Minutes of EXCOM Teleconference - 10 DEC 2009

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Minutes of ’55 EXCOM TeleConference Call, 10 December 09

Participating: Jack Campbell, Rich Cardillo, Ted Gay,Don Hilbert, Charlie Johnson, Dan Ludwig, Carl Mcnair, Jim Ryan, Bob Strati, Bill Street.

Meeting opened at 1300 hours. It was determined there was a Quorum.

Minutes of the 17 Sep 09 TeleConference were reviewed and approved

Treasurer’s Report: Bill Street

Balance in the Caring Fund…..$5,000; Balance in the Admin Fund…..$91,000 (($68,000 of this amount is Memorial Fund money).

The $1,000 donation to the Feagan Leadership Forum, initially take out of a Class Account, was reimbursed by donations from members of the EXCOM. There was $1,385 collected, and the $385 excess was moved to the funding for the upcoming Reunion.

Caring Fund Activities:

There has been no recent activity in this area.

Coach's Housing Report Bob Strati

Goal for donations is $500,000, of which $475,000 has been donated to date. Bob will send out letters to 75 classmates to remind them of the need to raise $35,000 in order to meet our class goal. It has been suggested that all members of the class should be solicited and that perhaps some sort of company competition could be used to raise funds. Bob asked that this be tabled until the next scheduled EXCOM conference when he will have an update on the effort.

55th Reunion Report Rich Cardillo

Estimated planning number for attendance is 250. Letter giving specifics for registering, hotel reservations, etc will go out Jan-Feb.

Class Coins have been redone, and 150 Faberge Eggs have been ordered for gifts to the ladies in attendance.

Grandchildren of classmates who may be current Cadets will be in invited to the final reunion dinner. Jack Campbell was tasked to ask the class to assist him in identifying anyone with grandchildren currently in the Corps.

Travel Club and Ski Club Activity: Rich Cardillo

Vail Ski Outing cancelled for January. Club members have been informed. Next trip for the Travel Club is to the Adriatic Coast in August 2010.

Awards/Recognition Report: Ted Gay and Don Hilbert

Father Oscar’s citation/scroll, designed and produced by Jim Ryan, was shown at the Class Brunch in D.C., Sunday, 6 Dec. Jim has had built a special box for this at no cost to the class. The presentation will be made at the West Point Catholic Chapel during the Class Reunion.

Names of classmates to be recognized at the Class Reunion will be discussed at the next EXCOM conference.

Scribe’s Report: Jim Ryan

Deadline for April-May-June Assembly is 10 January, 2010. This will be the last opportunity to get anything in that issue which comes out in April.

Status on the Class Roster was provided by Jack Campbell…….doing quite well and is in good shape. Corrections do go to AOG.

Historian’s Report Dan Ludwig

Approximate cost of the 55th Reunion Book will be $20. All photography will be done by a professional photographer.

There have been no takers for the Dick Struss memorabilia. Dan recommends it be offered to the archives at West Point.

Memorial Articles: Jim Ryan

Jim’s report on the status of Class Memorial Articles is provided by separate e-mail.

There continues to be a need for more classmates to assist in the preparation of these articles.

Widows Support Program: Dick Wargowsky (Given by Carl McNair)

Dick’s Committee is encouraging the Class Widows to attend the 55th Reunion and is insuring that all widows are in receipt of reunion notices.

ISO Report: Jack Campbell

There are 44 classmates currently not on any class net. The class web site is getting approximately 4,00 hits a month.

Nominating Committee Report: Ed Trobaugh (Given by Carl McNair)

The nomination slate is out and responses on alternative nominations are due to Ed, Committee Chair, NLT 16 Feb 2010.

Old Business

The Class Colors, 3’x4’ banner with the Class Crest and Motto, is stored by AOG. Bob was tasked to give a status report on this matter at the next EXCOM Conference.

Our Class has provided support to the Class of 1962 in their nomination of the 1953 Army Football Team for the Army Sports Hall of Fame.

Next Meeting: TeleConference, Thursday, 11 March 2010

Meeting adjourned at 1500 hours

Charlie Johnson

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