Minutes of EXCOM Teleconference17 SEP 2009

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Minutes of '55 EXCOM CONFERENCE CALL Thursday, 17 Sep 09

PARTICIPATING: Jack Campbell, Rich Cardillo, Ted Gay, Don Hilbert, Charlie Johnson, Dan Ludwig, Jim Ryan and Bill Street.

Meeting opened at 1500 hours. It was determined there was a Quorum.

Minutes of the 29 May 09 teleconference were reviewed and approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Bill Street

Bill has recently visited the AOG and discussed our class finances and the effects of the past year’s financial crisis on the overall AOG finances and investments. It appears the AOG has survived the crisis quite well with only a 3.6% loss in its Short-Term Pool, and hopefully this should be made up in 2009. Our Admin Account has a balance of $90,953, of which $68,587 is in our Memorial Fund (funds donated by classmates to provide funeral wreaths or charitable gifts when a classmate dies). That leaves $22,366 which includes $5,292 in the Caring Fund and an uncommitted balance of about $17,000 (to provide seed money for reunions and other expenditures approved by the EXCOM). (NOTE: Full financial report on all other funds, Gift, Caring and Tennis Center Memorial Patio Endowment were provided in the USPS mailed and e mail annual report sent by the President Jul 3, 2009.  Copy is posted to the '55 web site should anyone have missed same.)

Caring Fund Report:

In the absence of Bob Hinrichs, Carl McNair reported that there had been no recent activity in this fund,except for small reimbursements made to classmates who had provided local support on an earlier case in Florida.

Coach's Housing Report: Bob Strati

The class has only $60K to go to meet its full pledge of $500,000 for this project. Houses are completed, large boulder and Bronze Plaque designating the area as "Class of 1955 Housing Area - Given through the Generosity and Leadership of the Class"  stands prominently at the entrance to the housing area for all to see.  Bob Strati will send out another appeal letter soon, and it is hoped that the class will fulfill its commitment by the time of the 55th Reunion.   Amount of each contribution is not so critical as engaging the class in this most worthy effort to be completed by our 55th Reunion.

55th Reunion Report: Rich Cardillo

Letter will go out in January providing details on the Reunion. Rod Vitty has returned the commemorative coins to the firm producing them for correction. 250 copies will be made and will be available in time for the Reunion. Rich recommended that recognition of Rod Vitty’s work be made at the Reunion. This will be discussed at the December EXCOM meeting.

Travel Club and Ski Club Activity: Rich Cardillo

The Vail Ski Outing is scheduled 25-30 Jan 2010. The Egypt Nile River Trip is scheduled for November. Rod Vitty has sent out letters advertising these events.

Awards/Recognitions Report: Ted Gay/Don Hilbert

Father Oscar’s Scroll has been framed by Jim Ryan. Jim has done a tremendous job in getting this mission accomplished. The design of the scroll is such that it can be electronically altered for future use.

Don Hilbert has developed a list of 27 classmates recommended for recognition. It will be provided to Carl McNair for discussion at the December EXCOM meeting. Rich Cardillo noted that Rod Vitty had a list of Reunion Committee individuals whom he wanted to be recognized and that this list should be cross checked with Don’s list.

Scribe’s Report: Jim Ryan

AOG is cutting back on the number of publications of The Assembly, every 3 months, vis a vis, every 2 months. TAPS will be published only twice a year, October and April.

Historian’s Report: Dan Ludwig

The most current roster has been turned over to Jack Campbell and will be available on the class Home Page. It can be updated online.

We are reminded that there will be no Yearbook produced for distribution at the 55th Reunion as has been done in some earlier reunions.  However, there will be photographs and Videos made during the event, which Dan Ludwig will use to prepare for later publication a "post reunion" pictorial essay type report for later distribution.

Memorial Articles Report: Jim Ryan

Jim Ryan provided a recent e-mail report detailing the status of all Memorial Articles which is attached as an Enclosure to these minutes.

Recommendations have been made to AOG that the Memorial Articles should be shortened, but AOG has declined to change current format.  For the present, they will continue as in the past.

Jim encourages all to work on their own article and have it filed with the AOG.  Some classmates have already done so. Pres Mayson's recent page was written by Pres, and his family, the Class, and the AOG respected those wishes and it appeared precisely as Pres prepared it.

ISO Report: Jack Campbell

The Home Page is doing well. It received 5,000 hits the past month. There are three (3) rosters available on the Home Page, along with much information concerning the class, classmates, and current activities.

Tom Sims is to be lauded for all the tremendous work he has done in developing the Home Page.

Nominating Committee Report: Ed Trobaugh (Reported by Carl McNair)

The Committee is still receiving nominations and will hold the nominations process open until December. At that time its next report will be made.

Old Business:

Father Oscar will be attending and be recognized at the 55th Reunion and his expenses will be covered by private donations within the class. Don Hilbert is the point of contact and welcomes the participation of those classmates desiring to lend support toward Father Oscar's travel expenses.  His superiors have released him for attendance based upon our class letter of invitation which stipulated that his participation would be at no expense to the Diocese.

