Beyond The Four Dimensions: Reconciling
Physics, Parapsychology and UFOs

Highly recommended. General audiences; 1st year college; professional.

BRUNSTEIN, KARL A. Beyond The Four Dimensions: Reconciling Physics, Parapsychology and UFOs. (Illus.) NY:Walker, 1979. xvi+222pp. $12.50. 78-58870. ISBN 0-8027-0612-6. Index.

What would the world look like if we were to jettison our positivistic constraints and yet remain faithful to the scientific method of gathering and ordering observations and theorizing from this observational basis? Brunstein provides one answer in what is both a remarkably clear and broad ranging synthesis of data from many different disciplines and a good example of the scientific imagination at work (and play). In an exciting and compelling manner, his argument moves from demonstrating the incompleteness of our world view to the reasonableness of assuming the existence of a fifth dimension linked to a still unknown force, possibly what now manifests as so-called paranormal effects. With scholarly grace, he then goes from physics to biology, evolution, cosmology, theology, parapsychology and the possible reality of UFO's. The book is a bold and interesting venture written in a spirit of tolerance of "inappropriate facts," and Brunstein presents some exciting notions of what such facts might lead to. This book should be of considerable use as collateral reading to anyone interested in science.

Montague Ullman
American Association for the Advancement of Science Review
AAAS Science Books and Films, September/October 1980

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