Class of 1955 USMA Mini-Reunion Cruise

October 2018

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After Action Report

The 2018 Class of 1955 Mini-Reunion New England-Canada Cruise attendees (24 - Ludwig, Maurer, Follett, Giza, Strom, Wargowsky, Vitty, Wilson and Bergen, all accompanied, and 6 civilian Travel Club Members from Vermont) disembarked from the SEABOURN QUEST at Boston Harbor on 11 October 2018. The Group set sail from Montreal, Canada on Monday, 1 October 2018. The ship went up the St. Lawrence River, docking at several historic points of interest, passing forest areas on both sides resplendent with fall colors, enjoying cool weather in route, transiting miles of Maritime Provinces' coastlines, viewing the shores of Maine, and finally ending up at Boston. What a marvelous trip!

The QUEST is a 450 passenger ship with a crew in the 300's. The configuration and ambiance of the vessel made it seem more like a private club where we shared expansive open decks, inviting social spaces and all enjoyed the personalized attention of an exceptional crew. The accommodations were well appointed and inviting. Service was always intuitive, pleasant and gracious. Dining experiences seemed to be geared by the chefs to be unsurpassed and unlike any other at sea.

Our Class activities together were extensive, even though we had a minimum of schedule or structure. There was a wide choice of extensive off shore excursions and our Group went in all directions, based on individual interests, in Montreal, Quebec, and the other ports of call. We had three scheduled evening Class and Travel Club cocktail parties and also table reservations each night where we all sat together for dinner in the main dining room.

The primary objective of the Mini was to spend time, individually and collectively, getting reacquainted and, in some cases, developing new friendships in a variety of pleasant settings. The cruise provided many opportunities to do this resulting in numerous spontaneous occasions for this kind of quality time together. The Reunion goals were most certainly accomplished to the complete satisfaction of all.

In summary, all of us on the Cruise had a marvelous time, were highly complimentary of the ship and crew, and thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful camaraderie that we shared together for the entire trip.

Jim Bergen

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5 FEB 2018 Update

Mini Reunion Cruise Info Montreal to Boston 1 Oct 2018


Cabin choices are becoming very limited.

Call SEABOURN (Robert Anderson)( 800-929-4747 Press2 Ext. 29302). Now taking reservations and can answer all your individual questions directly.

The Cancellation Policy and the sliding scale on refunds is included in my 25 AUG 2017 update. Early registration (25% down) will insure that you get the Cabin of your choice and still have the flexibility for 100% refund if something unforeseen happens before 2 June 2018.



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13 NOV 2017 Update


The following have already made reservations for the Mini Reunion Cruise:

Last Name             Cabin
ALLISON             414
BERGEN             612
CAMPBELL             629
CRANCER             602
ENSLOW             913
FEAGIN             606
GIZA             717
JOSEPH             614
KENNEBECK             413
LUDWIG             651
LYNN             707
MAURER             417
SCHAUER             516
STROM             623
WARGOWSKY             653
WILSON             735

This continues to be a popular cruise and obtaining the cabin of your choice diminishes with time. As you know, the SEABOURN cancellation policy is quite accommodating, if circumstances change before June 2018. See previous emails.



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19 OCT 2017 Update

From: Anderson, Robert (SBN)
Sent: Thursday, October 19, 2017 3:45 PM
Subject: USMA Class of 1955 Cruise Montreal to Boston 1 Oct 18 TNB6856

Good afternoon Col. Bergen,

I hope you are doing well and I wanted to give you an update as to the group next October. Below are the last names of everyone currently booked in the group.


They also just released our newest brochure and I am having one sent to you and you should receive next week sometime.

If you have any questions or need anything at all please let me know.

Kind regards,


Regular office hours 7am-4pm PST Monday through Friday or by appointment

Robert Anderson
Personal Cruise Consultant
PHONE: 800 929 4747 ext 29302 (US and Canada)
DIRECT: 206 626 9150 ext 29302 (International)
450 Third Avenue West, Seattle, WA 98119

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25 AUG 2017 Update

All Attendees:

Here are a series of Fact Sheets with pertinent information and contact numbers for the Mini-Reunion Cruise (TNB 6856).

SEABOURN (Robert Anderson)(800-929-4747 Press2 Ext. 29302) is now taking reservations and can answer all your individual questions directly.

