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*February 1, 2010*


*SUBJECT: COMING EVENTS CLOSING ON THE "55TH FOR 55" --- 101 Days and Counting until Reunion Time*

*Since my last class update on Oct 22, 2009, I provided a follow up message of Jan 11, 2010, announcing our slate of officers proposed for nomination to lead our class in the next term - 2010-2015. Much more has happened since, and I wanted to touch a few of those highlights for you and stress the coming 55th.*

* - EXCOM Mtg scheduled for Dec 5, was postponed to Dec 10, due to the death of Ray Karam, and his Funeral Mass on Dec 5, attended by '55. It was a cold December here in Northern Virginia as many braved the early snowfall and were present for Ray's wake on the evening of Dec 4, and the Mass on Dec 5. For those of you nearby who can attend, his burial with full military honors is scheduled for 1:00PM, this Friday, Feb 5, at Arlington National Cemetery. *

* - Rescheduled EXCOM a week later covered many items. Charlie Johnson completed the draft to report on the class website - when, in Charlie's words, "the dog ate his homework" - or "draft went into cyberspace", but the minutes have now been reconstructed from the participating members and will be posted to the site. *


* -Nominating Committee proposed slate was finalized and would be distributed in early January ** (that is now done and all should have your copies of msg/letter dispatched Jan 11, 2010)*

* - suspense date for alternative nominations is Feb 16, 2010 *

* -Reunion plans were nearing final and package would be in the mail mid-January to all *

* (that is now done and all should have received a copy by USPS)*

* -Coach's' Housing Fund Raising Project closing on the $500,000 goal and final report expected from Bob Strati in January **(report imminent from Bob - and is good news - still time to make a final contribution if you like)*

* -Ski Club - Vail Ski Outing cancelled for January*

* - Ski Club members all advised*

* -Travel Club - Next trip to the Adriatic Coast scheduled for Aug 6, 2010 *

* - Club members advised - others always welcome*

* -Assembly Articles Submitted in timely manner*

* - thru Apr-May-Jun issue - 2010*

* -Memorial Articles coming in on Schedule *

* - need more classmates to assist in catch-up on articles from classmates not covered in earlier years*

* -Widows' Support Program - encourage widows to attend the reunion and class functions as they can*

* - Dick Wargowsky's cmte insuring that all widows receive reunion notices*

* -ISO reports 44 classmates not currently on net *

* - they are receiving hard copy via USPS of nominations and ballot, as well as Reunion Registration Data*

* -1953 Army Football Team nominated for Army Sports Hall of Fame by Class of 1962*

* - Class of 1955 provided supporting nomination as did other classes in associated years, '52-'58 and thereafter. *

* - As all will recall, the 1953 team had many '55 players*

* - 1953 team demonstrated a resurgence in Army football after the scandal of 1951 and should be so recognized*

* -Next EXCOM meeting scheduled for Mar 11, 2010*

*- CLASS ROSTER: Update appears to be very effective and appreciate our members keeping data updated. Last Postal Service mailout had only two returns for bad addresses, so both postal mail and e mail seem to be reaching those for whom it is intended. *

*- OFFICER NOMINATIONS: Please spread the word to all our classmates in your locale that the nominations slate is out and responses on alternative nominations are due to Ed Trobaugh, Committee Chairman, NLT Feb 16, 2010.*


* - Rod Vitty's USPS letter with details on the Reunion, schedule, hotel accommodations and registration information should have reached you by now*

* - Suspense date for your Registration Response Sheet, with check, to be mailed to Quent Bates in Orem, Utah, is Feb 20, 2010 - three weeks away - Completed mine today - the cmte needs your confirmation on schedule so that contracts for buses, tickets, meals and rooms can be completed *

* - The next 100 days will pass quickly and it is important that the planning and preparations proceed on schedule*

* - We have 150 hotel rooms blocked and are anticipating an attendance of 300 classmates and family members*

* - A number of folks have called to inquire if guests are permitted*

* - As in the past, family members, including children, grandchildren and other relatives are welcome, hence the committee needs to have an accurate number of our planned attendees by the end of February. *

* - Remember we will have two luncheons at West Point - AOG needs a firm number for those large lunches in Washington Hall and Eisenhower Hall *

* - We are a senior class, sharing prime luncheon space in Eisenhower Hall with '50, so must insure we have an accurate count to AOG in early March *


* - Thanks to Jack Campbell and Tom Sims, our website continues to be enhanced daily, with the 55th Reunion Countdown Clock and Schedule the first entries you see as you log on - followed quickly by two excellent info items, a Room Sharing Registry and Car Pooling Registry. *

* - You will see those key items soon joined by a list of attendees as the registrations arrive. Jack Campbell and his Texas Mini-Reunion Committee shared that information in real time with us for the Mini and it was most useful to know who was coming and not coming, which contributed to our large turnout.*

* - Be assured you will be kept informed - more and more - as the key dates near. Provide us your feedback on what you need to know and we will insure that the communications lines are always open.*

*See you at West Point soon - 101 days and a butt and counting!!!!*

*Grip Hands,*


*Carl H. McNair, Jr.*
*President, Class of 1955

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