Minutes of EXCOM Teleconference - 1 MAR 2011

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Minutes of EXCOM Teleconference, 1 March 2011

PARTICIPATING : Charlie Johnson, Don Andrews, Jim Bergen, Jim Ryan, Jack Campbell, Dan Ludwig, Phil Enslow, Ted Gay and Lee McKinney.

ORDER OF BUSINESS: The meeting was called to order at 1400. The President had previously established the agenda via email. He determined a quorum was present and welcomed and thanked attendees.

The Secretary stated that effective with the 7 October 2010 Teleconference, the procedure for approving minutes had been changed. The new procedure had not been in place for the 21 August 2010 meeting in Troy, NY. He asked all present at that meeting to review those minutes as now posted on the Home Page considering them as the latest version of Draft minutes. The deadline for submitting changes/ additions/corrections is the same as that for this Teleconference (see above). The new procedure is as follows: a dated Rough Draft will be circulated but not posted on the Home Page. After it is revised IAW changes/additions/corrections received, a currently dated DRAFT will be circulated and posted on the Home Page. It will be replaced with an approved version after updating based on comments received. No further future action is required by the EXCOM. The ISO will notify the Business Net when the draft minutes are posted and notify the Business Net and Quiet Net when the approved minutes are posted. Everyone was reminded minutes are not sent to classmates not on the Net.

The Treasurer's Report reflected the Class financial status as of 28 February 2011 as follows: the Admin Fund (working capital) has nearly $13,000 which includes Accounts Receivable of just under $2,000 and three non-Admin funds (AOG Memorial Pages Fund and the Memory and Caring Funds) collectively contain nearly $102,000.

The ISO stated visits to the Home Page have increased and complimented Tom Sims for his great additions such as cadet pictures on birthdays. Eighty-eight percent of classmates are on the Net. Of the 46 not on the Net, six have email addresses and have given the ISO permission to keep them up to date on special postings. Twenty-three of the 60 known widows (39 percent) have email. Everyone was reminded to acknowledge messages sent over the Leader's Net, that only the President can approve persons for addition to the Leader's Net and only the ISO can post items on the Quiet Net.

The Scribe discussed changes to AOG publications. The last printed ASSEMBLY publication will be the July/September issue. The October issue will be totally on line. Several classes, primarily those with low percentages of members on line are concerned with this policy. It means fewer members will have their Scribe's notes available to them. A task force is being formed to look at the problem and related issues. The ISO commented that, if the situation remains unchanged, our class Scribe's notes should be put out on line. He also offered that this issue gives us an opportunity for the President to encourage classmates not on line to join the Net.

Phil Enslow covered our 2011 Distinguished Graduate Award nomination status. One completed nomination (Rod Vitty) is in hand. Those classmates who have contributed to its writing have been notified to submit updating information. Ted Gay and Phil assured the President that Rod is unofficially aware of the situation. They have not discussed the nomination with Rod. However, they pointed out that he is probably aware, from other sources, that a nomination is being prepared. Several EXCOM members recommended the President communicate with Rod and suggest he update his personal information since three years have passed since it was first submitted.

Ted Gay discussed the AOG's Committee groupings. The Class has an opportunity to fill one of these positions; a Class Advisor, and will nominate Don Hilbert. His term will commence 1 January 2013 and end 31 December 2015. He will be the last Class representative to serve AOG.

The EXCOM discussed at length the topic of Associate Membership in our Class. We currently have one such person - John (Jack) F. McAuslan. The topic was tabled.

Lee McKinney (Class Representative with memorial article oversight) sent out an email asking classmates to submit personal background material to use in preparation of their own future article.

The Scribe has been reviewing any need to revise our Constitution. Despite finding a few discrepancies, primarily in the actual performance of duties as opposed to what is contained in the Constitution, he recommends no change. Instead, he recommends preparation of an MFR to be signed by the President, approved by the EXCOM and attached to the Constitution with cited specific instances and how the Constitution is being supported and/or how the duty is being performed and by who. The EXCOM concurred.

The LCA Coordinator (Vice President Jim Drummond) was not on the Teleconference call to address the LCA SOP. It will be presented at a future meeting.

The President addressed details of the 17 May 2011 celebration honoring the selection of Carl McNair to receive a 2011 Distinguished Graduate Award. More details are forthcoming. A cocktail/buffet dinner will take place at the Park Ridge, NJ Marriott on 17 May. Cost per person will be about $60. Carl will be offered the opportunity to invite four guests. The subject of a gift or charitable donation was discussed. The EXCOM approved the President's request for an advance of $500 to cover other expenses.

The President acquainted the EXCOM with the effort being made by the Class of 1972 to honor the 1953 football team. Our Class previously wrote a letter of support regarding one of that class's earlier efforts to honor the Team. Now the Class of 1972 is asking for donations to dedicate Hotel Thayer rooms to Team members. The EXCOM agreed that our Class should not proceed in this effort; a decision the President will convey.

The President spoke about the 2013 Mini Reunion to be held in Birmingham and being very ably led and organized by Bill Haas and other classmates in that area. Bill has received 66 responses to his email indicating the interest of over 100 people. He is also writing a letter with details to send to classmates not on the Net.

The 60th Reunion was briefly discussed by the President. Fred Pirkey has agreed to chair the event and has assembled a fine team to assist. The Class will stay at the Park Ridge, NJ Marriott and bus to West Point. Much more coordination with the Marriott is required.

The President asked EXCOM members consider a face-to-face meeting in late August or early September 2011 and asked for a recommended location considering two members travel from CO and TX.

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 1524.

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