas) of the Birmingham Mini.

There being no other business, Jack moved adjournment and Jim an seconded. The EXCOM unanimously approved and the meeting adjourned at 3:56 EST.


Don Andrews

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