The Cancellation Policy sliding scale on refunds is in Attachment 3. Early registration (25% down) will insure that you get the Cabin of your choice and still have the flexibility for 100% refund if something unforeseen happens before 2 June 2018. Some of us have already registered.

Contact me if you have questions.




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5 JUL 2017 Update

All Mini-Reunion Cruisers:

WE ARE ALL SET TO GO. ALL ABOARD on 1 October 2018.

SEABOURN Cruise Lines has released their Fall 2018 schedule for their Canada-New England cruises.



This is our selected Mini-Reunion cruise. The departure from MONTREAL on 1 October 2018 and ending in BOSTON on 11 October 2018 now
makes this a Montreal to Boston Cruise. These dates appear to be ideal for many to avoid scheduling conflicts and coincide with the historical time
for peak fall foliage, a key reason for the selection of this cruise area .

I do need from all who will be sailing:

Full names (as they appear on your passports)
Dates of Birth
Home Address
Telephone number(s)
Email address

This information will be used by SEABOURN to set up our Group roster for forwarding to each of us brochures, alerts, and other correspondence.

It is needed soon, so we can let SEABOURN know the number of spaces we need for this very popular cruise.

I will consolidate what you send to me and forward to SEABOURN.

Please reply to me with your information at your earliest convenience.

Some of the key features of SEABOURN cruises include:

All inclusive fare
Welcome champagne and stocked in-suite bar
Open bars throughout. Fine wines lunch and dinner
Tipping neither required or expected
Ship Store credit of $500.00 per cabin for purchases or special excursions
Arrangements for Class receptions (one or more during the cruise).
Concierge type service (Robert Anderson) for air travel, hotels, transfers (local travel to or from airports, hotels, ship).
Initial reservation deposits to SEABOURN and a small Reunion fee will not be needed until early 2018.

Since we are a GROUP (West Point 1955) SEABOURN also discounts our fares based on the final number in our group. This could approximate
9% of the fare (not including taxes and fees).

The SEABOURN brochure for this specific cruise will be mailed to each of us by Mr. Anderson in late August 2017.

Members of the Class Travel Club can expect direct contact from Rod Vitty over the next few weeks as he has done for cruises in previous years.

The above is preliminary cruise information. Much more will follow as it becomes available or is provided directly to each of us by SEABOURN.



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19 MAY 2017 Update

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Survey Class Cruise Sep 2018

Class of 1955 USMA Mini-Reunion Cruise
September 2018

PURPOSE: To determine the number of classmates and others planning to attend the Mini-Reunion Cruise in 2018.


1. Based on a Class survey in 2016 - the majority of respondents opted for a cruise. Additionally - the preference was for a cruise along the New England coastline and points north during the vibrant fall foliage season.

2. Selection of a specific cruise would consider a voyage length which would allow ample time for onboard socialization among classmates - limited scheduled Class activities - a cruise line with an impressive reputation - travel to and by interesting areas where many of us had not been before - ports of call and scenic views both for observing from the decks or balcony or even visiting a variety of interesting places - easy access to popular airports both coming and going - focus on a small (500 passenger) vessel - and an attempt to select a cruise with a reasonable price for the itinerary.


1. In addition to the above criteria - consideration was also given to the 2018 plans of the ever popular Class Travel Club. The Club travelers - coincidentally - had also expressed a preference for a New England/Canada option. This dovetailed nicely with the 2016 survey. So working with Rod Vitty - combining the Travel Club plan with a Mini-Reunion in September 2018 would be both timely and appropriate.

2. The EXCOM evaluated several options in the New England and points north seaways. The cruise selection is the Canadian - Maritimes and New England (Seabourn Cruise Lines) from Boston to Montreal - a 10 day cruise.


1. An early commitment of an estimated number of participants for the Boston to Montreal Cruise is needed. The Cruise Line September 2018 schedule has not been released yet. Seabourn informs that our selected cruise is a popular annual one and only precise dates and fee ranges are still to be published. However - we must go forward in determining the extent of Class interest.

2. Attachments expand information on the itinerary and the ship description. More can be found at If you need further information to assist in your decision - please contact me at or 832 437 3553.

Here is what is needed by 20 March 2017:

1. Please reply to this msg to:

indicating that - at this time - you plan on attending the Mini-Reunion Cruise - Boston to Montreal - and the number in your party.

2. If you are not going to attend - request that you reply simply stating that position.

12 March 2017

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