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Date sent: Sun, 29 MAR 2009 15:44:06 -0500
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We are all deeply saddened by events of the past week, the loss of two classmates, Bill Welter, Company F2, and Al Sheldon, Company G2, as well as emerging information that tends to confirm the death of our long out-of-touch and missing classmate, Lew Olive, Company E1. We are pending further verification from Lew's children as they learn more, but indications are that Lew passed away on NOV 20, 2006 in the Bronx, NY, while still out of touch with his family. So, as our ranks are now thinner by three, I thank each of you for your continued fellowship and support of our class activities, camaraderie and cohesion. Even with two funerals this week, one on each coast, our outreach and support for the families never waned as evident from the message traffic, eulogy pages, and pictures, complete with class wreaths and class representation at the services. John Wing served as LCA for Al Sheldon in Claremont, CA, and Dan Malone was LCA for Bill Welter in Williamsburg, VA. Thanks to both for their good works, comfort for the families and feedback to the class.

When Bill Welter's daughter, Mary Welter, advised me of his death last Monday evening, I offered our deepest condolences and full assistance, but also advised that we would transfer net monitorship from Bill's computer to the "Alternate Command Center" in Austin, under Jack Campbell, for continuity of operations. We certainly did not want to complicate the Welter household stress with the '55 messages in Bill's "inbox", so Jack promptly notified AOG and West Point Org that the change had occurred and concurrently informed the class. Jack, in turn, coordinated with Tom Sims as further backup, again to insure that we had that continuity, should Jack's system ever fail. Hence, our net traffic continued uninterrupted as AOG was informed of Bill's passing, funeral arrangements were made and the SOP went into effect. Thanks to Jack, Tom, and the LCA's for making that happen. I also want the class to know that Jack Campbell has agreed to continue in service as ISO until the 55th Reunion at which time the nominations process and election of new officers will have been held. We will all miss Bill Welter in the ISO role and welcome Jack Campbell to the position, with Tom Sims able assistance.

Only the week before, the EXCOM completed review and coordination of the minutes of our FEB 14, meeting attended by Bill Welter. Charlie Johnson is now preparing them for publication to the class.

Critical therein are:

- the 2010 nomination solicitations and elections procedures prepared by Ed Trobaugh and his committee and approved by the EXCOM

-details on the 55th Reunion, schedule and events as submitted by Rod Vitty and Rich Cardillo

-class recognition of Father Oscar at the 55th Reunion

-update/verification of the class roster and integration of internet addresses with the home addresses

Once the updated roster and other information are finalized, we propose a classwide hard copy mailing to all classmates and widows to achieve widest distribution of the Nominations and Elections information and Reunion planning data. This mailing will occur after the next EXCOM teleconference planned for MAY 29, 2009. Other mailings will be made in early 2010 for actual reunion registration and balloting.

In order to make these mailings more effective, the EXCOM had taken note of and discussed class feedback that many of our classmate and widow's addresses and phone numbers have become outdated,in spite of the best efforts of Chuck Roades and Charlie Johnson to keep it accurate. Hence, a small task force including Dan Ludwig, Jim Ryan, Chuck Roades and Bill Welter was appointed to conduct a line by line review, compare it to the latest AOG data base and bring ours up to date as quickly as possible, concurrently integrating the e mail addresses into the roster, with a single unified roster available on line, with real-time updates by the ISO. This has been underway since our last meeting and I would urge each of you to review your own data, note changes as well as any for your companymates and report them directly to Dan Ludwig and Jim Ryan, with copy furnished to Jack Campbell. Dick Wargowsky and his Widows' Support Committee have been especially helpful in updating addresses for the widows of the class. Connectivity and communications are critical, especially as many of our members move to warmer climes.

Finally, while it has been a sad week indeed for '55, we can take pride in the honor and respect we have paid those who have gone before, remembering them in death as we knew them in life. may they now rest in peace as they have answered their final roll call, having joined the Long Grey Line forever - and ever.

As your final tribute to our departed, I would urge you to post your recollections and comments on their Eulogy pages, as well as any photos you might have for Tom Sims photo site. Their families and others will appreciate them always.

In Sympathy,



Carl H. McNair, Jr.
President, Class of 1955

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