Minutes of EXCOM Teleconference

(11 MAR 2010)

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Minutes of ’55 EXCOM Teleconference, Thursday, 11 March 2010

Participating: Jack Campbell, Ted Gay, Don Hilbert, Charlie Johnson, Dan Ludwig, Carl McNair, Jim Ryan, Bill Street and Dick Wargowsky.

Meeting opened at 1500 hours. It was determined there was a quorum.

Minutes of 10 Dec ’09 Teleconference were reviewed and approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Bill Street

Bill has received the first batch of checks for the reunion and has deposited them to the Admin Account ($108k). Check for postage bill has been sent to AOG. There have been no other changes in the Admin and Gift Accounts. The residual from the Austin Reunion, $10k, has been sent to Bill and was deposited in the Admin Account to be applied to support of the 55th Reunion as needed.

Coach's Housing: Bob Strati (Report provided by Carl McNair)

Objective has been met and funds have been deposited with AOG.

Ballot Distribution for Class Election:

Charlie Johnson dispatched by "snail mail" the ballots to those classmates not on e-mail (approx 50). In separate communications, Rich Cardillo, designated recipient of casted ballots, has reported there has not been a "ground swell" of responses. The modus operandi for determining the final tally will be discussed at the next EXCOM meeting, 14 May 2010 (later rescheduled for 15 May).

Reunion Activities and Status Report:

209 have registered to date.

100 hotel rooms that are reserved for the class must be claimed NLT 20 April.

Rod Vitty and his Committee have organized a first class affair.

One Company, H-2, has nobody attending.

Carl asked Jack Campbell to use the "old system" of Company Reps to encourage attendance.

Tennis Center and Memorial Plaza Visit during Reunion: Ted Gay

Ted was tasked to contact the families of the five (5) classmates memorialized in the Plaza to encourage them to attend the ceremony on 17 May. To date, only Jim Torrence’s wife, Bert, has indicated she, and her two sons, plan to attend.

Charlie was tasked to visit the site and determine its condition, etc.

Ted is putting together a program for the 17 May visit by the class. Charlie will provide a back-up recording of "Taps" if a "live bugler" cannot be arranged.

Father Oscar Travel/Funds and Activities: Don Hilbert

Don has e-mailed Father Oscar, but there has been no response to date. Don will continue his efforts and asked for suggestions/assistance on how to make contact with Oscar. Jim Ryan suggested contacting Dick Lilly for his advice.

Guests for Reunion: Carl McNair

All is on tract in this area. Wynn Stern’s "friend" has contacted Carl concerning her desire to attend, and all agreed she should join the party.

Ring Donation to the West Point Museum: Dan Ludwig and Jack Campbell

Dick Struss’ class ring has been found, and Jack contacted the owner. The Ring Recovery Program purchased the ring for $1k, and it is in their hands. It was suggested that the class should make a donation to the Ring Recovery Program (tabled, to be discussed later). Dan to be the recipient of the ring and to make arrangements for its presentation to the West Point Museum.

Widows Support Program: Dick Wargowsky

There are eleven (11) class widows presently registered to attend the 55th Reunion.

A form is being developed to be sent to the widows who do not attend the Reunion.

The program continues to be working fine with Dick and Martia Cathey coordinating the operation.

Class Column and Taps Obits: Jim Ryan

The Assembly is to be reduced by 50%. Attempts are being made to appeal to the younger grads.

Memorial Articles and Class Notes are moving to the Inter Net with bi-weekly updates, which means much more work for the Class Scribe. Scheduled in the next Taps edition….Bishop, Green, Soper and Cini. 70% of deceased classmates have had obits published – up from 15% not very long ago.

Class Net Utilization and Web Site Hits/Access: Jack Campbell and Tom Sims

Net utilization can be described as "busy" with the Business Net and the Quiet Net leading. Not much play on the Locker Room Net and the Football Net, but the later will no doubt pick up when the football season gets underway in the Fall. Jack believes the Leader Net could be used more frequently/effectively. Home Page continues to be the main method for "getting the word out" with the number of hits continuing to increase quarterly.

Old Business:

Letter of endorsement of the class of ’62 recommendation for the 1953 USMA Football Team to be in the Hall of Fame was sent by Carl McNair. A copy will be posted on the class net.

New Business:

Jack Campbell noted that we do not have a class motto. Tom Sims added that the tradition of class mottos appears to have begun sometime in the 1960’s. There was no further discussion.

Carl will talk to Lynn concerning DVD for the 55th Reunion.

Next EXCOM Meeting – Joint meeting with the Reunion Committee.

Park Ridge Marriott – Saddle River Room – Friday – May 14, 4-6 PM

Meeting adjourned at 1645 hours

Charlie Johnson

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