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Subject: Class of 1955 Sons and Daughter Grads of USMA
From: Carl H McNair ""
Date sent: Sat, 18 JUL 2009 08:04:43 -0400


Talked with Bob Strati yesterday to get the background on the presentation of USMA sterling silver - engraved napkin rings to the sons or daughters of Class of 1955 members who graduated from West Point. Thought I would pass it on to you for the record and reference should the question arise again, as to when started, how, and whom, and if it were fully completed.

As related by Bob, he indicated that it began during the term of Joe Franklin as President, as many of our class sons and daughters were attending West Point. From our class website and Dan Ludwig's excellent record in the 50th Reunion Book, the first five graduated in 78 followed by six more in 79, and the last Jarrett Sloan, completed in 96. Full list of the 44 (39 sons/5 daughters) is shown w/dates and names, both in the year book and on the website as the Family Tree. Dave Wheeler and Bob Strati were assigned on the staff and faculty at the time, as were a number of other classmates, and Dave recommended to Joe that such a program be adopted to present an engraved napkin ring to each son or daughter graduating. Joe approved the program to be funded from our class admin account and it was adopted. Bob indicated that the Napkin Rings cost about $59 then, so there was a relatively modest cost. Dave managed and executed the program until he retired to Florida in 1983 and then turned it over to Bob Strati who also retired that year, but stayed on at West Point with the AOG until 1995. Bob completed the program with the last presentation to John and Ruth Sloan's son, Jarrett, in the Class of 1996. That essentially completed the program. Bob still has his records on the program which reflect that 44 classmate's sons and daughters received napkin rings. In response to your query of Dan Ludwig, Dan recalls that his son, Dan '78, had received one.

Am sure further details are available from Dave Wheeler, but he is away in their summer place in Jackson Hole. Dave may want to add to the history for the record. Have also copied Bob Strati and Joe Franklin.

That is the answer as best we know it now from the past. Perhaps a more important question is now raised which we should look into. What have we done or should we do for the Grandsons or Granddaughters of the class? We now two grandsons who have already graduated beginning with Marlowe and Jack Viney's grandson, the first in '03, followed by Torrence in '08. Next year, Joe Vincent's will follow in '10 and Zaborowski in '11. Perhaps, the EXCOM and the Reunion and Awards Cmte should address this and consider extending the napkin ring tradition to the grandsons/daughters and perhaps have the Vincent's grandson attend one of our 55th functions next may and recognize him there.

We will put this on the agenda for the EXCOM teleconference on AUG 20.


Carl H. McNair, Jr.

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From: David Wheeler ""
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Subject: RE: Class of 1955 Sons and Daughter Grads of USMA
Date sent: Sat, 18 JUL 2009 11:42:09 -0400

As always, Carl's story is quite complete. My recollection is that we usually had a lunch or dinner during June Week, for the grad and parents/family. The program sort of stemmed from the fact that Caye, whom I met in 1959, kept bumping into wives who had napkin ring bracelets. She wanted to know who got mine, and I still maintain that I turned mine in for a $10 or so credit on my account.


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From: "David Wheeler"
To: "'Tom Sims'",
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Subject: RE: Class of 1955 Sons and Daughter Grads of USMA
Date sent: Sun, 19 JUL 2009 19:31:10 -0400

Tom, as I mull it over - the complete history of napkin rings should include the fact that the Corps has: our Class sons and daughters had never seen nor heard of a cadet napkin ring. Perhaps someone (J. Phoenix, Esq.??) can tell us the last year cadets had napkin rings.


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