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~~~~~Following is a message from Carl McNair~~~~~

*Brief Sitrep For Classmates, Family Members and Friends of the Class of 1955*

* - As most are aware, our 3d Quarter EXCOM meeting was held telephonically on Sep 17. Charlie Johnson's excellent minutes are in coordination for posting to the net and you will read those details shortly. Main focus was Rich Cardillo's report on the 55th Reunion, shaping up nicely under the able leadership of Rod Vitty and his committee. Rod and I had lunch together during the recent AUSA meeting here at the DC Convention Center and he advised me there are more surprises yet to come for '55 - "spirit" hats and other '55 materials have already been ordered and we should be very visible among the traditional ball caps and "jungle" gear of other classes. Countdown clock on the Class HomePage shows 203 days, only 29 weeks to go, so begin making plans - bring family and friends for a memorable 55th for 55. Believe we have two couples who already have their reservations - Joe and Fran Vincent who have a grandson graduating in 2010 and Ed and Jane Zaborowski, whose grandson is a rising firstie in the Class of 2011.*

* - Have had many good reports from classmates going to West Point for fall football weekends, as well as the recent Army Sports Hall of Fame inductions. Feedback was that Kelly Lichtenberg, '55's special honoree in the Sports Hall of Fame, was not there, nor was he present at Michie Stadium to host his home game tailgates - those honors being done the last couple of games by his sons. As most know, Kelly was treated for cancer last year, undergoing both radiation and chemotherapy, which evidently has now resulted in the collection of fluid in the lungs, requiring hospitalization at New York Presbyterian Hospital for the past couple of weeks. I checked in with Trudy to get an update on his condition and shortly thereafter, Kelly himself called me back with a full report from his hospital bed. He is resting comfortably, speaks strongly and confidently, sending his best to the class, as he fights this new challenge. Being squad-mates from the first day of Beast Barracks, over 58 years ago, I know what a tough trooper he is. Do keep him and Trudy in your thoughts and prayers and drop them a note at 700 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10021.*

* - All who follow the net and our recent roster updates know that Frank Donald, with whom we had lost contact for a time, has now been relocated. Frank and his wife, Mary Jo, had suffered some physical problems residing in their Pensacola, Florida, home, and his daughter moved them to a skilled nursing facility, the Pensacola Specialty Center, 6894 Pine Forrest Road, Pensacola, FL 32546. They are located in rooms near one another, so classmates may want to send them a greeting. Dick Secord and an Air Force retired contingent from the Fort Walton area paid them a visit recently. Dick reported his visit to me afterwards and I was able to visit both Frank and Mary Jo, and express greetings from the class during my own recent trip to Florida. Found them resting comfortably and cared for by a skilled nursing staff.*

* - Kudos to John Feagin, Professor Emeritus at Duke who was recently honored, Oct 2-3, with establishment of the John A. Feagin, Jr., International Leadership Endowment at Duke University. John was recognized for his passion for leadership development, education and international collaborations. Notables attending and speaking on John's behalf were Mike Krzyzewski, '69, Duke Head Basketball Coach, Rev. Richard Camp, Former Head Chaplain, USMA, and Pete Dawkins, '59. Classmates attending were Rich Cardillo, Charlie Johnson, and Jim Drummond. The Leadership Forum will be an annual event attended by athletes,students, Coach's, surgeons, administrators, and business leaders interested in developing leadership skills - quite a legacy for our classmate who has done so much in the field of sports medicine. Well done, John.*

* - Our next EXCOM meeting will be "face to face" here in Falls Church on Saturday, Dec 5, so that our "out of towners" will have an opportunity to join the Washington Metro area contingent for the Annual '55 Christmas Brunch at the Army Navy Club, Sunday, Dec 6. Would hope that all classmates within driving distance would plan to attend what has become the largest assembly of '55ers annually outside of our mini-reunions, with 70-80 folks present for this great event coordinated by Matt Schepps and his committee. *

* - Remember 203 days until reunion time, reach out and touch someone and encourage them to come and look back over our "half century and a butt", as we all look forward to the years yet ahead.*

*Grip Hands,*


*Carl H. McNair, Jr.*
President, USMA Class of 1955
[O] 703-645-4460
[Fax] 703-573-5563
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