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Your Memorial Committee needs your help: A little background may help: We started with 133 deceased Classmates without a memorial article published in Taps. This list has now been increased by three and as we all know it will increase. Here is where we need your help. To keep the list from increasing we need to get ahead of the curve.

We would like*every living member of the Class to take a few moments and write their own Memorial Article.*Recently, four Classmates have done so..Joe Franklin, Rich Miller, Todd Graham, and yours truly.. The format is as follows..A total of 750-850 words; cover four areas: life before West Point;Your West Point experiences; Your military experiences; and finally life after your military service.

I have added the first draft of my Memorial Article to this message as an example.

I am working with AOG to determine where these "living" Memorial Pages should be maintained..

Rich and Inez
4 APR 2016

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sample Article~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Memorial of Richard G Cardillo

Richard G Cardillo was born on April 23 1933 in East Orange New Jersey As one of five siblings born to Fred and Florence Cardillo he learned early in life the value of family: a value he passed on to his children and grandchildren

In 1947 he entered Clifford Scott High School where he excelled on the fields of friendly strife and took the easiest academic route to graduation. (This “formula” would soon result in great difficulty when looking at a higher education).It was also at this time that he met Inez W Stewart andbegan a relationship culminating in marriage that would produce two children, Rich and Robert, and would span a generation.

Rich would excel in athletics receiving state and regional recognition. He was recruited by the universities of Pennsylvania, Rutgers, Yale, Princeton and Tennessee. In February 1951 he accepted a football scholarship to attend the University of Pennsylvania. However, in March of 1951 he was visited by Captain John Greene and Mr Vince Lombardi. They offered Rich an opportunity to play football at West Point. To prepare for the Entrance Exam they suggested he attend an Athletic Department - run prep school at West Point to prepare him for the exam to be given in June 1951.After consulting with his parents and receiving an appointment from his Congressman he proceeded to West Point where for the next three and a half months at the “West Point Prep School” he crammed for the West point Entrance Exam. On June 10, 1951 he took and passed the WP Entrance Exam and on July 4 1951 was sworn in as a member of the West Point Class of 1955.

In September of 1951 academics began. For the next two and a half years Rich’s poor academic background resulted in his not meeting academic standards in Math, English, Russian Language and Mechanics of Fluids. However with the assistance of classmates, active duty professors and Inez a passing grade was achieved in every course offered.

Athletics continued to play a major role as a Cadet. He was a three sport athlete competing in football, basketball and baseball. He received Major “A”s in basketball and baseball and was elected captain of the 1955 Baseball Team.

Graduation from West Point and marriage to Inez thereafter became our goal which was achieved on June 7 1955. Immediately after graduation we were united in marriage in the West Point Chapel. Our marriage would last thru eternity (for over 63 years) and result in the birth of our two son’s, Rich in 1956 and Robert in 1963, six grandchildren and eight great- grandchildren.

Rich selected Infantry as his branch of choice at graduation. This would be short lived as the Infantry Branch did not meet Rich’s needs. In 1957 while stationed in Alaska he was asked to command a tank platoon in Company D, Fortieth Armor. Rich accepted, transferred branches to Armor and for the next twenty eight years his military career would be centered on Armor and Cavalry. Highlights of Rich’s Armor/Cavalry career include two tours in Germany, a lieutenant leading a Beachcomber Patrol from Cape Prince of Whales to Nome Alaska which included a mission to maintain communications with the USS Nautilus as it made its way under the ice - cap to the North Pole; as a Major he was assigned to West Point as an instructor the Department of Physical education. Assigned to Vietnam in 1969 he saw to the introduction of new equipment to Vietnam and was tasked with the reorganization of the theater as the US forces began their departure from Vietnam.

He continued to serve in various command positions leading in 1978 to Command of the Third Armored Cavalry Regiment. During this tour he was designated as the Test Director for the operational testing of the XM1 later designated as the M1 Abrams Main Battle Tank. This effort culminated in the successful introduction of the Abrams as the army’s main battle tank.

Promoted to Brigadier General in 1980 he was selected as Deputy Commander of the US Army Pacific, then as the Assistant Division Commander (Maneuver) of the Eighth Infantry Division and finally in 1983 as Chief of Staff of the VII US Corps in the Federal Republic of Germany where he oversaw the development ofplans for the defense of West Germany

In JULY 1985,having achieved his lifelong goal of commanding soldiers in peace and war as a 2^nd Lieutenant and General Officer, Rich decided it was time toretire and he and Inez returned to their home in Colorado. However retirement was short lived. In early 1986 Rich was selected as the Associate Athletic Director of Student Services and Non- Revenue Sports. Rich accepted this challenge and for the next fifteen years led the effort to better serve the recruited athletes at the University of Colorado.

He retired from the University of Colorado in 1999 and he and Inezbecameactive supporters of Colorado and Army athletics.

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