Minutes of EXCOM Meeting - 14 FEB 2009

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MINUTES OF '55 EXCOM MEETING, Saturday, (14 FEB 2009)

LOCATION: 3110 Fairview Park Drive, Falls Church, VA 22042

PARTICIPATING: Carl McNair, Rich Cardillo, Dan Ludwig, Bill Welter, Chuck Roads, Charlie Johnson (EXCOM Members) Don Hilbert, Ted Gay Jim Ryan (Committee Members) Ed Trobaugh and Dave Wheeler joined the meeting for telephonic reports/discussions. ABSENT: Bill Street.

-Carl McNair opened the meeting at 1000 hours and welcomed all participants. He emphasized the importance of maintaining all our class contacts and keeping all rosters updated and coordinated. Carl shared with the group his recent experience in assisting in the burial arrangements for a member of the class of 1939, particularly, how difficult it had been in his efforts to find and contact living members and widows of that class. He noted how well we have done in the past few years, but added we must not rest on our laurels for we still have a ways to go and can not waver in our efforts.

-It was determined that there was a Quorum of Attendees, and the minutes of the 22 October 2008 Telecon were reviewed and approved.

-Treasurer's Report: Bill Street's written report showed a balance in the class Administrative Account of $88,908.93. These funds are divided into the following categories;

Memorial Fund (formally called the Flower Fund): $69,814 Caring Fund: $5,293
Uncommitted Funds: $13,802
The Gift Account has a balance of $227,666.77

His Summary noted that "Overall the class accounts are in good shape."

-Coach's Housing: Bob Strati's written report showed that the Coach's housing project is going very well. There have been 61 classmates who have donated to date (89 solicited) with the Total Donations of $435,756.58 towards our objective of $500,000 for presentation at the 55th Reunion. Bob will send a letter in March to the current list of 89 thanking those who have recently given and providing current status of the campaign. In NOV '09, a letter will be sent reminding those who want to contribute during this calendar year.

-55th Reunion Report: Rich Cardillo reported that he has recently met with Rod Vitty and that all planning and necessary actions are on track and in good shape. An Info Packet will be prepared for a target distribution in June of this year. A subsequent packet will be mailed in FEB '10 with a suspense date of return NLT mid-March 2010, 60 days before the Reunion commences on (MAY 15. Early e mail will go out shortly to the class outlining the highlights of the reunion and reconfirming dates of MAY 15-19, with accommodations at the Park Ridge Marriott.

-Travel Club and Ski Club Report: Rich Cardillo reported on upcoming travel and ski activities offering classmates unique opportunities to gather together.

Vail Ski Outing (JAN 26-31, 2009)
Russian Waterways River Cruise (JUL 26-31, 2009)
Ancient Egypt & the Nile River (NOV 14-29, 2009)

Contact Rod Vitty on the travel tours since reservations close weeks before the tours.

-Awards/Recognition Report: Ted Gay reported that the Distinguished Graduate Selection Committee has met and the results should be announced shortly. There will be five (5) selected from the twenty seven (27) candidates, The class of '55 nomination, Carl McNair, was supported by a very strong packet of many endorsements from distinguished individuals from the military and civilian world . Committee will soon begin preparing the 2010 class recommendation which will be due in November.

In that Father Oscar does not appear to meet the criteria for Distinguished Graduate, a "Distinguished Classmate Award" Certificate has been designed by Jim Ryan and approved by the EXCON which will be presented to Father Oscar. Planning is underway for this special recognition of Father Oscar during our Memorial Services at the 55th.

Ted Gay and Don Hilbert were asked to develop a recommended list of 10-12 members of the class to be recognized at our closing dinner on MAY 18, for their special contributions since the last Reunion. The modus operandi for the selection of the individuals recommended was tabled for further discussion.

-Scribe's Report: Chuck Roades provided copies of an updated Class Roster. Keeping this roster current is an ongoing challenge, and Chuck reminded all that it is incumbent upon everyone to stay on top of their address changes, reinforcing Carl's opening remarks on this matter.

--Historian and Widows Support Program: Dan Ludwig reminded all that the 55th Reunion Book will be put together after the reunion with reunion photographs and activities. Dan provided copies of Dick Wargowsky's Class Widows Roster and also noted how difficult it was to keep this particular roster current, Dan and Chuck Roades were tasked to coordinate in a "scrub" of all available rosters in order to develop an updated Widows Roster. Again, the importance and significance of these two rosters reinforced Carl's opening remarks.

-Memorial Articles: Jim Ryan provided a spread sheet, "Class of 1955 Memorial Articles Tracking", indicating the tremendous amount of work that he and others have accomplished since Jim took on this task for the class. His Summary showed that of the 136 deceased eligible for Memorial Articles, there are 64 published, 5 pre-written 17 in process and 6 with no family support. This accounts for 68% covered. Jim emphasized the importance of the pre-written articles. When completed, they should be sent to the AOG with a copy to Jim.

-ISO Report: Bill Welter provided a report on the use of the five (5) nets he services, over the last 90 days. These nets are: FORUM, BUSINESS, SUPER QUIET, FOOTBALL and LOCKER ROOM. Total messages for the period were 1,661. Bill noted the importance of e-mail address accuracy and Net Discipline.

-Ed Tombaugh's Nominating Committee Report: (Ed Trobaugh joined the meeting by telecom for presentation and discussion of his committee report) The EXCOM reviewed the Committee report and alternatives for a two person slate for each position. It was determined that Class Officers for the 2010-15 period will be elected following the same process and procedures as for the 2005 - 10 years. The Committee will solicit candidates from the entire class and will nominate to the class a single candidate for each position which will be presented on the ballot approximately 60 days prior to the reunion. In accordance with the constitution, other candidates may also be nominated from the class at large and placed on the ballot in accordance with the constitutional provisions. The Committee will provide a message with detailed schedule and procedures to the class by mid March 2009, requesting suggested nominations to the committee by MAY 31, 2009.

-Wounded Warrior Program Support: A number of classmates had suggested that '55 formalize our local and regional efforts in support of Wounded Warriors around the nation, especially USMA graduates who are returning with severe injuries. (Dave Wheeler, one of those aware of such initiatives, was invited to join the meeting by telecom as we discussed the project). It was concluded that much is being done by '55 members, individually and collectively, in their own areas, Bragg, Bliss, Lewis, DC, etc, working through the many structured programs already established, thus our work could best continue to be done with time and funds dedicated to those programs.

-There was no further Old Business discussed nor was there any other New Business raised.

Time, date and place for the next meeting: Teleconference, 3:00PM EST, Friday, (MAY 29, 2009).

Meeting was adjourned at 1430 hours.

Respectfully Submitted,

Charlie Johnson

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