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To: Bill Streett ""
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Subject: '55 - 55th Reunion Mailout by AOG on JUN 11
From: Carl H McNair ""
Date sent: Sun, 2 AUG 2009 18:03:26 -0400


AOG has received a bill from Elm Communications Management inTerryville, CT, for $393.94 for the three page advance mailout notice for the '55 reunion mailed on JUN 11. The bill was forwarded to Rod Vitty, Cmte Chair, and it should be a class admin expense for the reunion. Please advise AOG to provide a check from '55 admin account to the AOG Class Support Account
[Jo Ann Shipley] for the $393.94.

The Secy, ISO, Historian and webmaster should note that 432 letters were mailed to our 329 living classmates, friends and widows for whom we have current addresses. Of the 432 printed and mailed at a cost of 87.5 cents each, there were 16 returns at .75 each, 7 of those were then remailed for .44 each to the new addresses provided by the post office, indicating that 9 were unforwardable and/or no forwarding address known. Recommend that Charlie Johnson recover those non deliverable from the AOG so that we can make an attempt to update those addresses on our new roster, since we evidently have 16 of our current addresses on our roster that are still incorrect. Hope that we can refine the roster further before the next mailing in the late fall for the class elections and the reunion registrations.

Our class annual report for 2008-09, dated JUL 3, with the new roster provided by Dan Ludwig to Charlie Johnson, was delivered to AOG by Charlie on JUL 6, however the mailing company has not mailed it yet. Have talked with Joel Jebb a couple of times and he indicated that the company was working on it. Class should receive it soon.


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