Proposal to present USMA napkin rings or other suitable recognition at our 55th Reunion to Class Grandsons/Granddaughters who have graduated or will graduate soon:  It was determined that the “tradition” begun in earlier years for the sons and daughters of '55 members should not be continued for grandchildren, due to open ended nature of the commitment and the doubling of the costs of napkin rings. Details on the earlier "sons and daughters" program are covered on the website under "Other Links - USMA 1955 Family Tree."  First class son/daughter graduated in '78 with the 39th and last in '96. Each received an engraved sterling silver napkin ring similar to the napkin ring '55 received in Yearling Year. Cost was covered by the Class Admin Fund.  Cadets no longer use linen napkins or napkin rings.

EXCOM will discuss at the December meeting how to recognize during our '55th Reunion any grandchildren who are presently in The Corps or are graduating in May 2010.

New Business:

Endorsement of Nomination of 1953 Army Football Team for USMA Sports Hall of Fame (proposed by Class of 1962):  It was decided that we would support such an initiative if advanced from '62, but would not provide an independent nomination per se.

Special favor (Faberge Egg) for the spouses at the 55th: Ted Gay received a proposal from a USMA Graduate whose company fabricates miniature Fabrege eggs with the USMA crest on one side and the class crest on the other, mounted on a delicate chain as a Reunion favor (collector's item) for the female guests.  These custom made jewelry items, costing commercially over $100 each, can be provided in quantity for about $40.00 as special favors for female guests at the 55th Reunion. Cost would be included in the registration fee for only those classmates accompanied by spouse, sister, significant other, etc.  Ted was asked to coordinate the final details on design with the vendor and the cost with Rod Vitty to insure that it can be accommodated within the reunion budget.

Lew Olive's Death Confirmed:  Children of Lewis C. Olive have reconfirmed that our classmate, Lewis C. Olive, Co E-1,missing and out of contact since 1974, passed away on Nov 20, 2006, in the Bronx, NY. EXCOM affirmed that all information available from the family be provided to the AOG and the appropriate memorial actions upon the death of a classmate be effected.  The surviving daughter, Elayna Olive Friend, who resides nearby West Point in Rock Tavern, NY, has expressed an interest in attending a part of the 55th Reunion and meeting some of the classmates who may remember her father and relate information to her and his grandson.  EXCOM agreed that her name should be included in the mailing list for the Reunion so that she might know time and dates of reunion activities.

Class recognition of  and contribution to the John A.  Feagin International Leadership Endowment which has been established at Duke University:  It was unanimously agreed that we would make a donation on behalf of the Class of 1955 to the Endowment. Ted Gay was tasked to survey the EXCOM and decide on an amount. This was accomplished by Ted immediately following the conference and a $1K donation was to be presented by Rich Cardillo who was among the four classmates scheduled to attend the inaugural ceremonies for the Endowment at Duke, 2 Oct. (Post EXCOM meeting, question was later raised as to validity of using class admin funds for classmate's recognition outside of West Point activities.  To avoid any perception of misuse on behalf of the class outside of USMA, EXCOM members agreed to contribute personal funds on behalf of the class and the Class Administrative Fund was reimbursed the $1000.)

Next Meeting: Saturday, 5 December, Washington, D.C.

Meeting adjourned at 1710 hours..

Charlie Johnson

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Memorial Articles Report Enclosure


Ludwig, Dan M1 n/a Donna Ludwig & Don Andrews
Pace, Vern K2 n/a Tom Sims' site
Ryan, James H D1 n/a On file AOG.
Sloan, John F C1 n/a Family
Wheeler, David E H1 n/a On file AOG.
Zaborowski, Edward J D1 n/a At AOG & Son


Burns, Jr, Henry X 28-May-82
Fagan, Kenneth J X 24-Sep-01
Lanahan, Francis H X 12-Jul-53 May/Jun 01
Leaver, Carl A X 6-May-06
Pearce, George B X 4-Nov-94
Perritt, Edward S X 30-Jun-78 Brothers Harvey & Doug + Roy Thorsen writing.
Reich, Richard J X unknown
Rhinehart, George X 15-Nov-92 Andrews & Deardorff
Teifer, Joseph E X 1 Jan 02?
White, Richard C X 12-Aug-04
Zemet, Edwin R X 2-Dec-03

*See AOG policy dated 17 Jan 07 subject: Memorial Articles Policy in regards to Ex-Cadets to see if a former member qualifies.


TBP=to be published;
NFS=no family support; therefore, no publishing;
#=widow has been contacted;
"published" signifies in TAPS.


142 deceased eligible for MA; 66 published; 6 pre-written; 25 in process; 5 NFS.

102 (pub+preW+in pr+NFS)/142 eligible=72%.

J. Ryan '55

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