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Class Gift - Cemetery Expansion Project


I am very pleased to announce that the Class of 1955 has once again demonstrated its continued love and support of its Alma Mater by completing the pledge to fund the construction of a section of the Columbaria Wall (West Point Cemetery Expansion Project). Sufficient funds have been donated to our Class Gift Fund to cover the required cost, and these funds have been transferred by AOG to the Project Account . As soon as construction plans/Class recognition/etc. have been determined, I will pass that information on to all.

With the successful completion of our Class fund raising efforts, we have a balance of approximately $11K in our Class Gift Fund. By agreement with the AOG and as specified in our Class Constitution, this fund will ultimately be transferred to the AOG. However, until that time our Class may determine a need to maintain or enhance a previous gift or to assist in the funding of some high priority need of the Military Academy. With that in mind, let me suggest that you continue your giving to the “West Point Fund—Class of 1955” with the full understanding on your part that it will ultimately be used for the benefit of West Point.

Congratulations and thanks to all for your support on this Project.

Charlie Johnson
22 MAY 2012

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