Minutes of EXCOM Teleconference

(29 MAY 2009)

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Minutes of '55 EXCOM CONFERENCE CALL Friday, 29 MAY 2009

PARTICIPATING: Carl McNair, Dan Ludwig, Bill Streett, Rich Cardillo, Jack Campbell, Chuck Roades, Tom Sims, Ted Gay, Dick Wargowsky, and Jim Ryan. Charlie Johnson, arrived after meeting was called to order.

Meeting opened at 1500 hours.

Carl McNair, presiding, noted that a quorum was present. In the absence of Charlie Johnson, the Secretary, Jim Ryan was designated to take notes until Charlie Johnson arrived and assumed the Secretary's role. Minutes of the 4 FEB 09 meeting were reviewed and approved.

Treasurer's Report: Bill Street

-Admin Fund balance is $87K including the Memorialization Fund of $69K, which provides a $200 Memorial Contribution upon death of a classmate. With 330 surviving classmates, claims against the fund will be $66K. Caring Fund for assistance to class members in dire straits has had little action recently. Less than $1K was expended this year to help classmate "X" who has been assisted financially by local classmates, for whom reimbursements were then made when requested. Admin Fund also provides seed money for advance deposits on reunions, class mailing and other miscellaneous class needs as determined by the EXCOM.

-Gift Account currently has $71K after a transfer of $188K+ to Kelly Lichtenburg for payments towards the Coach's Housing Project for the 55th Reunion.

-Treasurer received a spreadsheet from AOG dated 30 APR 09 showing Class of 1955 donations from 15 JAN 96 thru 30 APR 09 of $2.152 million.

- In addition to the foregoing, a Memory Page is opened for $100 for each classmate upon death; however these funds have been escrowed and fenced within the AOG account for each surviving classmate.

-Endowment Fund for the Tennis Terrace is reported at $62,312.15 from original investment of $55,555 and earns about$2K per year in the WP Fund portfolio, but is now earning less due to the lower stock market. Tennis Terrace fund is likely about $43K as a result of met deterioration, but should return as the market continues to improve. We will have a better view of this endowment fund in about a year.

-There was a motion to approve the report with unanimous vote to approve. 55th Reunion Report: Rich Cardillo

-Letter with Reunion Schedule and advance planning Admin details will be mailed June 29th to all classmates and widows with know current addresses. Follow-up letter with reunion registration information and forms will be mailed in JAN 2010.

-Miniature Faberge' egg pendants with USMA Crest and '55 Crest thereon shown at the last meeting by Ted Gay are being coordinated with the Reunion Cmte for presentation to the spouses and other female registered guests at a cost of $35-40 to be included in the registration fee of those members w/spouses. Ted Gay was asked to follow up with Rod Vitty and Rich Cardillo on this initiative. A discussion followed on what should be included on the eggs such as crests, class info, etc.

-Jim Darrah forwarded a message on the upcoming L2 Muster suggesting that class coins be considered for the 55th reunion. The coin's cost for 250 would be $1200-1500. One would be able to purchase a coin for about $5 or the cost could be absorbed within the Reunion Registration fee. A discussion followed on the design of the coin; class crest on one side, West Point crest on the other side, 55th reunion and date on the edge. Jack Campbell suggested keep the date off the coin so it could be used in the future. He suggested negotiating with the manufacturer to keep the die on hand so it could be re-used. Estimated attendance at the reunion, 200-250, and some may desire more than one coin. Vote was taken and the motion to have a class coin for the 55th was unanimously approved.

Charlie Johnson joined the meeting and became the recorder.

Awards/Recognition: Ted Gay

-It has been traditional at each of our reunions to recognize selected classmates who have rendered exceptional service to the class. The Awards Cmte is studying the matter and believes there may be as many as twelve (12) individuals or more to be so recognized. Ted Gay, Don Hilbert and Phil Enslow will provide preliminary recommendations at the next EXCOM meeting. Guidance was given for the recommendations to be "inclusive" not "exclusive".

Scribe's Report: Chuck Roades and Jim Ryan

-Move of the Scribe's CP from Leisure World, VA, to Colorado is complete "with campsite up and running". Filling in for the Scribe during the displacement, Jim Ryan completed the July-August Assembly article. Jim is awaiting one additional photograph before submitting. Jim provided a summary of the article contents and will continue to provide Scribe backup support for Chuck as required.

Historian Report: Dan Ludwig

- Update provided on the major effort to bring the class roster up to date and synchronize with the AOG roster and the Register of Graduates. This has been a four month effort arising out of the JAN EXCOM to insure that all classmates are fully apprised of the Reunion details and schedule, both by internet and USPS. Jim Ryan, Dick Baker, and Dan Ludwig have pursued this effort, line by line, telephone call by call, a difficult and important task. The roster will go first on the class website and will then be included in the mail-out of the Class Annual Report scheduled for July. Real time corrections of member status, address, e mail and phone number will then be updated by the ISO and Webmaster, as they are provided by the classmate.

Memorial Articles Report: Jim Ryan

-Memorial Articles Committee reported that several memorial articles are in the mill and will be published soon. Don Andrews and Roy Thorsen, have been working with families to keep the process moving. A discussion followed on the necessity for everyone in the class to write down their basic information to have a memorial article written, or to write his own memorial article to send to AOG. Age is creeping up on us, so putting the writing off may mean a memorial article will never get done. Our class enjoys a high percentage of articles completed compared with other classes, however we still have many to go.

ISO Report: Tom Sims / Jack Campbell

- "USMA 1955 Pictures" web site has been renamed the "West Point Class of 1955" web site and is now our official class web site. The home page "http://www.west-point.org/class/usma1955/" lists the class officers, and has links to 23 picture directories and 36 other links to class resources. A new "Current News" section has been added that will be kept updated and current.

-Classmates are encouraged to visit the web site by posting links to it on the class nets. The average number of visits has increased from less than 8 per day before April 2009 to 38 per day for the 30 days just ended 28 MAY 2009. The links to other sites such as AOG (even the AOG Gift Shop) can give you "One Stop Shopping."

-The '55 web site contains over 4000 (and growing daily) class pictures that are posted to chronological directories and are also cross posted on the personal web pages that we have for each classmate. Classmates are encouraged to provide significant pictures and biographical information for their personal web page and webmaster will insure they are properly entered. This is a giant step forward for the Class and all are encouraged to use the site for reposing their pictures and key information.

Nominating Committee Report: Provided by Ed Trobaugh

-Cmte has received 12 recommendations for EXCOM positions for 2005-2010 terms. Four have come from the class and eight from the Committee.

-Specific nominations by position numbered:

President-1, Vice President-2, Secretary-2, Treasurer-3, ISO-2, Historian-1, and Scribe-1.

Old Business: none

New Business.

-National Capital Area West Point Leaders Conference, ANCC, JUN 3, 10:00AM - 2:00PM - Carl McNair will attend, other EXCOM members are invited.

-Class Annual Report for JUL '08 - JUN '09 will be mailed to the class during the first week of July 2009 and include all cite reports and major actions, Financial Report, Reunion Schedule, updated class roster to include e mail addresses, Class Officers, committee composition and responsibilities, updated SOP on "Death of a Classmate" with personal data form and information sources.

Conference Call ended approx 1630 hours

Next EXCOM Meeting TBA - targeted for AUG 20

Respectfully Submitted,

Charlie Johnson

Draft Minutes posted to Class WebPage for class review and comments. No comments received. Minutes will be voted at the SEP 17 EXCOM mtg and posted to the Class Website for record.

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