Father Oscar Reports

[55th Reunion - May 2010]

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Classmates: Please recall the message which I sent to all of us on 30 July. I checked with Oscar and with Father Ungerleiderís assistant and received a list of donors which I will confirm, with many thanks, for any of you who have not been notified that your donation was received. This is very important because I have been informed that at least one of your donations was never received. To simplify this as much as possible, let me ask that each of you who donated, and have not received confirmation, let me know immediately and we can proceed accordingly.

Let me also take this opportunity to ask again that all of us who are members of The Long Gray Line consider what one of our Classmates is doing for the people of our neighbor, Mexico. If you can offer your support with a donation to Father Oscarís project of rehabilitation for those who would otherwise be lost, your help will be forever a part of this magnificent gesture. (Instructions for donating are attached.)

Again, my thanks to all of you for taking time to read and think about the opportunity that our Classmate Oscar Raynal has offered us.

With best regards always, Joe Franklin

Joseph P. Franklin
Major General
US Army (Retired)
30 July 2015

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